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Let’s Hear it for Big Ben – Literally!

October 15, 2010 by Palmer Sucks

�Sucks Says

Random Rants by PalmerSucks

October 14, 2010


To: The Fans at Heinz Field

From: Yours Truly

Subject: This Sunday


Attention anyone attending this Sunday�s Brownie-Stillers tilt (a group which includes me, by the way) � here�s your chance to make a statement. For the first time in a long time, the name �Ben Roethlisberger� will be part of the pre-game intros. You now have the chance to make yourself heard � one way or another.


Now, if you�re still sold on the idea that Ben did what he was accused of, I�m not going to try and sway your opinion. It�s way too late for that. Nor can I change your mind if you�re part of that group that thinks he�s just an awful human being. If you want to express that point of view Sunday, hey, it�s a free country.


All I know is, some law-enforcement professionals have done their work, as well as the medical experts � and both have found the claims of Ben�s accuser inconsistent with the evidence presented. I�ll take their word for it, and move on. You do as you please.


We�ve heard from the rumor artists, the idiots turning in their #7 jerseys, the Ben-bashing yokels posting on the Internet. They�ve had their say � and loudly. What we haven�t heard yet is the noise from the crowd that sees things differently.


Sure, you�ve had your chance to cheer Ben at Latrobe, but that didn�t make the sports news programs. Your reaction on Sunday will. You now have the chance not only to make your opinion heard but seen � by standing up and delivering an ovation for #7 when his name is called.


Show the cameras you don�t feel the same way as the haters. Cheer Ben � and get on your feet, too. If you won�t do it for him, then do it for the people who don�t want you to do it at all:


--Ravens fans, who try to tell you to be ashamed of your �scumbag,�  while cheering on Ray Lewis each week.


--Patriots fans, who cluck about morality, while excusing the ex-girlfriend escapades of their own quarterback.


--Bengals fans, who come up with cute nicknames for Ben�wait, Bengals fans? Half their team has posed for mug shots.


--Internet morons posting on sites like Pro Football Talk, who pretend they�d give half a crap about some sorority sister down in Georgia if she hadn�t accused the QB of the team they hate most.


--Terry Bradshaw, who wants you to think his outrage over Ben has nothing to do with the pair of rings already on his fingers.


--Sports Illustrated, which disgraced itself a few months ago with its unprofessional, barely researched, one-sided hit piece on Ben Roethlisberger and his character.


How appropriate that the Stillers this week will be facing Cleveland, the team and town that hates them most. What an opportunity the 65,000 in attendance will have to show them where they can stick their hatred.


By the way, a warm welcome doesn�t mean you condone whatever boorish way Ben may have acted in the past. It does mean you believe in second chances. Just remember, if you do boo � the terrorists win.


Besides, you can save that nasty reception for any Cleveland fans with the gall to try waving signs or making up chants.


Mike Tomlin made it a point this week to say that he�s confident the fans will welcome back Ben warmly. Think that was an accident? In reality, he�s asking you to cheer Ben�s return � or at least hold off on the boos. And why not? Ben�s in for plenty of such noise on the road in the weeks ahead.


It�s all up to you, Pittsburgh.


The fact is, it has been all along.


Let�s make this a home-field advantage for the ages. Welcome your quarterback�s return with a standing ovation. Consider it the first step on the road to the Super Bowl. Based on the way the defense has been playing, it just may be. (And if you agree with anything I�ve said, please, feel free to pass this article on to your friends.)


It�s all up to you now, Pittsburgh.


See you there Sunday.

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