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Cowher: "I thought they may punt"

November 06, 2000 by Still Mill

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Cowher Claims "I had thought they may punt"

As yunz should have seen in today�s Trib Review:


The Steelers called a timeout to organize themselves before the fourth-down attempt but in the end were still unable to contain Mason.

"We wanted to talk about the defense," Steelers coach Bill Cowher said. "We wanted to make sure it wasn't something that was rushed in to. I had thought that they may punt the ball in that situation and pin us down. As we called it, I just wanted to make sure we had some thought. "

Punt, my ass!! This is pure, unadulterated bullshit!!! Who the hell is going to punt the ball, with only ONE timeout left, 2:12 on the clock, and the ball at the opponent�s 42 yard line ???????? Sure, Cowhead himself is a dumbass enough to punt, but nobody with half a brain would punt in that situation!! I guarantee that Jeff Fischer never once thought for even a nanosecond about punting. And when the refs held their conference after the third-down play, the Titans never once pushed their punt-team onto the field to prepare for a punt.

"We wanted to make sure it wasn't something that was rushed in to." Rushed, my ass!! The conference huddle by the refs was an excessive time-waster that gave the staff ALL the time they needed to instruct players, make the alignment call, and so forth.

I want all the Cowher-lovers to step forward and defend what is one of the worst coaching moves of all time. The Pittsburgh media, of course, will let Cowhead off the hook with their apathetic, "We don�t want to offend The Chin" cowardice, but this was a gross blunder that epitomizes the imbecilic, dim-bulb in-game coaching blunders by Little Billy Cowher.

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