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Power Rankings (Thanksgiving)

November 25, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints10-0Will be tested by a visit from the Patriots.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts10-0Refuse to lose in the regular season.
3.3.Minnesota Vikings9-1Favre's 4 TDs give him 21 on the season. His 3 interceptions are the least of his career after 10 games.
4.5.New England Patriots7-3Brady passed for over 300 yards for the 5th straight game and Welker caught a career high 15 passes for a career high 192 yards. The 15 receptions are more in a game than any other receiver this season.
5.6.Arizona Cardinals7-3Warner appears on schedule to start in Tennessee after missing time in the second half against the Rams with a minor concussion.
6.8.San Diego Chargers7-3Avenged an early season loss to the Broncos to take their rightful place atop the AFC West.
7.4.Cincinnati Bengals7-3Loss in Oakland a head scratcher.
8.9.Dallas Cowboys7-3Romo managed 60 yards passing on their only scoring drive while totaling only 158 on the day. It was enough against the Redskins.
9.15.New York Giants6-4Complained bitterly when the schedule came out about having to travel to Denver on a short week to play on Thanksgiving.
10.7.Pittsburgh Steelers6-4Given up a fumble, interception or kick return for a touchdown in eight consecutive games. Except for the hustle of Mendenhall would have given up both a kick return and interception return for a touchdown against the Chiefs.
11.12.Jacksonville Jaguars6-4If the season ended today they would make the playoffs.
12.13.Green Bay Packers6-4Thrill of victory tempered by loss of Kampman and Harris for the season.
13.16.Philadelphia Eagles6-4Jackson's 48 yard TD reception against the Bears was the first of his 7 scores to cover less than 50 yards.
14.18.Miami Dolphins5-5Carried by Williams in the absence of Brown even though he seemed to slow down a bit in the 4th quarter.
15.10.Baltimore Ravens5-5Flacco hasn't thrown a TD pass in the last 3 weeks.
16.11.Denver Broncos6-4Falling like a lead balloon.
17.19.Tennessee Titans4-6First franchise in history to win 4 straight after losing their first 6.
18.17.Atlanta Falcons5-5Erased a 14 point 4th quarter deficit in the swamps of Jersey only to lose the OT coin toss and never see the ball again on offense.
19.14.Houston Texans5-5Inability to get over the hump in close games has Kubiak on the hot seat. A possible destination for Cowher with the talent to win right away.
20.20.Carolina Panthers4-6Remain the only NFL team to have never defeated the Dolphins. They are 0-4.
21.21.San Fransisco 49ers4-6In hindsight there isn't much doubt that they should have taken Rodgers over Smith in the 2005 draft.
22.22.Chicago Bears4-6Lost 5 of their last 6. Cutler limited himself to only 1 interception off a deflection, but managed only 171 yards on 43 attempts as Smith and offensive coordinator Turner tried somewhat foolishly in my opinion to reign him in.
23.27.Kansas City Chiefs3-7Won back-to-back games for the first time since October 2007.
24.23.New York Jets4-6Sanchez continues to disappoint completing only 38% of his passes against Patriots and turning the ball over 5 more times.
25.29.Oakland Raiders3-7If only they could transplant Gradkowski's heart in Russell's body (in a figurative sense of course).
26.24.Seattle Seahawks3-7Gained a ridiculously pathetic 4 total rushing yards on 12 carries.
27.25.Washington Redskins3-7Decision to try a 50 yard field goal with 7:12 remaining predictably failed and resulted in the field position that allowed the Cowboys to score their only points. The only points they would need. To add injury to insult they lost Betts for the season with a torn ACL.
28.31.Detriot Lions2-8Stafford drove his team 88 yards for a thrilling win after time had expired. His 5 TD passes were the most by a rookie in a single game since 1950.
29.26.Buffalo Bills3-7Played hard for Fewell before succumbing in the 4th quarter. Gruesome compound leg fracture suffered by standout rookie Wood is a blow to the already struggling offensive line.
30.28.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-9Morris takes over as defensive coordinator with the demotion of Bates. Should work about as well as preseason decision to fire offensive coordinator Jagodzinski.
31.30.St. Louis Rams1-9Must turn to Boller due to Bulger's broken leg.
32.32.Cleveland Browns1-9Managed to lose despite scoring 3 touchdowns in the first quarter. Their 4 total offensive touchdowns were only 1 less than they had scored in the previous 15 games. Done in by a pass interference penalty in the end zone as time ran out with the Lions scoring on a final, untimed down.

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