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Training Camp with Kids

Postby Dinosaur » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:49 pm

My 8 year old asked - but how can I meet a Steeler? My solution - bring the family to St. Vincents! We live in NJ, about a 5 hour drive, we're going for a couple days, probably August 5-6.

For those who have attended, any suggestions to maximize the likelihood of my four kids (12, 8, 4, 1) meeting players, getting autographs on a football, my wife or I being about to take their picture with a player(s), etc? Is "Steelers Experience" worth going to?

Is there information those of you who have attended with kids suggest we arrive armed with?

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance and/or opinions.

Thanks, Dino

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Re: Training Camp with Kids

Postby Crosby4Life » Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:25 am

Alot of the players tend to stay after practice to sign autographs as they head back to the locker rooms in the field house. They're usually more receptive to kids than adults (and rightly so). To maximize your chances, I'd suggest you get there early and find a place to sit on the side of the field by the fieldhouse. Keep an eye on that area (it'll be fenced in by the front doors of the field house) during the practice so you can see when people start congregating there. When that happens, high tail it over ASAP and work your way to the front, if possible.

If you wanted to improve your chances even more, you could just spend the whole practice in that area, but if I remember correctly, the view to the field is a bit obstructed in that area since I believe it is behind the bleachers. Someone else can probably confirm that though. My memory's a little fuzzy.

I didn't get to do any of the Steelers Experience stuff, so I can't give you much advice there.

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Re: Training Camp with Kids

Postby Dinosaur » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:28 pm

Thanks Crosby - much appreciated

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