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Post-it Notes from The Mailman

January 21, 2009 by Guest

Stiller fans rejoice,

-          Rich Erenberg was a tough as nails running back in the mid 80�s who once broke his nose on an opening kickoff and played the whole game. He wore 24 long before Ike.  


-          Is there a rule that a late hit can�t be called against Ben?  He was hit late over and over in the game and the announcers said nothing. Total bullshit. The Ravens got every call in the first half except for the roughing the punter. They can�t whine about the refs this time.


-          Cam Cameron is almost as big of a moron as Arians. 3 straight passes to start the game. QB sneak on 4th and 1.  Naked bootleg by Flacco.  I�m sure he is getting hammered on the Rats boards.


-          Carey Davis had a pretty good game. He leveled Brown to start the game and set the tone right away. He also had a 20 yard reception which equaled his total production as a Steeler.  It was nice to see him catch a pass that wasn�t short of the sticks.


-          What did Harbaugh see to make him challenge Nate�s catch?  That stupid decision left him out of challenges with half the game to go. I guess he didn�t want to be the only rookie making mistakes Sunday.


-          How big was Stone�s penalty on the punt return in the fourth quarter? He pretty much cost the Rats the game with that one. Typical undisciplined Ravens football.  Kemo�s penalty was after a Raven was giving him hands to the face.  This should have been a no call or unsportmanlike on both players.


-          Phil Simms and Jim Nance are downright pathetic. Why are they so against the Steelers? I turned them off and listened to the radio. After Polamalu�s touchdown Simms started talking about Reed. I also liked how he said the Ravens had the Steelers where they wanted them.  Please get some unbiased announcers for the Super Bowl.


-          After his terrible drop, Limas actually had a pretty good game. He leveled Ivy, had a third down catch and stripped the interception from Walker.  A little more playing time during the season would have helped.  Who knows, maybe he will be the secret weapon against the Cards.


-          Trivia question for Ravens fans. Who had more forced fumbles Sunday, Ed Reed or our punter? Where was the almighty Ed Reed all game? He should get an Oscar for his portrayal of the Invisible Man. Ray had a forced fumble but Heath burnt him a few times. Isn�t it sickening to watch Ray pray for McGahee and he bragged about hurting Mendenhall? He is a piece of shit.  Another thing, if Reed is so damn great, why didn�t he return punts in the big game?


-          Max Starks could be a trivia question. Has anybody ever started a Super Bowl at right and left tackle?  The reason the Steelers put up with Berger is probably that he is a good holder. It is an overlooked job sometimes. Did you see the Eagles game?  It�s gonna be a long two weeks waiting for this game. Remember Chuckie Lanza?


Yours in Steelerism,


The Still Mailman

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