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LeBeau’s Folly -- An analysis of the pass rush scheme vs. Titans

December 26, 2008 by Still Mill

Dick's Folly
LeBeau�s Folly -- An analysis of the pass rush scheme vs. Titans


The Stillers meekly bowed out to the Titans 5 days ago.While the offense once again dawdled around and did little, the supposedly vaunted defense faltered just as badly.�� They got carved up by a career journeyman QB, Ferry Collins, while also getting ground up by the 1-2 RB punch of White and Johnson.The defense was particularly soft in this game, providing almost no heat or harassment on Collins the entire game.


LeBeau has been lavished with mountains of praise by every media source -- except this one -- for his supposedly clever, ingenious defensive schemes.Never mind, of course, the cream puffism, injury depletion, ineptitude, and greenhorn naivet� that Dick has feasted on each and every week leading up to the Titan debacle.


For reasons unknown only to LeBeau, the supposed defensive guru went with the Charmin Defensive Scheme against the Titans.The review of the tape of this slopfest revealed just how soft and vanilla LeBeau played it.His pass rush was of a passive, chickenshit variety, and his coverage schemes were equally soft and flaccid.


Here�s a breakdown of the pass rush on Collin�s 29 pass attempts:


3-man Rush: 2 times


4-man Rush:23 times


5-man Rush: 4 times


6-man Rush:0


This gives a very clear picture of just how pussyfied LeBeau went into this game in terms of attacking, harassing, and laying the wood on the opposing offense.Rather than teeing off and punishing one of the very slowest QBs in all of pro football, Dick smugly thought he could send 3 or 4 rushers on nearly every pass attempt and stop Collins.What a dumbass!�� There are 5 (FIVE) offensive linemen, plus oftentimes a TE, AND a RB, providing some blocking assistance.If you�re going to be a gutless coward and rush FOUR men against 6 or 7 blockers, you sew what you reap.


The rare 5-man rushes were a repeat of late last season, when Dick unveiled The Velcro Blitz.�� This LeBeau scheme calls for rushers to immediately joust with a blocker to their front and stick to that blocker like Velcro, which causes no heat, no harassment, and no push.The tactic of blitzing is more than just blindly sending bodies at a QB; the real tactic behind blitzing is, similar to a punt block, creating an open window or fissure for a rusher to fly in cleanly and then rip the QB�s head off his neck.Only once did this happen the entire game, when Timmons came in on a delayed blitz and pressured Bollins into a throw-away at 4:13 1Q.


To exacerbate all of this, the 3 and 4 rushers Tricky Dicky was sending at the QB were mostly comprised of RUN-STUFFING linemen who are mediocre, at best, in providing heat on the QB.Fat Casey Hampton isn�t going to scare any coordinator with his pass rush, nor will Keisel, Kirschke, or Eason.Aaron Smith is the best of the DL lot in providing pass heat, and even then, he is far, far from being a Strahan or a Reggie White with his rushing skills.ERGO, if you�re going to apply the heat and harass a piece of shit QB like Collins from a 3-4 defense that generates next to nothing in terms of lineman pass-pressure, you�d damned well better bring some extra rushers.�� And that includes using corners and safeties on blitzes, which Dick did only once the entire game against the Titans.


To make all matters worse, Dick�s pass coverage schemes were a complete flop as well.You can possibly get by with a feeble-assed 4-man pass rush, if you�re gonna use the 7 remaining defenders to make life miserable on the opposing receivers.Miserable?�� Dick practically rolled out a red carpet for the Titan receivers.He never used his CBs up in press coverage to jam and pop the receivers; instead, Dick had his corners playing 7, 8, even 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.�� So here you have the worst of all worlds--- a softee, chickenshit pass rush, combined with a softee, chickenshit coverage scheme.


And it�s not like the Titans are the modern version of the �88 49ers.Last week, they scored a whopping 12 points.A few weeks ago, against the Jets, they scored 13.It�s beyond all comprehension why Dick trembled in fear and devised this chickenshit defensive scheme against such an ordinary passing offense.��


There were 3 key pass plays in this game, as follows:��


1.)3rd & 5 at the PIT 34, 12:50 2Q.A stop here forces either a punt or a long FG in a 3-0 game.Instead, Dick, like a complete anal stormtrooper, rushes just 3 men, giving Collins all day and room to casually complete the downfield seamer to Gage for the TD.


2.)3rd & 20 at the PIT 40, 5:25 3Q.A stop here forces a punt, with the score (at the time) PIT 14, Tenn 10.Dick actually sent a 3 (THREE) man rush, and dropped Timmons into a no-man�s land coverage at a point 17 yards downfield.This served no purpose whatsoever; Timmons would have been far more useful providing a hand in the face of Collins as Collins stood calmly in the pocket surveying the entire field and having enough time to eat a sandwich.This play gained 19.5 yards, which set up the 4th down running play that Johnson took to the house for a TD.�� Talk about a game-turning play -- if Dick doesn�t use a faggott defense, the stop gets made well short of the sticks (such as a 4-yard dumpoff to a RB, or an incompletion) and the Titans punt the ball away.

3.)4th & 3 on PIT 30, 2:00 3Q.Again, a stop here obviously gives the ball back to the Stillers, with the score Tenn 17, PIT 14.In other words, at this point, the Stillers were very much in the ballgame, and all they needed was some semblance of a defensive stop.Instead, Dick calls for a mamby pamby 4-man rush, which creates no pressure whatsoever. Collins plays pitch and catch on a 17-yard completion to Gage, which put the Titans in chippie FG range.�� ��


These 3 plays were the difference between being right in the midst of a tight game, and getting blown out.�� All 3 plays were gutless, pussyfied defensive tactics at its worst.You�ll note that the 2 times the 3-man rush was used, it gave up a 34-yard TD on 3rd & 5 and then a 19.5 yard completion on 3rd & 20.Note to LeBeau -- stop using the faggoty 3-man rush, you asspump!!


Dick�s defense has seen numerous cracks and chinks in the armor the past 4 weeks, which reminds all of us of last year, when the defense sagged and faltered badly down the stretch.Of course, last year, Dick got a reprieve, because Pola and Aaron Smith were injured.This year?The defense has been healthy as a horse these past 4 games, yet they�ve been getting shredded and carved.Case in point:


Rushing yards the defense surrendered in first 11 games:�� 66.5


Rushing yards the defense surrendered in past four games:111.5


Not a good trend.Nor is the trend of rushing 3 or 4 men on 25 out of 29 pass plays, and never once rushing 6 men.This week�s meaningless tilt against Cleveland won�t tell us much of anything, since the game means nothing and numerous scrubs for both teams will see plenty of PT.Dick has the bye week to get things fixed, and his 1st post-Titans test will take place the weekend of Jan. 10-11.It will be awfully interesting to see if Dick shows up like a complete homo, or if he grows some balls between now and then and dials up the heat against the opposing QB.The answer to that question will play a huge role in whether the team advances to the AFCC or meekly bows out and goes home for the winter.



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)



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