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Power Rankings (week 3)

September 17, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.1.Dallas Cowboys2-0Romo overcame a pair of first half turnovers that resulted in touchdowns to lead his team to a huge divisional victory.
2.2.Pittsburgh Steelers2-0Won their 10th straight against the Browns. The longest current winning streak in the NFL between two teams. Have now won eight in a row in Cleveland, 16 of the last 17 in the series since the Browns returned to the NFL and 23 of the last 26. Crennel fell to 0-7 versus his divisional foe. Now that is domination.
3.3.New York Giants2-0Won their 11th straight on the road.
4.4.New England Patriots2-0Cassel took a beating, but played well enough to overcome what appeared to be a mediocre divisional opponent. Against a weak schedule his ability to manage a game should be enough to get them into the playoffs.
5.5.Indianapolis Colts1-1Manning the elder won a game he had to win after trailing 15-0 when his running game totalled a pathetic 25 yards. All hail Manning the elder.
6.7.Tennessee Titans2-0Lead the league with only 8.5 points allowed per game.
7.9.Green Bay Packers2-0Scored 21 unanswered points in a minute and a half span of the final 5 minutes after blowing a 21 point first half lead.
8.10.Carolina Panthers2-0Survived Smith's suspension with a pair of thrilling, come from behind victories.
9.12.Buffalo Bills2-0Going to Jacksonville and winning was impressive. A 4-0 start seems more than likely with the Raiders and Rams next up on the schedule.
10.13.Denver Broncos2-0Cutler was incredibly good in the first half and incredibly bad in the second half. Hochuli handed them a victory by blowing his whistle on a clear fumble that he mistakenly thought was an incompletion. Shanahan did show huevos rancheros going for 2 and the win after the mistake by Hochuli and subsequent touchdown.
11.6.Philadelphia Eagles1-1Torched by Owens and Witten. That wasn't supposed to happen with Samuel, Brown and Sheppard at corner.
12.15.Arizona Cardinals2-0Defense has allowed only 23 points combined in the first 2 weeks. Of course they played the Niners and Dolphins.
13.21.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-1Graham needs to touch the ball more after gaining 116 yards on 15 carries against the Falcons.
14.24.Washington Redskins1-1Scored 14 points in less than 3 minutes in the fourth quarter to come from behind and get a much needed win at home. Does this mean the light has come on for Zorn and Campbell? Only time will tell.
15.8.New Orleans Saints1-1Fourth quarter collapse reminiscent of last September.
16.11.San Diego Chargers0-2Lost twice this season in the final seconds. Bad calls by the refs cost them dearly. Really bad calls. Rivers and Sproles gave it their all in the second half.
17.14.Jacksonville Jaguars0-2Garrard has already equalled his interception total from last year of 3. Trip to Indianapolis is as close to a must win game as you can get in September.
18.16.Minnesota Vikings0-2Dominated the Colts for 3 quarters, but settled for 5 field goals and no touchdowns. Final results were predictable. Already behind the 8 ball with Rodgers and the Packers looking good.
19.17.New York Jets1-1Mangini and Shottenheimer called plays as if Pennington and not Favre was their starting quarterback.
20.18.Cleveland Browns0-2A loss in Baltimore could lead to the earlier than expected beginning of the Quinn era.
21.19.Chicago Bears1-1Obvious comment of the week.... They need better quarterback play.
22.22.Baltimore Ravens1-0Weren't happy that last week's game against the Texans was rescheduled instead of being played in New Orleans. Goodell made the right decision.
23.23.Houston Texans0-1Game and bye week had to be rescheduled due to damage from Hurricane Ike. Next home game isn't until the first Sunday in October so hopefully Reliant Stadium can be ready. If not they might play at Rice Stadium.
24.28.Oakland Raiders1-1The Kiffin watch is on despite McFadden's breakout performance and the win in Kansas City.
25.31.San Fransisco 49ers1-1The Martz offense clicked in it's second week with over 300 yards passing for O'Sullivan and over 150 yards receiving for Bruce. Willis' 86 yard interception return for a touchdown didn't hurt.
26.26.Atlanta Falcons1-1The Bucs gave Ryan and Turner a proper introduction to NFC South football after they thrived in a dream matchup against the Lions in the first week.
27.20.Seattle Seahawks0-2Losing at home to the Niners is quite frankly embarassing. Holmgren should have just retired immediately instead of anouncing he will leave after this season.
28.25.Cincinnati Bengals0-2Palmer's quarterback rating is an unbelievable 37.1 so far on the season.
29.27.St. Louis Rams0-2Haslett's defense has given up 79 points in the first 2 games.
30.29.Miami Dolphins0-2Parcells, Ireland and Sparano have a lot of work to do.
31.30.Detriot Lions0-2Kitna threw 3 interceptions in the final 5 minutes. All resulted in touchdowns.
32.32.Kansas City Chiefs0-2Things are really bad when you can't beat the dysfunctional Raiders at home.

*Last week's ranking
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