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Draft Update #2: Stacking the Draft Board

February 19, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Draft Update #2: Stacking the Board

Draft Update #2: Stacking the Board

Following reports from Stiller HQ that the front office is rating FA around the league, I thought I would do the same. I�m going to attempt a comprehensive chart that registers equivalent players regardless of whether those are collegians or pros. This will be updated as the off-season progresses. There will be changes; bear with me.

The columns are almost self-explanatory. "Value at the spot" is obvious; "available at a stretch" suggests that the player listed will not be available in the next round. Naturally, a player shown in this column in round 1 would be highly desirable in the 2nd. "Later round, similar type" has to do with physical characteristics; this is a sort of bookmark, some players listed here are rising on various draft lists. "Equivalent FA" completes the deal; if a player of a certain type will not be available in the draft, Stiller HQ ought to make the equivalent FA a high priority.

The rows are ordered as to "best player" at the spot, not by position. Impact potential is the emphasis. That�s it; let�s see what we�ve got.

First Round, #16 overall.


Value @ the spot

Stretch, more or less.

Later, similar type

Equivalent FA, Cap Victim

Rush DE

Justin Smith


Cedric Scott, DeLaurence Grant.

Marcellus Wiley, Jason Taylor, Kenny Holmes.

Run stuffer

Gerard Warren

Marcus Stroud, Casey Hampton, Shaun Rogers.


Ted Washington

DT/3-4 DE

Richard Seymour


Kris Jenkins

Kevin Carter


Dan Morgan,

Jamal Reynolds

Thomas Polley



Cover CB

Jamar Fletcher

Fred Smoots

Will Allen

Aeneas Williams

Combo corner


Willie Middlebrooks, Nate Clements

William Peterson, Gary Baxter

Jason Sehorn



Steve Hutchinson

Matt Lyght, Jeff Backus

Jeff Hastings



Drew Brees



It is highly unlikely that either Smith or Warren will be available when the Stillers draft. This suggests an FA emphasis at those positions with the premium on rush DE. I like Smith; I am concerned that Andre Carter is too small and slow to make an impact in the league. In contrast to DE, there are plenty of jumbo DT both in the draft and FA. It is likely that Seymour, Morgan or Reynolds will be available; it is possible that two of these players may be. Of the three, two are (in my book) OLB, this makes the Gildon to the Bears deal, even for a high 2nd, ever more attractive.

Middlebrooks is rising fast; several mock drafts have this man as a first round selection, often to the Giants. One guru credits Willie with a 4.38 40; if so, he jumps over the cover CB types and lands pretty close to the OLB. Again, I�m not listing by position; I am listing by impact potential.

Second Round, #50 overall.


Value @ the spot


Later, similar type

Equivalent FA, cap victim

Run stuffer

Hampton, Rogers, Mario Fatafehi.

Willie Blades

Mario Monds

Jason Ferguson


Allen, Ken Lucas


Ligarius Jennings, Dwight Smith, Petersen

Denard Walker


Dominic Raiola

Chad Ward

Bernard Robertson

Mike Compton, Jeff Mitchell.


Derrick Gibson, Alan Archuleta



Mike Logan


Quentin Caver, Kendrell Bell,

Torrance Marshall

A. Schobel, Orlando Huff, Karon Riley.

Leonard Little





Lorenzo Bromell

The second day is generally potluck. There will be some players projected as 2nd or 3rd round picks who will become available in the 4th. Throughout, there should be some high caliber interior OL, S, TE, FB and MLB available. There may be a DL sleeper or two; there will be plenty of speed. The percentage play is to look to the interior line and towards acquiring speed at WR, DB and LB.

We�ll see if Stiller HQ agrees.


4th or so

5th or so

6th or so

7th or so



Raybach, Garza


Hamilton, McCurley

Wiggins, Okobi



Gandy, Reziniak, Ferrario

Diem, Womack


Valletta, Kempenich


Speed @ WR

Alan Bannister, Daniel Guy




Arnold Jackson, John Capel, Larry Davis


Ennis Davis, Kenny Smith, Ryan Pickett

Mario Monds, Daleroy Stewart


Derrick Chambers


Speed @ LB

Sedric Hodge, Roland Seymour

Chaz Murphy, Chris Edmonds

Brady O�Donnell, Bryan Ray


Thomas Juqua, Yubenal Isabelle, Eddie Johnson, Chris Noifaiga

Speed @ DB

Michael Stone, Eric Kelly

Raymond Walls


Scott Carey, Dyshod Carter

Trayvon Waller, Nate Gates

The Steel Phantom

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