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Best Bet Plus Two (week 3)

September 23, 2009 by Steel Haven

Hasselbeck went down with a rib injury and my best bet went down the toilet with him. Still, I managed to get to 5-1 total so I will keep going. My picks in the opening week just screamed out at me. Since then I haven't had as good a feeling. This week is actually worse than last week.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Miami Dolphins (+6) over San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are going to win their division. No doubt really. But I have jumped off the bandwagon. Norv Turner is clueless. Any thought that GM AJ Smith knew what he was doing has gone by the wayside. Losing NT Jamal Williams kills the run defense which is especially bad news versus the Dolphins. I thought the Dolphins would take a step back this year. I don't see them opening at 0-3. Getting 6 points is gravy even on the road in this matchup.


Oakland Raiders (+1.5) over Denver Broncos

The Raiders opened as a 2.5 point favorite so the money has been pouring in on the Broncos. I will go the other way. The Broncos have mastered the state of Ohio. At least if you consider pulling a game out of your ass in Cincinnati as mastery. I am not a believer. While I am far from a believer in the Raiders I would be surprised if they lost this game at home.

Chicago Bears (-2) over Seattle Seahawks

I was an idiot to pick the Seahawks last week. The Seahawks suck.

Last week

Seattle Seahawks (+1) over San Fransisco 49ers LOSS

New York Giants (+3) over Dallas Cowboys WIN

Baltimore Ravens (+5) over San Diego Chargers WIN

Record to date: 5-1   Best bets: 1-1
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