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Loose Slag on Stiller-Falcs

August 08, 2001 by Still Mill


Loose Slag on Stillers-Falcs Game

I�ve not yet received the gametape of this game (damn, is the Postal Service slower than Mark Breuner, or what??) but in the meantime here�s some thoughts gleaned from the reading I�ve done, along with consultations with some Stiller gurus I have chatted with:

- So far at least, so much for Mularkey and his "improved and changed offense".��� First series --- Stewart threw an awkward pass on the flat that Jerome Bettis dropped on the first play, Bettis gained a yard on the second play and, on third-and-9, Stewart threw a 4-yard pass to a hooking Bobby Shaw.Mularkey calls this a "CHANGE" ??????Sounds like SOS to me --- Same Old Shit.


- How about the annual �renewed emphasis on the Tight end�?�� The superhero himself, Mark Breuner, caught exactly 0 passes.�� Corey Geason did have 2 grabs, which is not surprising, as last year before his injury, he showed a good ability to get open downfield and catch the ball.


- Let�s see...versus the Falcs, the starting QB stunk; the veteran backup QB stunk, and we got decent play from Maddox and Martin, albeit against 5th stringers.�� I can�t recall which columnist on this site wrote this, but someone wrote that there are too many cooks spoiling the soup at the QB spot.��


- Of Martin, �It wasn't like he was eased into the game, either. Five of Martin's first six plays, offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey called passes.�Hey, there�s an idea.�� We already can run the 2-yard plunge about as well as most teams in the NFL.Any reason why Mularkey doesn�t use the same pass-happy idea with Stewart, the same QB who has overseen the 29th, 26th, and 29th ranked passing offense in the NFL the past 3 seasons??


- Nice work by the versatile Amoz Zeroue.�� Speed and quickness allows him, in the base set, to scamper 20-some yards for a big gainer.Too bad he�ll be rotting in the base set come the regular season, no matter how hot it is in J-ville and no matter how bad Doughboy Bettis� asthma is.��


- It�s already being advertised that Mularkey is �hiding� his offense in preparation for the season opener. In �99, the same BS theory was being thrown around.�� The results -� an offense that stunk like owl crap, aside from the opening day laugher over junior varsity Cleveland.Note to Mularkey and anyone else who believes this idiocy of �hiding� an offense �- other than gadget plays and trick plays, there is NO hiding of an offense.�� If you�re gonna run the run & shoot, or the wing-T, or the Power-I, or the West Coast Offense, you had better run it and execute it in every preseason games.Otherwise, your execution will be pitiful once the regular season begins.We�ve seen this absurdity before; it�s absolutely ridiculous that we�d actually have to observe this abortion again.


- One of the Pgh. Papers reported that Big Jason Gildon was pancaked in practice by some rookie free-agent tackle.�� What a surprise!


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