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Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 09, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers 27, Bengals 21 ��� Nov 8th, 2010
Stillers 27, Bungals 21 ��. Nov. 8, 2010 ����Game # 8


Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stiller had a commanding 27-7 lead, and then, in fashion typical of the past 2 seasons, pissed away the lead and nearly stole defeat from victory.


Due to the late-nite ending of this game, this report will be shorter and more succinct that usual.




QB:Ben had an okay nite.�� He had the superb clutch slant pass to Ward for a pin-point TD.�� But his lollipop lobs got to be absurd.He under-threw El on a deep lob in the 2Q.he then undert-hrew Wally on a deep ball that should have been 6 in the 3Q.�� Then, with the game seemingly in hand in the 4Q-- and knowing what a pile of shit cheesecake his defense is -- Ben throws this assaholic lollipop quail to an wide open Miller that was picked off.�� Very, very poor.���� 17 of 27 for 163 yards wasn�t overly impressive.�� C


RB:Mendy had a mostly solid nite, gaining 99 yards on 22 carries.�� There was some absurd tip-toeing and east-west bullshit, but Medny also ripped off some nice downhill runs.�� Moore had a few touches in the 1H, but was never permitted to touch the ball in the 2H.�� Redman, too, got little work at RB.���B+


FB: ����Redman had a plunge out of his own EZ.��� The blocking was ok.���� B


WR:Wally had big nite, grabbing 5 for a buck-10 and a TD.�� Nice bodying of the DB on the TD catch.�� He did have a drop late in the 2Q.��


Ward had the superb TD catch on a low slant, and had a couple key blocks.He also had a couple key boners.�� He took a lazy, 1-handed stab on what should have been a routine TD catch in the 1Q.Early in the 2Q, he fumbled a bubble screen and gave Cinci the ball in PIT territory.�� He then added to the shit sandwich with a drop on the next series.


Randle El finally a passer.He took a jet handoff and then threw deep to Wally for the TD.�� He had a good 3D catch in the 1Q.���������


Sanders was not permitted to participate at all on offense.


Wally:A���� Ward:�� C+�� �����El:�� B+����� Sanders:Inc


TE:Miller had 3 grabs, including a catch on the 1st play of the game.�� Hooray !�� Miller has been rediscovered by his OC !��� Spaeth had 1 grab.�� Miller�s blocking was solid.��� With the rash of injuries to the OL, Tomlin said his next move would have been to put tight end Matt Spaeth at tackle."Thankfully we didn't have to go to the Matt Spaeth tackle plan," Tomlin said.Thankfully, indeed.They�ve have been better off using David Johnson, who can at least block, move his feet, and get leverage.�� B+


OL: The line suffered injuries to Pouncey, Kemo, and Starks.��


Prior to the rash of injuries, the line allowed massive pressure from a 3MR on the 2d series, which was really poor.


Essex failed to sustain a block in the 2d series, and Mendy got crushed for -2.He also had a dumbassed false start on 1st & G at the 9 in the 2Q.�� Legursky pulled and whiffed like a total shitbag on the late 3d & 6, causing Mendy to get stuffed.�� Piss poor.�� Adams, who otherwise played good, took a stupid-assed pers foul penalty after the late INT, which gave the Bungals golden FP.�� ���C-��


DL:Not much.�� Little pass harassment, and of course the Bungals abandoned the run due to the large deficit.�� Fat Hampton was flagged for a late hit in the 4Q.�� Keisel, who is rabidly earning a place on my shit list, finally returned but then sat out the 2H (and some of the 1st) with his balky hamstring.�� B-


LB:Timmons and Harrison put on a clinic in making big hits, big tacklesand big plays.�� Timmy had a clutch INT and blew up a 3rd & short to force a FG in the 3Q.�� He also teamed with Harrison to stop Grisham and force a punt in the 1Q.


Harrison had a nice, low to the ground edge rush and then chased down the QB for a sack.He also delivered the lick that busted up the final play.�� He was all over the field, stuffingthe run, rushing, and defending the pass.��


After spending most of last season chasing -- and missing -- Brian Leonard, Taunto Farrior finally stopped him a couple of times!�� Hooray!�� Of course, Taunto had numerous boners and blunders.He was easily shielded on Benson�s 8-yard run up LG in the 1Q.He had a Dong Sack in the 3Q in which he was totally unblocked and untouched.�� Late in the game, on 3rd & 14, he stumbled around ass-awkward in coverage of Benson on a short dumpoff, then flailed like a windmill as the ball caromed off his hands and into Benson�s.Instead of making the simple stop for FIVE yards, Taunto ended up with his dick in the dirt while Benson scampered away for 16 yards and a huge 1st down.


Big Jason Woodley did very little.��� He had the luxury of facing struggling RT Andre Smith, yet struggled like a pathetic lil� bitch.�� On the 1st series of the game, he got sucked n� sealed on a wide run by Benson, gaining 6 yards.Very, very soft and very piss poor.�� This kind of lethargy carried thru the entire game, in which LaMarr stood around and did little.�� He got a Dong Sack in the 3Q, when he came in totally untouched and unblocked off the edge for a cheesy, easy as pie sack.�� He was credited for a FF in the 4Q when Palmer, after EONS of time in the pocket, got nipped by Big LaMarr and coughed up the ball.��� In the 4Q, he lazily allowed a receiver to slip away after an curl pass that should have been an EASY, routine wrap and tackle, and then to add salt to the wound, the lazy pile of shit TRIPPED the guy and was correctly flagged.�� A really pussyfuk, lazyfuk play made by the laziest, slouchiest player on this entire roster.�� Despite never leaving the field, Big LaMarr finished with (hold your laughter) 2 solos (including the Dong Sack) and 1 assist.�� Piss fuking poor.��


Jason Worilds, who had such a strong effort 2 weeks ago and played his ass off on spec teams, was banished to the bench and was never permitted to see the field on defense.��


Timmons:A���� Harrison:B+���� Farrior: C����Big LaMarr Woodendick:�� D ��


DB:More struggles.��� Ike had a decent game...before getting flagged twice in the 4Q for PI.��� He did help bust up the last pass.Gay made some solid plays early on, but then, left on an island in the slot, got tooled and abused for big plays, including an Owens TD and a 23-yarder to Shipley.


Fadden had a good bustup in the 1Q, but then got roasted on the deep Owens TD in the 4Q.�� Very poor.��� This guy seems to be content to piss away a long TD in every 4Q.��


Pola was an average factor.�� He did chip in on some runs and RAC plays, but wasn�t the dominating, superhuman force that everyone claimed was the reason the team sucked well-water last season.��


Ryan Clark, as usual, did NOTHING to help the pass defense.��� Absolutely, utterly NOTHING.�� A big fuking goose egg.��� ����C+


Spec teams:Jason Worilds had a MONSTER of a game.�� He had 1 solo in coverage in the 1H, then 2 more in the 2H.��� On many teams, this would earn a LB some PT on defense.�� Except, on this team.��


Sanders had a good stick and FF on the opening KO.�� He also had a good KO return in the 2Q.


Gay had a huge blocked punt in the 1Q, and also added a good solo stop in punt cover in the 2Q.


Sepulveda had a chickenshit pooch punt that was FC at the Cinci 12 in the 1Q.Later, he rocketed a punt into the EZ for a net of 18.��


Reed had a mostly shitty nite.�� He had a shallow KO to the 11 in the 2Q, which was returned all the way to the Stiller 43 for 46 yards.�� For being such a tough guy off the field, he meekly waved and flailed at the returner on this play.He booted a 53-yard FG late in the 1H, but with a chance to basically end the game late in the 4Q, he hooked a basic 46-yard FG in a 6-point game.�� Piss fuking poor.��


Reed:�� D���� Sepul:C������� All others:��� B


OC:Arians had another grab-bag, bag o� shit effort.�� There were a couple of new wrinkles with the jet end around, but that aside, it was the same old slop.��� If not gifted with golden FP from the early fumble and blocked punt, Arians would have likely scored his usual, piddlly 17 points, and that with a gimmick play that fooled nobody and really should have been busted up or even INT�d.�� I couldn�t believe the incredibly Neanderthal tasking of Mendy carrying 7 (SEVEN) consecutive times in the 4Q.�� Yes, it�s great to try to salt the game away and chew clock.�� But this ain�t college ball, and Mendy was gassed.�� Redman or Moore, anyone??�� On 3rd down and 6, instead of doing SOMETHING productive, Mendy ran a feeble-fuk delay that was stuffed, forcing the 46-yard FG.�� It�s this kind of Crayola leadership & cleverness that leads to bumbling and defeat.����� C-


DC:More idiots out there will fawn and adulate, nonstop, about what a great, omnipotent genius Dick LeBeau supposedly is.�� The rest of us that actually KNOW football sit back and sneer at what a complete fuking buffoon the guy is.�� Armed with a 20 (TWENTY) point lead against a totally downtrodden opponent that then had internal bickering by Ocho, Dick nevertheless came up with new and imaginative ways to shit the bed in the 4th quarter and nearly piss this game away.��


The first TD was typical Dick in his assaholic, drunken stupor.�� On 3d & 4, he takes slowfooted, fat-assed DT Dick Eason and lines him up at ROLB.��� Adding to the dumbassed stupidity, Dick rushes FOUR man, which gives no pressure at all, and LipBalmer easily completes the long lob for a TD.�� What a fuking moron.��


Then there was the 3d & 13 in the 3Q.�� Again, with very meager pressure, Palmer has ALL DAY and easily hits Shipley for 26 yards.���


A telling stat, which is never mentioned by the Pgh. media when fawning over Dick --�� 63 out of 123 points allowed, have come in the final quarter.Very piss poor.��� C-


HC:Tomlin seemed to have his men fired up and ready for action.But as has happened all too often, he and the tem let their collective foot off the gas, allowing a beleaguered, downtrodden opponent to come roaring back late in the game.�� Not good.


I was a bit dismayed Tommy didn�t throw a challenge flag on the late Benson TD run.�� He fully appeared to be STOPPED, well short of the GL.�� 14 seconds later, as he surely squirmed and nudged the ball forward, he was ruled �in� for a TD.��� Does anyone know which bank, exactly, Tomlin uses to deposit all of those un-used challenges?���� B-


Synopsis:A eeker of a win; hardly a confidence booster or builder.�� Still, the Stillers are 6-2 -- just as they were last season.��� They now host the Patsies, who will be irate and steaming mad after getting fairly whipped by the lowly Brownies.�� If the pass defense and pass rush isn�t jointly fixed, Brady might very well throw for 450 yards.


Note - I�ll be in attendance for next week�s game versus NE, so I probably won�t be able to compile a postgame report for that tilt.



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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