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2019 NFL Draft Day 1 Review

April 25, 2019 by Steel Haven

Round 1

1. Arizona Cardinals

QB Kyler Murray - Oklahoma

Nice to see Mean Joe on the stage before the start of the draft.

Attemps to manufacture intrigue surrounding this pick in the last few days prove unfounded. What everyone said was going to happen for months is what happens. The right move IMO. Sam Darnold and Josh Allen arguably didn't struggle any less than Josh Rosen last season all in poor situations with limited talent surrounding them. Darnold and Allen just seemed to provide a spark, a hope with their passion and leadership in addition to their raw talent. That seems to be missing in Rosen. This move lets Kliff Klingsbury start fresh.
  • Needs: LT, WR, G/C, DT, CB, OLB
  • My Projection: QB Kyler Murray - Oklahoma

2. San Francisco 49ers

DE Nick Bosa - Ohio St

The Bosa family joins the Manning family as the only in league history to have a father and two sons drafted in the first round. The Long family just missed out with Howie a second rounder and his two sons both first round selections. Nick gets selected based on pedigree and a short but impressive resume containing only 10 total college starts. He only played 3 games last year before requiring core muscle surgery and declaring early for the draft as a true junior.
  • Needs: WR, S, CB, OG, OLB, DE
  • My Projection: DE Nick Bosa - Ohio St

3. New York Jets

DT Quinnen Williams - Alabama

Rumors of a trade down prove unfounded. Rumors of Ed Oliver prove unfounded. The Jets stand pat and take the consensus best player available. Hard to argue.
  • Needs: OLB, OT, G/C, CB, NT/DE, WR
  • My Projection: DT Ed Oliver - Houston

4. Oakland Raiders

DE Clelin Ferrell - Clemson

Pure 4-3 end. Obviously didn't think Josh Allen was a scheme fit. Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden do pull a major surprise. This is actually very good news for the Steelers, albeit early. Ferrell was not a scheme fit for the Steelers at all and to be honest I thought he would go at least a little bit after the 20th pick.
  • Needs: DE, CB, TE, S/MLB, DT, RB
  • My Projection: M/SLB Devin White - LSU

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ILB Devin White - LSU

Butkus award winner. A RB recruit that blossomed hitting opponents instead of being hit by them. Leader that will be an extension of new coordinator Todd Bowles on the field. Basically a no brainer if White was available.
  • Needs: ILB, S, CB, RB, OLB/DE, DE/DT
  • My Projection: DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

6. New York Giants

QB Daniel Jones - Duke

I had him going to the Giants at 17. Rumors had them liking Jones over Haskins and Lock. Coached by Eli Manning's college coach, David Cutcliffe. I like Jones more than most, don't get me wrong. Wouldn't have even been surprised if the Giants took Josh Allen here and then traded back into the top 10, say at the Lions pick, to take Jones. Just surprised he is the second QB off the board.
  • Needs: QB, OLB/DE, CB, NT/DT, WR, C
  • My Projection: OLB/DE Josh Allen - Kentucky

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

DE/OLB Josh Allen - Kentucky

Value over need. Can never have enough pass rushers.
  • Needs: OT, TE, WR, G/C, RB, S
  • My Projection: TE DJ Hockenson - Iowa

8. Detroit Lions

TE TJ Hockenson - Iowa

Thought this would be a trade down, was hoping maybe the Steelers would get up to this pick for Devin Bush. Shocked there has not been a trade yet in this draft. Only the fourth TE taken in the top 10 since 1997. Eric Ebron was one of the others taken by Lions just five years ago. Poor Jesse James once again finds himself as a backup, at least for his sake a high paid backup.
  • Needs: CB, DE, RT/G, TE, WR, OLB
  • My Projection: DE/DT Rashan Gary - Michigan

9. Buffalo Bills

DT Ed Oliver - Houston

Needed pass rush, get an interior pass rusher. I tend to think Oliver is somewhat overrated as a top 10 pick. This should be a good place for him.
  • Needs: DE, DT, G/T, CB, TE, WR
  • My Projection: DE Montez Sweat - Mississippi St

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Denver)

ILB Devin Bush - Michigan

Fill their biggest need with a bold move up for the only player left on the board that could immediately be a difference maker for their defense. Hard to argue. A three down heat seeking missle with the ability to cover TEs and backs. Trade the 20th and 52nd pick in this draft plus a 2020 3rd rounder. Really a no-brainer. Bush was highly unlikely to get past the Bengals.
  • Needs: ILB, OLB, CB, WR, TE, RT/G
  • My Projection: CB Rock Ya-Sin - Temple at 20

11. Cincinnati Bengals

OT Jonah Williams - Alabama

A 44 game starter. Can play inside, outside. Could stick on the left side despite short arms. Held his own against Clelin Ferrell in the National Championship game. An immediate starter somewhere on a poor offensive line.
  • Needs: O/MLB, OT, OG, DE, DT, QB
  • My Projection: QB Dwayne Haskins - Ohio St

12. Green Bay Packers

OLB/DE Rashan Gary - Michigan

Incredible physical specimen. Thought he was a better fit as a 4-3 end.
  • Needs: ILB, TE, G/C, WR, S, DE/NT
  • My Projection: T/G Jawaan Taylor - Florida

13. Miami Dolphins

DT Christian Wilkins - Clemson

An interior defender for new defensive minded coach Brian Flores. Scheme versatile. Seem to be in tank mode. Building the lines a good strategy.
  • Needs: QB, RT, G/C, DT, DE, CB
  • My Projection: T/G Jonah Williams - Alabama

14. Atlanta Falcons

OG Chris Lindstrom - Boston College

Plug-and-play immediate starter with a strong family pedigree from a program known historically for producing interior offensive linemen. Still seems high for a clearly low floor, seemingly low ceiling prospect.
  • Needs: DE, OLB, CB, RT/G, RB, DT
  • My Projection: OLB/DE Brian Burns - Florida St

15. Washington Redskins

QB Dwayne Haskins - Ohio St

Sit still and have Haskins fall into their lap. The Raiders, Giants, Broncos, Bengals and Dolphins all passing on Haskins is a surprise. ESPN commentators are lauding this pick. Pick supposedly made by Dan Snyder against the wishes of the football people which has to cause pause.
  • Needs: QB, WR, OLB, G/C, ILB, CB
  • My Projection: QB Drew Lock - Missouri

16. Carolina Panthers

DE Brian Burns - Florida St

Montez Sweat officially in free fall. An immediate replacement for Julius Peppers. Solid move.
  • Needs: LT, DE, S, WR, OG, OLB
  • My OT Andre Dillard - Washington St

17. New York Giants (from Cleveland)

DT Dexter Lawrence - Clemson

Third defensive lineman off the board from Clemson. Sweat would have filled a bigger need, will he fall out of the first round all together?
  • My Projection: QB Daniel Jones - Duke

18. Minnesota Vikings

C/G Garrett Bradbury - North Carolina

Hey, I got one right. Thanks to GM Rick Spielman.
  • Needs: LT/G, DT, TE, WR, DE, S
  • My Projection: G/C Garrett Bradbury - North Carolina St

19. Tennessee Titans

DT Jeffrey Simmons - Mississippi St

Top 10 talent with pre-college off the field issues, current torn ACL. Might have to redshirt a year. Another possible landing spot for Sweat.
  • Needs: OLB/DE, DT, WR, TE, CB, OG
  • My Projection: TE Noah Fant - Iowa

20. Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh)

TE Noah Fant - Iowa

First time ever TEs from the same school go in the first round of the same draft. Joe Flacco loves to throw to the TE. Still shocked that this isn't Drew Lock. John Elway seems committed to Flacco, which is idiocy.
  • Needs: QB, ILB, G/C, NT/DE, TE, WR
  • My Projection: ILB Devin Bush - Michigan at 10

21. Green Bay Packers (from Seattle)

S Darnell Savage - Maryland

Trade up to reach. Safety was incredibly deep in the second round, Savage was in the argument with about six others to be the best available. Not sure any were worth a first round pick.
  • My Projection: TE Irv Smith - Alabama at 30

22. Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore)

OT Andre Dillard - Washington St

Jump the Texans for a pure left tackle prospect.
  • Needs: OLB, G/C, CB, S, LT, MLB
  • My Projection: CB Greedy Williams - LSU at 25

23. Houston Texans

OT Tytus Howard - Alabama St

Project with the physical skills to mold outside on the left. Seemed to panic after Eagles beat them to Dillard. Just take best player available and target Howard later.
  • Needs: OT, OG, CB, NT/DE, RB, TE
  • My Projection: T/G Cody Ford - Oklahoma

24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

RB Josh Jacobs - Alabama

Two down between the tackle throwback that lacks break away speed. Not my cup of tea. Would have been a great pick 25, maybe 35 years ago.
  • My Projection: DT Christian Wilkins - Clemson

25. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia)

WR Marquise Brown - Oklahoma

Baltimore goes Hollywood. Not sure about Brown's fit in an offense led by Lamar Jackson. Will have to be utilized in the slot on short slants, perhaps outside on screens. Down the field ability likely to be wasted.
  • Needs: OLB, ILB, WR, G/C, DT/NT, DE
  • My Projection: WR DK Metcalf - Mississippi at 22

26. Washington Redskins (from Colts)

OLB Montez Sweat - Mississippi St

Colts bail out of the first round. Redskins winning the draft among draftniks. That doesn't always translate into on the field success.
  • Needs: OLB, DE, WR, S, TE, DT
  • My Projection: WR Marquise Brown - Oklahoma to Colts

27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

S Johnathan Abram - Mississippi St

Gruden and Mayock drafting like it's 1980. Highly competative, heat seaking missle. Brutal hitter. Has the speed to match up one-on-one against anyone. In the current game a penalty, possible ejection waiting to happen.
  • My Projection: CB Byron Murphy - Washington

28. Los Angeles Chargers

DT Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame

Not much to say here. Not exciting. Offensive line made more sense to me. Still, solid pick.
  • Needs: OT, G/C, FS, DT, CB, QB
  • My Projection: OL Dalton Risner - Kansas St

29. Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City)

DE LJ Collier - TCU

Reach for need. A 4-3 base end. Redshirt senior that never started a game until his final season. Started only 10 games in his college career, had only 14.5 total career sacks. Pete Carroll thinks he is smarter than everyone else.
  • My Projection: DT Dexter Lawrence - Clemson
  • Needs: DE, DT, WR, CB, S, RT/G

30. New York Giants (from New Orleans through Green Bay and Seattle)

DB DeAndre Baker - Georgia

Seattle moves down again, continues to accumulate extra picks. I actually had Baker going to the Giants in the second round. First corner off the board. Don't think trade up from 37 was needed.
  • My Projection: DE Clelin Ferrell - Clemson to Seattle at 21

31. Atlanta Falcons (from LA Rams)

OT Kaleb McGary - Washington

Rams bail on the first round. Falcons double dip on offensive linemen. McGary lacks length. Definitely not a left tackle. Maybe more a guard than right tackle. Not sure about this pick especially given earlier pick of Lindstrom.
  • My Projection: OG Chris Lindstrom - Boston College to LA Rams

32. New England Patriots

WR K'Neal Harry - Arizona St

Big receiver to help replace Gronk in a different way. Can't argue with the move.
  • Needs: TE, DE, DT, WR, LT, G/C
  • My Projection: DT Jeffrey Simmons - Mississippi St
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