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Power Rankings (week 15)

December 16, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.Indianapolis Colts13-0Clinched home field throughout the playoffs, set new NFL record with 22nd straight regular season win.
2.2.New Orleans Saints13-0Win 13 games in a season for the first time in franchise history.
3.3.San Diego Chargers10-3Riding an 8 game winning streak.
4.4.Minnesota Vikings11-2Concerns about Favre in December put at least partially to rest.
5.6.Green Bay Packers9-4Capers has turned around the defense despite season ending injuries to Kampman and Harris.
6.8.Philadelphia Eagles9-4Offensive weapons make them a scary playoff opponent.
7.5.Cincinnati Bengals9-4Need Palmer to step it up to be legitimate playoff contenders.
8.7.Arizona Cardinals8-5Failed to clinch the division in San Francisco.
9.12.New England Patriots8-5In turmoil despite clear road to the playoffs.
10.9.Denver Broncos8-5In a loss Marshall broke TO's NFL record for receptions in a game with 21.
11.10.New York Giants7-6Sheridan has been a failure replacing Spagnuolo.
12.11.Dallas Cowboys8-5Won't be easy to snap their December losing streak on Saturday night in New Orleans.
13.14.Miami Dolphins7-6Henne's development makes the season a success even if they fall short of the playoffs.
14.15.New York Jets7-6Could catch a break if they can beat the Falcons with the Colts and Bengals unlikely to have anything to play for in the final 2 weeks.
15.16.Baltimore Ravens7-6Easy schedule makes them favorites to get the last playoff spot in the AFC.
16.13.Jacksonville Jaguars7-6Have to hope the Colts have a letdown on Thursday night after already clinching home field throughout the playoffs.
17.18.Tennessee Titans6-7Likely put themselves in too deep a hole to climb all the way back. Next year looks bright.
18.23.San Fransisco 49ers6-7Remain on life support rather than dying after forcing 6 turnovers against the Cardinals.
19.24.Houston Texans6-7Offensive outburst against the Seahawks gives a glimpse of what might be with better coaching.
20.17.Pittsburgh Steelers6-7Quit on Tomlin. Never quit on Cowher despite all his faults.
21.19.Atlanta Falcons6-7At least unlike the Steelers they continue to play hard.
22.20.Carolina Panthers5-8Not really a shock that Moore was overwhelmed by a Belichick coached defense.
23.21.Chicago Bears5-8Can Angelo and/or Lovie survive this debacle? If Lovie survives can he and Cutler co-exist?
24.26.Buffalo Bills5-8Improved to 2-2 under Fewell. Don't discount the possibility of him getting the full time head coaching job under the cheap Wilson.
25.22.Seattle Seahawks5-8There is still a team in Seattle?
26.28.Washington Redskins4-9Campbell is making himself a lot of money heading into free agency.
27.25.Oakland Raiders4-9Is newly signed Losman already a better option than Russell or Frye to replace the injured Gradkowski?
28.27.Kansas City Chiefs3-10Did Pioli, Haley or both want Cassel? Could either be in jeopardy this soon because of his poor play?
29.32.Cleveland Browns2-11First home win of the season is also their first victory over the Steelers in last 13 tries.
30.29.Detriot Lions2-11Shutting down Stafford for the season might not be a bad idea.
31.30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-12Freeman appears to have hit the rookie wall.
32.31.St. Louis Rams1-12Front runner for Clausen. Null threw 5 interceptions in relief of the injured Bulger and Boller.

*Last week's ranking
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