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Cowher Not Dissatisfied on KO Returns

November 25, 1999 by Still Mill

Cowher: "Not Dissatisfied" with play of KO Return

Cowher: "Not Dissatisfied" with play of KO Return

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Steelers HC Bill Cowher doesn't plan a change at the team's kick returner position. Asked if he might consider using RB Amos Zereoue on kickoff returns, Cowher said "we are not dissatisfied with the play of Will Blackwell or with Troy Edwards returning." The Steelers rank 28th in the NFL on their kickoff returns, averaging 18.8 yards per return.

Yes, Will "The Tiptoe" Blackwell -- who looks likes he's stepping on eggs when he returns KOs -- is doing so well, that Coach Cowhead is "not dissatisfied". This is why this team is foundering for the 2d straight season --- Cowhead is "not dissatsified" with BELOW PAR play from various players, yet the rookie-despising Cowher is too stubborn and ignorant to try rookies and other players.

As I've been spotlighting here --- WHAT a mulestubborn simpleton. Cowhead makes me SICK. Imagine how sick he makes his assistants????

Here's a conversation overheard at the Stiller offices:

Zook: Hey, Bill. How's about we try Famous Amos returning kicks - he's the fastest guy on the team (next to Stewart). He's even laid off the sauce since October.

FGB (Field Goal Bill): NAHH. Will's doing a FINE job.

Zook: But Bill, he hasn't broken one since Christ was a Corporal.

FGB: Look, Ron, CHANGE is not good. It COULD make things WORSE.

Zook: But it COULD make them BETTER, too.

FGB: Ron, I refuse to look at that possibility. If I thought CHANGE would do something, I'd change my brand of prophylactic.

Zook: But, Bill, we're 28th in the league. I think Amos could give us a spark.

FGB: Look, Zook, we invested a 2nd round pick in Will "I haven't done JACK in the NFL" Jackwell, and we're gonna STICK with this guy till my wife takes me back!!

Zook: Geez, Bill, I didn't know we had to use him till he's on social security...

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