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Stillers-Chiefs Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 22, 2009 by Still Mill

KC, 27, Stillers 24��� Nov. 22, 2009
KC 27, Stillers 24 (OT)���. Nov. 22, 2009 ����Game # 10


Stillers-Chiefs Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers, coming off a sickly loss to the Bungals, traveled to Arrowhead to face the meek, hapless 2-7 Chefs, a team in disarray saddled with a 10-game home losing streak and losers of 16 of their past 18 home games.Instead of taking out their frustrations from the Cinci loss and whipping ass on the Chefs, the Stiller produced a team stink of epic proportions, pissing away an easy win with a sorrowful loss in overtime.�� Once again, for the 4th time this season, the Stillers pissed away a 4th quarter lead/tie and pulled defeat from victory.��




QB:On paper, Ben had a career day, going 32 of 42 for 398 yards and 3 TDs.�� On paper.Problem is, the game is played on the floor of a stadium.Ben made a host of horrific boners and blunders, picking up right where he left off in last week�s stinkeroo vs. Cinci.


���� He should have been picked early in the game on 3d & 13 on a forced, telegraphed curl, but the DB dropped the ball.(Such is the lot of a 2-7 team.)�� He threw a poor out to a wide open Tonio in the 2nd series.He poorly overthrew a wide open Mendy down the sidelines in the 3Q (although The Colon was flagged on this play).Then, on the play that really turned around the game, Ben, on FIRST down from the KC 10 -- a play where he could have easily lobbed the ball into the bleachers behind the EZ and lived for 2nd down -- Ben held the ball forever, then threw an ugly pass to a WR triple-covered in the EZ for a crushing INT that not only thwarted the drive, but also set up the Chiefs for a chippie FG.This pass may have been tipped by a rusher (hard to tell watching the game via the Internet), but it doesn�t absolve BenRoth from putting himself in such a high-risk venture when, on FIRST down, there simply was no need to do so.


���� On 3d & 5 at 1:00 4Q, Ben again held on too long, and was basically stripped of the ball.Only a fortuitous juggle enabled him to retain possession of the ball.Ben was injured on an ass-awkward scramble in OT, and did not return.Batch came in cold and hit Tonio on 2d & 14 for 17 yards.But on the next play, he threw a woeful, hideous out pass to Mendy -- a dumbassed playcall, by the way -- that nearly was picked off.����


���� The other INT wasn�t Ben�s fault (it was Miller�s), but overall, there were too many boners and gaffes come clutch time.B- �����������


RB:Mendy didn�t get much work in regulation, with 18 rushes.He had 3 carries in OT -- for 7, 7, and 8 yards.�� But on 3rd & 2, he wasn�t even in the game, and the run by Moore was easily stuffed for -3.�� Mendy had some good power runs on 3rd & shortand 4th & short.He also showed tremendous hustle and desire on the long INT return by Studebaker, sprinting the length of the field and hauling down The Edsel, er, Studebaker, at the Stiller 8.The Chefs had to settle for a FG; Mendy saved 4 points.�� Mendy also had 4 grabs for 36 and his 1st NFL TD catch.


Parker saw more work than he�d seen in weeks, toting 6 times for 24 yards.He had a nice RAC for an 11-yard gain.


Moore had a nice run on 3rd & 2 on a SG handoff, gaining 4.�� He lost 3 on the hopeless sweep in OT that took Reed out of FG range.��� Moore, the team�s BEST pass catching RB, once again caught ZERO passes, a bizarre occurrence that has happened, if I recall correctly, 4 or 5 times this season.������ A-


FB: Rarely used.�� Arians don�t believe in a FB.After all, Arians knows more than everybody else in the entire NFL and the entire history of the NFL.���� Inc


WR:Hines had a huge day, with 10 grabs for 128 and 1 TD.He had a nice pluck for 17 yards on a pass from Batch in OT.�� But Hines had a careless fumble in the 1Q that luckily rolled OOB.He also had a strange-looking drop late in the 4Q.�� And, he was flagged for a hold in the 1st series.���


Tonio was afire as well, grabbing 7 for 86.He had a good block on a valve dump to Mendy in the 2Q.He also had a good pluck of a slant for 20 yards in the 4Q.On a down note, Tonio basically gave up and QUIT on the Studebaker INT return, which was both sad and pathetic.��


Wally had 2 grabs for 47 yards, which sounds good, again, on paper.Wally made a terrific adjustment and catch of a long lob down the sideline in the 1Q, but like a complete asshump, he carelessly allowed the flailing DB to poke the ball loose for a critical turnover.A very dumb, careless, assaholic play.��� Sweed dressed but did nothing.����� B


TE:Heath Miller had a great day on paper, grabbing 7 for 95.On paper.�� What the stat sheet won�t show was the WIDE OPEN crosser that was PERFECTLY thrown to him early in the 3Q, but Miller allowed the ball to clang off his hands and up high in the air, like a volleyball set.�� The Chefs INT�d this ball for a huge turnover.�� Very, very sloppy and very, very poor.�� Miller was also flagged for a dumbassed roughness call after a 14-yard reception by Holmes.�� Finally, Miller had an entirely weak-assed blocking attempt on the Moore sweep in OT; his weak-as-shit block forced Moore to have to stutter and cut back.�� Spaeth had an obligatory 1 catch, for 7 yards.The TE blocking, although not great, was half decent.��� The assaholic idiocy of Miller, especially the clanged INT, the 15-yard flag, and the weak-fuk block on the 3d & 2 in OT, greatly reduce this grade.��� C-


OL: The line played okay, although injuries created some problems, and the pass pro broke down some in crunch time in the 4Q.Essex had a poor block on 1st & goal at the 5 in the 2Q, creating a 3-yard loss.Starks and Kemo had good blocks on 4th & 1in the 3Q, which Mendy followed for 4.


���� Kemo got hurt in the 3Q and never returned; he was replaced by the rookie Foster.Starks got nicked up in the 4Q, forcing Essex to move to LT and Legursky inserted at RG.


���� The overall blocking wasn�t dominant against a weak defense like KC�s, but it was acceptable.�� What really hampered the game today was the plethora of penalties from this crew.Essex had a false start.On the net play, Starks had a hold.Colon was flagged for a hold.Hartwig had a costly holding flag in OT in Ben�s fateful scramble.�� B-


DL:The line played ok against a weak, feeble offense.�� Eason had a good stuff on a toss sweep in the 1st series for no gain.Fat Casey had a good stuff in the 2Q and some rare pass pressure.�� Hood jumped up and batted a 3rd down pass.�� Keisel slashed in and grabbed a wide run for -3 at 11:40 4Q.�� For the 2nd week in a row, this is one of the very few, if only, positions on the team to not let the team down.���� B+��


LB:Another day of shoddy, subpar play from the group that is supposed to carry this defense.It�s rather sad where your strong safety -- a career backup, no less -- leads all defenders in tackles.And it�s not like KC was outrageously pass-happy; they threw 30 times, ran 19 times, and their QB was sacked 5 times�so it�s no excuse for the SS to be the leading tackler by a wide margin.


Farrior had yet another wretched, sorry game that proves the rapid, downward arc of his career.�� On KC�s 1st offensive play of the game, Farrior was too slow to get over on the slow-footed FB on an out pass, and the result was a 19-yard gain.�� In the 2Q, the Chefs ran an option run to the right, and Taunto was, once again, far too slow to provide help, and the end result was an 8-yard gain.Then, in the 3Q, Taunto -- The Winged God of LB Coverage -- was meek and slow-footed on a simple curl in the EZ for a TD.��� A very sorry, stumble-bum kind of play from the supposed �team leader� and �Pro Bowler�.�� Isn�t it funny, yet sad, how EVERY opponent we�ve lost to this year has gone right after the Winged God of LB coverage on simple,short curls when the LOS is inside or at the Steeler 5 ?��


Harrison had merely an ok day.�� He had a big hit on a plunge in the 1Q.He sliced in to force the sack by Hampton in the 2Q.He had a relentless rush and sack to force a FG in the 3Q.He had the fumble recovery, although I put more emphasis on FORCED fumbles than recovered fumbles.�� Harrison didn�t dominate this game and, to boot, was tooled badly on the 8-yard end around just prior to Taunto�s TD give-away.��


Timmons had a key strip of the QB for a rare, huge turnover in the 3Q.But he looked totally lost on the 61-yard completion in OT, although LeBeau�s failure to get the defense called on this play contributed to the secondary�s confusion on this play.


Big LaMarr had an ok game, at least on paper.�� He had 2 sacks, although the one was a Dong Sack in which he was SOLO blocked by a FB, and the other was on a meaningless, harmless play on the final play of the 1H with the LOSbeing the KC 41.�� It was Woodley who got badly sealed off on the wide run by Charles in OT that gained 11 yards, giving the KC offense some room to breath and some confidence as well.�� We saw a true first for 2009 today; that being Big LaMarr actually breaking down, with proper technique, on a quick flip to Charles that was stopped for no gain.�� Stop the presses -- 10 games into the season, Big LaMarr finally breaks down on a tackle attempt like a pro football player !!


Farrior:�� C-��� Harrison:B���� Timmons:�� B���� Woodley:C+��


DB:Facing a slouching QB and a woeful passing game, the secondary nonetheless managed to stumble & bumble in the 4Q and OT, resembling the Keystone Cops in pitiful fashion.


Ty Carter had a nice effort, leading the team with 7 solos.On a 2-play sequence in the 1Q, Carter had a hand in the 2D stop; then again on 3rd & short to force the punt.He had a foolish masking flag at the end of a run in the 4Q.I actually didn�t see much of a mask and Carter lightly protested the flag.It�s plausible he got just a hand lightly on the mask, which is all that is needed for the flag.�� Granted, he failed to bust up any passes in the fateful 4Q and OT, but then again, no one else did, either.


Ike had an okay day�.up until he dropped a sure INT in OT that he�d securely clutched in his hands.He had the ball so long in his hands that this was a near fumble; I half expected KC tochallenge the ruling, as it would have been a monstrous �gain� of approx. 45 yards.�� Of course, on the very next play, Cassel connected with Chambers for 61 yards to set up the GW-FG, so having a clean INT would have indeed been nice.


Clark went roaming around looking for the big knockout hit, as he is wont to do.He tried putting a big hit on Charles -- the little 2nd year RB who weighs all of 199 pounds -- in the 2Q, only to bounce off and onto the dirt in hilarious fashion.�� Worse was the asinine BITE UP midway in the 4Q, allowing a 47-yard bomb to set up the tying TD.�� He�s supposed to be the veteran FREE safety..the last line of defense�.and like a complete jackass he�s biting up late in the game against a greenhorn like Cassel.Then, in OT, Clark had a EASY play to shove Chambers OOBfor perhaps a 15-yard gain.Instead, like the tool that he is, Clark takes an assaholic angle at Chambers and whiffs like a complete fool, allowing Chambers to prance down the chalk for a 61-yard gain.�� Very piss poor, although not surprising to anyone who knows pro football. To add salt to the wound, Clark had yet another possible INT that he allowed to clang off his mitts, about the 7th time this season this has occurred.


Gay had another subpar afternoon.In the 3Q, he was tooled badly on a deep slot curl for 22 yards.A few plays later, he totally blew coverage on a twins criss-cross route in the 3Q, allowing a TD pass.


Townsend, who has been so trust for so long, did very little today.�� He was torched on the 30-yard seamer in the 4Q.It appears he�s reached the end of the line and will be forced to hang up his cleats after the season.


Carter: B���� Ike:�� B-���� Clark:D-�� Gay:�� C-��� Townsend:�� C


Spec teams:Yet another day at the office�..more putrid, wretched, ball-sucking play.�� On the game�s opening boot, a host of Steeler coverage men jogged down and then watched or waived like it was the 4th of July parade down Main St.�� Charles raced virtually untouched for a 97-yard TD.�� At least 4 defenders were at fault, but Mundy took the cake.Unblocked and untouched, Mundy had a PERFECT chance to nab Charles around the 30, but instead pussed out like a total fag and just fell to his knees and waived like a complete fairy.�����


Then, in OT, the Stillers punted from the KC 38.This is where you need an ANGLED POOCH PUNT, which easily can be downed at the 10, if not the 5 or perhaps the 3.�� No, not with Dan Shitpulveda, who boomed a rocket that landed about 8 yards deep in the EZ for a touchback.What a turd.��


Woods, recently signed to the active roster, was flagged for a hold on Logie�s good punt return in the 2Q.


The lone bright spot was Logan, who had his best game of the season.He reeled off several very good returns, both on punts and KOs.


Spec teams coach Bob Ligashitsky ought to be fired tomorrow for the ongoing clusterfuck from the spec teams.���� F


OC:Bruce Arians had yet another day of �paper production� combined with on-field futility and overt stupidity.The Airhead, Arians, once proved his incompetence for all the world to see.


���� On the 1srt series, Arians brought out a new play.�� It�s was called �The 5 second handoff,� in which Ben, in a SG, hands off underneath to Wally on an end around.�� I�ve no problem with end arounds� long as Ben isn�t holding the ball out for 4 full seconds, waiting for the WR to finally arrive for the handoff.What a botchfuked, assgrinding play.


��� Then there was the 3d & 1 in the 3Q, soon after Kemo was injured.It�s 3d & 1, and at LG is the rookie, Foster.�� On the right side, you have Essex and Colon, who have played adequately, and are a shitpot better than Foster.So where does Arians, The Idiot, run?�� To the LEFT, behind the greenhorned rookie !!��� Result?�� An easy stuff for no gain, and a punt.��


���� Then there was the 1st down at the KC 10 yard line late in the 3Q.�� Arians, as is his nature, goes pass happy with a SG EMPTY backfield, and the resulting pick on 1st down not only kills the drive, but gives KC golden FP at our 8.��


���� And then there was the total abortion in OT.��� Let's look at the idiot playcalling during that drive --


1-10-PIT 20 (15:00) 34-R.Mendenhall up the middle to PIT 27 for 7 yards.SEVEN YARDS.No need to get pass happy, but we did.

2-3-PIT 27 (14:21) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass short middle to 86-H.Ward to PIT 44 for 17 yards.�� Ok, a nice gain.

1-10-PIT 44 (13:39) 34-R.Mendenhall up the middle to KC 49 for 7 yards.Again, SEVEN YARDS.�� No need to get pass happy, but we did.

2-3-KC 49 (12:53) 7-B.Roethlisberger sacked at PIT 50 for -1 yards (sack split by 56-D.Johnson and 96-A.Studebaker). PIT-7-B.Roethlisberger was injured during the play. PENALTY on PIT-62-J.Hartwig, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at PIT 50.��� Instead of a plunge that may have netted the 1st down, Arians totally ABANDONS the running game and in the process, picks up both a holding flag and has his starting QB injured.�� No, the OC can�t predict or prevent the flag or the injury, but these are by-product of assaholic pass-happyism.��

2-14-PIT 40 (12:21) (Shotgun) 16-C.Batch pass short middle to 10-S.Holmes to KC 43 for 17 yards.A must passing down; nice pass by Batch.

1-10-KC 43 (11:35) 16-C.Batch pass incomplete short right to 34-R.Mendenhall.�� Pass happy again.��� This was a foolish, high risk, low reward out pass to Mendy that would have gained, at best, 2 yards, but was nearly picked off.�� A brainless, grab bag call by Arians, especially with a cold QB who hadn�t thrown even a single pass all season until today.���

2-10-KC 43 (11:30) 34-R.Mendenhall left end to KC 35 for 8 yards.�� EIGHT YARDS !!!��� Arians wouldn�t know it, but this is superb production.��

3-2-KC 35 (10:43) 21-M.Moore right end to KC 38 for -3 yards.��

���� Notice a trend here?��� Mendhall is SHREDDING the KC defense, but never gets more than 1 carry at a time; never successive carries.�� This is what is known in football terms as an ABORTION, all led by the "mastermind" (sic), Bruce Arians.�� Let me again elaborate on how stupid the PITCHOUT to Moore was on 3d & 2.�� We were ALREADY in Reed's FG range, albeit at the CUSP of his range for a 52-yard FG. That's about the end of his range.�� A simple dive play may have gained only 1 yard on 3rd & 2.That's OKAY !!��� It's still a manageable 51-yard FG.�� Instead, Arians, the human idiot, runs a HIGH RISK play that takes us out of FG range.


���� Arians has no brains, and as evidenced by the play selection in OT, he had a VERY HOT HAND in Mendenhall, but kept going PASS HAPPY in OT and never gave Mendy successive carries.


���� The KC defense had 12 sacks all season long, the 2nd fewest in the NFL.�� Yet there they were, providing constant heat and harassment on the QB, especially in the 2H, while Arians stood by and did nothing.�� Along with Ligashitsky, Arians, the fuking disgrace that he is, should be fired tomorrow morning for this latest goatscrew.��� F


DC:It should come as no surprise that, for the 4th loss this season, Dick�s defense has choked away and blown a 4th quarter lead or tie in EVERY one of those losses.�� EVERY one.�� And so it happened once again today.�� Facing a weak-assed, moribund offense missing its most dangerous weapon, Dwayne Bowe (serving a 4-game suspension), Dick was once again as helpless as the boatswain�s mate aboard the Titanic once the ship was a few yards from the iceberg.


The 2nd half was replete with one LeBeau breakdown after another.�� Was this geezer even watching the game, or was he drinking booze out of his Gatorade bottle??�� In the 3Q, KC had an easy 62-yard march for a TD, culminating in a 21-yard TD pass.The TD pass was on a 3rd & 7, in which the Chefs went no-huddle and lined up quickly, catching Dick�s defense off-guard for the easy pitch n� catch to Pope.This type of hurry-up happened 3 or 4 times in the Viking game, in which the Stillers were lucky to avert disaster, and it happened vs. the Doncos and Bengals as well.�� Situational substitutions are fine, but Dick is getting badly tooled by taking eons of time and getting caught in shuttling players on and off.�� Un-fuking-acceptable.


But if got worse.With the Stillers seemingly in command midway thru the 4Q and up by 7, the Chefs began on their own 9 due to a flag on the kickoff.�� After 2 incompletions, the Chefs took a timeout at 7:37, which helped Dick The Dullard in getting whatever package of players onto the field that he wanted for this critical 3d & 10 from the 9.�� Forcing a punt here basically gives the Stillers the ball at midfield, at worst, and they can they chew some clock and tack on a FG.No, not Dick.��� His 4Q Softee Defense promptly allows an easy as pie 30-yard seamer to a nobody named Lance Long.�� Not satisfied with that, Dick leaves Ryan Clark -- the slowest starting FS in the entire NFL -- alone in deep coverage on the very next play, and the result was a 47-yard bomb.�� The Stillers could have forced a FG, but an 8-yard run, and 3-yard run, and a 2-yard pass gave the Chefs the tying score.��

In OT, the Chefs had the ball on their own 20, and ripped off an 11-yard run, followed by a 61-yard catch & jaunt in which the defense looked totally befuddled.�� Per Ron Cook at the PG, Ty Carter said the pass defense was discombobulated on that huge play because he and Taylor didn't get the defensive call from the sideline.�� Thank you, Dullard Dick, you slowwitted, clumy-assed clown.

173 � Passing yards quarterback Matt Cassel had on the Chiefs' final four possessions of the game, you know, when NFL games are won or LOST.

248 � Cassel's total passing yards yesterday.


Lest I forget to mention, Dick�s vaunted defense, playing a pile o� shit offense, managed to produce ONE turnover the entire game.ONE.��� That�s piddly and it�s unacceptable.

Never have I seen an assistant coach/coordinator so worshipped and adulated while doing so very little.��� F


HC:Tomlin talks a lot of bravado about �being on details� (in regard toMendy�s benching earlier this season) and �we are going to address the problems�, and other associated balderdash.�� It�s been all hot air and little action.The spec teams continue to suck monkey balls.��� The defense, once again, goes soft and puyssyfied in the 4Q.�� Players make foolish, boneheaded penalties with no repercussions whatsoever.And once again, instead of coming out with intensity and mauling an inferior opponent, Tomlin�s team comes out soft, casual, and mild mannered, content to play grabass and pom-pom pullawawy instead of kicking some ass and taking names.�� Urgency is lacking throughout the roster, from the 1st quarter of the game thru the 4th.The horrific tailspin of the 2007 season fully appears to be repeating itself this season, and Tomlin seems to be content to quietly stand by and do nothing.�� That type of leadership may be acceptable in France, but it�s entirely unacceptable for the city of Pittsburgh and for the defending Super Bowl champs.Action talks; bullshit walks.�� F


Synopsis:At this point, the season is all but over; the team appears it will just play out the string the remainder of the season.If you can�t follow up a dreadful loss by kicking the shit out of such a hapless, sadsack team like KC, then you have no business even thinking about a playoff spot.�� The focus, the attention to detail, the playing of a full 60 minutes -- all are lacking in massive doses in this team.�� You�d think the entire team and staff would be embarrassed by its play this season, but instead we�ll be fed a steady diet of weak excuses and bullshit rationalizations.�� At this point, unless I see a renewed focus, attention to detail, and a huge boost in intensity, I�m prepared to write off this season for this group of bumbling, sorry, complacent underachievers.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)


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