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Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby StillMill » Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:18 am

Per the TR, the Steelers did not attend Booger McFarland's private workout. ... 71271.html

The same article also stated that Travis "The Turd" Kirschke recently had spurs removed from his ankle, and has been on CRUTCHES.

Hey, this is terrific work by Colbert. Let's see here --

1. Late last season, and the playoffs, clearly showed the dearth of talent and skill at backup DE. Kirschke is, at best, mediocre for about 7 snaps per game. Eason was a pile of shit, but perhaps he could imrpove a teeny bit this year....but likely nothing more.

2. Keisel clearly WORE DOWN as the season wore on, and did absolutely NOTHING in the playoffs.

3. Aaron Smith isn't a spring chicken any more.

So, Colbert rushes out, hell asunder, and re-signs both Eason and Kirschke. We now learn that Kirschke had minor ankle surgery and is hobbling around on crutches.

At the same time, desperate for skilled DEPTH at DE, we have a chance to attend The Booger's workout....but skip it. Not that The Booger is the 2nd coming of Reggie White, but as noted, this team is absolutely desperate for skilled depth at DE. Unbelievable.

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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby sarka196 » Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:05 am

Can Booger pass a physical? Last I heard he could not. I'm not disagreeing with the rest of your take on this, but if the guy can't pass a physical, then...

Our D-line is in desperate need of help, but if the guy cannot pass a physical then he is of no help. Especially, for the price he'll be asking. I'm just sayin'...
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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby mental.apparition » Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:52 am

Unbelievable? Colbert and staff have already seen Booger. They were probably able to make a determination at that time on the status of Booger's rehab in reference to possible '08 production.

And it seems they're not interested in fat guys with bad wheels.
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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby The Fan Of STEEL » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:07 am

If he can pass his physical and will sign for a low price I would be happy if we signed him. Depth was an issue last season. He would also bring experience that could help.

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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby stealhers » Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:34 am

They may have passed on the workout to conceal their desperation and thus improve their chances of signing him on the cheap if no other teams show interest. Either that or his knee totally fucked for life. Team
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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby StillMill » Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:24 am


thanks for the babble type of feedback. Yunz are worried about McFarland "passing a physical". So, on the same day McFarland is holding WORKOUT -- which presumes he ran, jumped, lifted, and so forth -- your butty Travis Kirschke was STANDING around on fucking CRUTCHES. Gee, maybe Kirschke need to pass a physical, not McFarland.

Again, this is Colbert asleep at the wheel. LACK of backup depth at DE killed this team last year. We did nothing in the draft to address it, nor did we in free agency. Aaron Smith is a year older. This acute problem still exists. Rarely does a problem fix itself by doing nothing.

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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby lynchcowher » Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:06 pm

You gotta believe they're gonna do something about the DE situation before the season...........

Then again, Simmons is still starting...... Starks is working with the second team..... Mahan with the first.....

I really hope they don't go through with the whole musical fuckin chair routine with the OL again. They need to just line up Smith, kemo, Hartwig, Colon, Starks and be done.

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Re: Steelers pass on McFarland workout

Postby smithessmokin » Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:19 pm

UDFA Kyle Clements has been receiving extra practice time with Aaron Smith. I truly believe that the Steelers found a diamond in the rough here or Smith wouldn't spend his time with Clements.
Starks for RT in 2008.

Max Starks- 17.5 sacks in 4 seasons.

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You do the math. Now, who do you want starting at RT??

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