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Stillers vs. Bills Preseason Post-game

August 31, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Stillers vs

Stillers vs. Bills Pre-season Post-game:


The Stillers beat the hell out the Bills last night, 20-0, in a game that was not nearly as close as the score might indicate.Buffalo was never in this game; in the 1st half, the Stillers thrashed them on both sides of the ball.The Bills 2nd D-line did have some moments against the Stiller scrub O-linemen but, really, after the starters departed, the rest of the game belonged to the Stiller ST.Toy went 78 on a PR for the game�s only score and, throughout the 2nd half the Stiller coverage units showed us all what hitting is about.The Stillers were the better team last night; more than that, they dominated the Bills physically.The last, more than any pre-season box, is something worth building on.


The Good:


The passing game may be diversified:Kordell seemed to be in complete control leading the Bus-free 1st unit offense on two consecutive 12-play scoring drives.These amounted to about 140 yards total-O; the Stillers had the ball for +10 minutes in the 1st quarter.


In the 1st possession, Coach Mularkey opened by calling for (7) consecutive passes including (3) +20 yard attempts.In this sequence, Kordell hit 3/6 including a fine post to Shaw for 39.The ball was going downfield; as a result, Amoz had room to rush 3/21.�� The 1st possession ended when Stewart missed badly on a fade to Spike and Coach Cowher, as is his wont, brought on Brown to polish his short game.


The second drive was well executed too; for the first time, the 1st unit put drives back to back.Blackwell had a grab for 21 or so; Breuner had a 13-yard reception.Kordell closed out at 9/14 or so for something around 100 yards including (6) completions to WR, (2) to Breuner and a nice checkdown to Fu.Of note, at least (5) balls went 20 yards downfield; however, only (2) connected.


The D-Line:The first unit absolutely thrashed the Bills patched-up front.Aaron Smith had a sack negated by his flagrant facemask penalty; however, he got penetration on most downs and made an excellent run stop to close the Buffs 2nd possession.Kendrick Clancy spent more time in the Bills backfield than Rob Johnson.Hampton stuffed up everything inside and showed some awareness; in the Bills 3rd possession, Casey diagnosed and blew up a screen left.Rookie Rodney Bailey continues to impress; he had his 3rd PS sack whipping golden boy Kris Farris in the process.


The back-up CB:Deshea had his 2nd INT of the PS and generally showed that he could play with Moulds.DeShea forced a fumble but the replacements ignored this fact.Hank Poteat had 7T, 2PD and his 2nd INT of the PS.


Coverage Teams:Monstrous hitting by the Bell brothers, Justin Kurpeikis and Mike Logan.


Bobby Shaw:(2) catches no drops last night; with (1) catch and no drops against the Lions, this man�s PS catch/drop ratio is approaching 50%.


The Bad:


The 2nd O-line:Okobi was okay; Tharpe marginally acceptable but the rest of this group just stunk.Keydrick Vincent wants to play but rarely locates anyone to block.Nkwenti looks like an athlete but generally gets beat.This man is befuddled by the simplest twist or stunt.That can�t be a surprise; Nkwenti had only 1-year of OT experience at Temple.He is a project; he should stick but won�t help this season, at least not early on.While Nkwenti has little experience, Mylinski has been in the league 9 years.Despite that, his play last night would have made the unlamented �Skates� Brown look like Bruce Mathews.Mylinski was awful but he was not the worst O-lineman on the field; that distinction belonged to Oliver Ross.Ross played both LOT and ROT; no matter, he was routinely overrun on both sides.Ross gave a fair imitation of Chris Conrad; there is no way either he or Mylinski can stick.


Jermane Tuman:Another catch-free evening for the Stillers pass-catching TE.Tuman had a motion penalty; chastened, he later stayed motionless in his stance as Tee ran for his life. Tuman�s attempts at pass protection suggested that it doesn�t take a Keith Brookings to beat this man off the edge.��


Spike:Coach Mularkey tried to get this man involved but to little avail.Burress did have (3) receptions for maybe (20) yards but that�s it.On the 2nd possession, had a go-route to the EZ; Kordell made an accurate throw, Spike went up and had the ball briefly until Irvin poked it out.That�s a nice play by the CB but the Stillers drafted Spike to win those battles.Ran (2) 20-yard turn-ins with Kordell, the passes sailed high.Ran (2) with Tee, the passes sailed high. Different QB, identical results; you�ve got to wonder about Spike�s routes.


FB/H-back:Athletically, there is little difference between Cushing, Janes and Witman.Cushing is a marginal run blocker and, very clearly, no threat carrying the ball.In a Rudy-like moment, Janes had a TD reception during which he looked a lot like Witman in the open field.Big Jon has the experience but not the health; for that matter, Kreider�s condition is a question mark too.The Stillers don�t have an answer on their roster; the FO should be combing the waiver wire Sunday.


Bubble battles:


Sullivan vs. Hoke:It has to be Sullivan; Hoke was awful at NT.If Tez isn�t coming, then the cap room doesn�t matter. IMO, Sullivan is the #4 DE, Combs #5.


Bell vs. Battles:Myron had a very good game; hit on ST and hit in the base too.Battles did the same; either will do as the #4 Safety.


Kurpeikis vs. Knight:It has to be Justin, this man had a couple big hits on ST, I�d guess (3) TFL in the base defense along with several other solid stops.He did get beat in coverage a couple times but showed great energy and a good deal of development since the Falcon game.


Blackwell vs. Brown/Baker:Will had a couple third down conversions and played a solid all around game.Baker had a couple drops; Brown was nowhere to be found.I�m guessing the Stillers will carry (6) WR including the (5) holdovers and Taylor.That�ll mean (9) OL with Bobo/Vincent headed to the taxi squad.




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