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Power Rankings (week 9)

October 29, 2008 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Tennessee Titans 7-0 Enjoy a 4 game lead in their division and a 2 game lead in the AFC.
2. 3. New York Giants 6-1 The light went on in the second half of last season and except for a mistep in Cleveland it has burned brightly.
3. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2 Losing the war of attrition at an alarming rate. If nothing else Warren's injury proved the value of the long snapper.
4. 7. Carolina Panthers 6-2 A bye followed by games against the Raiders and Lions has them sitting pretty.
5. 6. Washington Redskins 6-2 Might have been looking forward to the Steelers on Monday night during a sluggish win over the Lions.
6. 8. New England Patriots 5-2 Cassel isn't Brady, but played well enough to be named AFC offensive player of the week. Aging defense is a bigger problem, quite frankly.
7. 4. Buffalo Bills 5-2 Should not be ashamed of a tight road loss in the division against the resurgent Dolphins.
8. 12. Dallas Cowboys 5-3 Defense came up big in must win home game even as Johnson continued to struggle. Trip to the Meadowlands with Romo still on the shelf seems like a futile endeavor. Post-bye stretch run will tell the tale.
9. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-3 Offensive game plan was much too conservative in Dallas.
10. 16. Philadelphia Eagles 4-3 Reid improved to 10-0 after the bye.
11. 11. Green Bay Packers 4-3 Had 2 weeks to try to figure out how to stop the Titans' running game.
12. 15. Baltimore Ravens 4-3 Same as it ever was.... Dominating defense. Offense has only managed 3 TD passes so far.
13. 13. Chicago Bears 4-3 Get a second straight bye with the Lions next on the schedule.
14. 10. Arizona Cardinals 4-3 The East coast has not been kind.
15. 21. New Orleans Saints 4-4 London is a long way to travel for a home game. At least they won.
16. 19. New York Jets 4-3 The natives are restless even after a win. That happens when you need a fourth quarter comeback to defeat the Thigpen led Chiefs.
17. 14. Indianapolis Colts 3-4 Under .500 heading into November for the first time since Manning's rookie year of 1998.
18. 18. Denver Broncos 4-3 Defensive struggles have kept the rest of the division in the race.
19. 17. Atlanta Falcons 4-3 Baker's back surgery is a blow.
20. 22. Houston Texans 3-4 Riding a 3 game home winning streak over the Dolphins, Lions and Bengals. Can not afford a let down during their trip to Minneapolis.
21. 24. Cleveland Browns 3-4 Feel good victory in Jacksonville is only meaningful if they can avoid a sweep by the Ravens.
22. 9. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4 Could Del Rio be on the hot seat?
23. 20. San Diego Chargers 3-5 Cottrell paid the price for the defense's struggles.
24. 27. Miami Dolphins 3-4 Ginn is beginning to show flashes.
25. 25. Minnesota Vikings 3-4 Hard to envision the bye helping all that much with Frerotte still at QB. Not that he doesn't remain a better option than Jackson.
26. 23. St. Louis Rams 2-5 Hung tough in Foxboro with Jackson on the bench. At least Haslett has them playing hard.
27. 29. Seattle Seahawks 2-5 Continued uncertainty surrounding Hasselbeck tempers any entusiasm generated by their victory.
28. 26. Oakland Raiders 2-5 Kiffin. Cable. Doesn't matter. Replacing Davis is the only solution.
29. 28. San Fransisco 49ers 2-6 Singletary didn't make a bit of difference and his post game over reaction does not bode well for the immediate future.
30. 30. Cincinnati Bengals 0-8 Really have no reason to bring Palmer back this year whether he needs elbow surgery or not.
31. 31. Kansas City Chiefs 1-6 QB depth chart of Thigpen, Gray and Martin might be the worst in league history.
32. 32. Detriot Lions 0-7 Brought Culpepper in for a workout after his contract talks with the Chiefs broke down. Then let him leave without getting a deal done.

*Last week's ranking
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