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Hard Hat Award (Game #3, @ Philly)

September 24, 2008 by Still Mill


Hard Hat Award (Game #3, @ Philly)

Stillers strong safety Troy Polamalu is the winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.


Polamaulu, who has been on fire thus far this season, had another strong effort in the dismal loss versus Philly.  In fact, he was one of the very few Stillers to show up with a game face and play a tough, productive brand of football.  Pola was seen flashing and dashing all over the field, helping on run support while also covering short, medium, and deep routes.  In the 1Q, Pola pulled off something I�ve never, ever seen in an NFL game -- the �backhanded tackle�.   With his back to the receiver (Jackson) after a short reception, Troy reached backwards and somehow managed to corral the Eagle and bring him down after a 4-yard gain.  Troy then made a highlight reel INT in the 3Q, vaulting and diving for the deflected pass and snaring it with 1-hand just before it hit the turf.   This was a tremendous combination of hustle, determination, and sheer athleticism. 


Others receiving consideration from The Committee were Travis Kirschke, who filled in solidly in place of Keisel and had 6 solos, and Benji Roethlisberger, who took an absolute beating while being forced to take 5-step drops with no outlet valves to the RB or TE amidst a maelstrom of blitzing rushers.   That was it.   There is almost always -- if not always -- a strong correlation between the number of players in consideration for the Hard Hat, and if the team won or lost.  Simply put, Hard Hat kind of football leads to victory; pansie football leads to defeat. 


Kudos to Po-lamm�-a-lu for winning the Hard Hat Award.  Wear the Hard Hat proudly, Troy! 


Previous 2008 Hard Hat Winners:


Week 1, vs. Houston: Willie Parker and LeMarr Woodley

Week 1, @ Clev: Keyaron Fox and Jamie Harrison



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