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Best Bet Extra (Conference Championships)

January 22, 2010 by Steel Haven

After the debacle in New Orleans thing were looking up for me. I thought I had a strong chance to pull to even in my playoff picks after relative laughers in Indianapolis and New Orleans. Then Norv Turner and Nate Kaeding struck. Turner for his troubles got a three year contract extension after the game. Sort of funny how Marty Shottenheimer got fired after a similar season. Guess it pays to be so bland that even AJ Smith can't find a reason to personally hate you.

This week I take the two teams that won for me last week over the two teams that put me into the loss column. Consistency, thy name is Haven.

home team in bold

AFC Championship

Indianapolis Colts (-7.5) over New York Jets

For the sake of full disclosure I want to make it clear that I am rooting for the Jets in this game. I am a fan of Darrelle Revis. If only the Jets hadn't traded up ahead of the Steelers to snatch him away. I am a fan of Shonn Greene. The Super Bowl hype will be a little easier to take for me with the bluster of Rex Ryan and story of rookie Dirty Sanchez instead of the blandness of Jim Caldwell and Peyton Manning. I just don't see it happening. A rookie QB beating Peyton Manning in the Championship game in Indianapolis just doesn't seem possible. Of course I have bet against the Jets in three of the last four weeks starting with their previous trip to Indy and lost. So who knows?

NFC Championship

Minnesota Vikings (+3.5) over New Orleans Saints

The Vikings are simply better than the Saints. They have better personnel on defense. A better offensive line. Better running backs. The receivers and coaching seems equivalent. The Saints have Drew Brees and home field advantage. Will that be enough? Probably not although I will be rooting for New Orleans if for nothing else than to avoid the Brett Favre hysteria heading to the Super Bowl.

Last week

Indianapolis Colts (-6.5) over Baltimore Ravens WIN

San Diego Chargers (-7) over New York Jets LOSS

Arizona Cardinals (+7) over New Orleans Saints LOSS

Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) over Dallas Cowboys WIN

Playoff record: 3-5   Final regular season record: 27-24   Best bets: 9-8
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