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Stillers-Doncos 1st half Commentary

August 29, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers-Doncos 1st half Commentary


With the final meaningful half of preseason football -- this, out in Denver -- the Stillers put on a pitiful display of slovenly football, combined with a plethora of poor discipline and stupid decision making run amok.�� A brief summary follows:



QB:Ben was 4 of 6 and looked solid.�� He started it off with a deft seamer to Wally, good for 47 yards.Although the 4-week layoff will suck, Ben fully possesses the instincts and ability to come back in week 5 and play well enough.


Dixon was inserted as soon as the 2nd half started, with nearly all of the starters still in the game.�� With how well he�d played at camp and preseason, this was Dixon�s test to see how he�d fare with the big boys and if he should start.�� Dixon failed the test rather miserably.�� He appeared timid at times.�� His 1st INT was utterly despicable.�� Facing a 2nd down deep in Donco territory, Dix rolled to his right, and had the 6-7� Spaeth open in the back of the EZ.On 2nd down, you can either throw the ball away, or, with Spaeth, you throw the ball about 11 feet high and ensure NOBODY but Spaeth can catch the ball.Not Dixon.�� He lollipopped a feeble pass that was never higher than 6� off the ground, and it was picked off for a crushing INT, taking at least 3 points off the board.


Late in the 2Q, Dixon threw a timid out pass on 2d & 19, which was picked off and returned for 6.�� The WR, Emanuel Sanders, did a poor job of fighting for the ball, but it wasn�t a strong pass by Dix.��


RB:Mendy had 5 rushes for 28, and seems well ready for the reg season.Redman continues to impress, churning for extra yards on a couple plunges.��


* Late note: Jon Dwyer, who�d done nothing thus far, had 2 successive, superb carries in the 4Q.�� He carried of pile of 4 tacklers for extra yardage.Then, he vaulted over a tackler near the LOS and then dashed 40 yards.�� This certainly buys Dwyer some time to avoid The Turk.��


FB: Redmon had a good plunge out of the FB set, good for 4 yards.


WR:Wally had some good grabs and appears ready.�� Ward had 3 grabs.�� Brown showed good speed on a short dumpoff.


TE:Johnson had a good grab on 3D and got the 1st.��


OL:Poor.�� The run blocking was spotty and the pass blocking was often atrocious.�� Essex just stood there and allowed a sack late in the 2Q.Starks and then Adams committed false starts on successive plays late in the 2Q.�� With how porous this O-line is, I don�t know that Leftwich can be effective, much less survive, as a starter.The lone bright spot was rookie Mo Pouncey, who faced veteran NT Williams and fared allright.


DL:Decent.�� Lendale gashed them for some nice chunks.�� Little pocket push.


LB:Timmons led the way with 5 solos and was playing sideline to sideline with adroit speed and hustle.�� Very impressive.He laid the wood onto Lendale a couple of times on short dive-plunges.�� Taunto Farrior had his helmet fly off on a plunge, and the resulting scrum caused a laceration to his head, forcing him from the game.This minor injury could be a MASSIVE blessing in disguise, as it ensured Timmons was ON the field for ALL downs, something this assaholic coaching staff has refused to do.����


Jason Woodley did very, very little, aside from getting mauled on a wide Lendale run that gained 11 yards.�� Harrison recovered a fumble some 18 yards downfield, and then punished Orton at the end of the fumble return.�� (The play was then ruled incomplete.)��


DB:The secondary got picked apart by Orton and Quinn, which is sickening in and of itself.�� Keenan Lewis started and looked like a complete, total pile of shit.�� Th8e guy is upright as a giraffe and has ZERO abiolity to break down on a receiver after the catch.�� Twice he got totally tooled after short receptions; the 2nd of which he was also flagged for un. roughness.At this point, I wouldn�t consider this guy able enough to start for Pitt, much less the Stillers.��


Will Gay, who did nothing last season, had a sterling read and INT late in the 2Q.Very nice.�� Pola was pretty active and looks to be his old self.��


Spec teams:Dan Shitpulveda kicked off to start the game, and launched the ball OOB and well short of the EZ.�� Piss fuking poor.�� Later, he kicked off....all the way to the 12.(Meanwhile, the Donco kickoffs continually sailed DEEP into the EZ.)��


Reed barely made a 33-yard FG.��� Barely.�� He needs to concentrate on kicking and stop whining to Ted Douchette.


Rookie Tonio Brown fielded a punt on his 2 (yes, his two !)and was swarmed for a 2-yard return.�� Very, very stupid.��


OC:Yes, it�s preseason, and Arians �doesn�t want to show his hand�....which is complete horseshit.�� The offense became mired in piss-ant 5-yard outs, which enabled Goodman to jump the route and take the pick 6 to the house.�� I�ve yet to see a single shred of evidence that this offense has tactically improved one iota from last season.��


DC:Dick picked up right where he let off in �09....getting shredded and tooled by a pile o� shit QB like Kyle Orton.�� 3rd & longs were, ONCE AGAIN, killers.�� And Troy Pola is what�ll be Dick�s excuse this season?��


HC:The total lack of discipline, combined with assaholic decision making, was very disturbing.�� Very unsettling.�� Not pleased at all.


Synopsis:There�s a long way to go for this club before it starts the reg season versus Atlanta.Who starts at QB is a minor issue; much larger kinks and issues must be worked out, and soon.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)



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