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Calm Down, Stiller fans

December 04, 2001 by Guest

Calm the @#$

Calm Down, Stiller Fans

All right, I'm going to mention this in my upcoming pre-game analysis, but I feel this needs to be mentioned. After reading the message for two days now, everyone is acting like we�re 2 � 9 rather than 9 � 2. Let�s put some perspective on this past weekend.

1. Let's give some credit where credit is due to the Vikings for not giving up. I don't care whether we let them in the game or whether they played their way into the game. I get tired of this talk of "the game was close so it must have been our fault." They didn't give up and they made a game out of it.

2. I do agree that something has to be done about the play calling at the end of games, but we're going to go through games like this. Hey, I�m not pleased with some of the play calling, but Cowher ain�t the only coach that has watched his team blow big games. Other teams have, so why wouldn't we? Look at these other "elite/upper tier teams" teams blown opportunities this season:

- Week 7: St. Louis has a 18 point lead going into half time at home against the Saints...5 turnovers later, the Saints win on a last second field goal. Final Score: Saints 34 � Rams 31

- Week 12: Oakland allows Arizona to tie the game with under 2 minutes remaining. And then in overtime David Dunn fumbles the punt return. One minute later, Gramatica boots a game winning overtime field goal. Final Score: Cardinals 34 � Raiders 31 OT

- Week 10: Green Bay blows a game to the Atlanta at Lambeau Field. Final Score: Falcons 23, Packers 20

- Week 12: The Jets blow a 13 point half time lead to lose to the Patriots at Giants Stadium. Final Score: Patriots 17 � Jets 16

So, as you can see other teams have blown big games where they either had big leads or should have won in easy fashion. The difference was we won, they didn�t.

3. If you want something to worry about, let�s talk about the Bus�s health for the rest of the season. That�s something that really should worry every Steelers fan.

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