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Drummond in; Capizzi out

Postby RoethlisCrosby87 » Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:04 am


How do you guys like Drummond to become a kick/punt returner? He's a Pittsburgh guy who went to Penn State. You gotta like that. He had quite a year in 2004 with 2 punt returns and 2 kick returns which got him to the pro bowl. To put that in perspective though, Allen Rossum made that same pro bowl and I wasn't necessarily thrilled with him overall last year. Drummond hasn't done a whole lot since then. That would be great if he had something left in the tank and could solve our return issues.

Kind of a bummer about Capizzi. It's fun to root on the local guys. We didn't really even get a chance to see him in a preseason game to see how much he had progressed since last year. I remember hearing how this guy had a lot of potential and almost made the team last season. Hopefully he'll be healthy and ready for another chance next year.

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