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Best bet (plus two)

September 09, 2009 by Steel Haven

Three road favorites on the opening weekend. The kiss of death. Alas I couldn't help myself. At least I stayed away from divisional rivalries.

I'm not sure I will keep writing this feature all year. Or even repeat it next week. But I thought I would give it a shot. Maybe if I keep it up and do well I will start betting for real.

Record to date: 0-0   Best bets: 0-0

home team in bold

Best Bet

Minnesota Vikings (-4) over Cleveland Browns

Not so much an endorsement of Favre as a complete disbelief in Cleveland. At least in the short term. Mangini will need time to whip this crew into shape if it is at all possible. Purple Jesus should run wild no matter how Favre plays. Plus having Williams and Williams beat their suspensions through the legal system at least to start the season should be more than be enough to bottle up the Browns running game. I have little faith in either Quinn or Anderson being able to win a game on their own especially with Edwards as their top target. Less so Quinn to be honest and he is expected to start.


Dallas Cowboys (-6) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Cowboys aren't particularly my favorites this year. Hard to believe letting TO go will be addition by subtraction given the remaining lack of talent at receiver. But who knows. TO is definitely an ass that I personally wouldn't be hanging out with if given a choice. Does that trump talent? In any case the Cowboys running game should be enough to cover in this game. Losing Kiffin can't help the Bucs defense. Morris is a neophyte that fired his offensive coordinator in the preseason. Chucky made mistakes after his Super Bowl victory, but did have some idea of what he was doing.While firing him may not ultimately work out for the Bucs at least it got Kornheiser off Monday night football.

Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) over Carolina Panthers

Picking against a team. A theme for my first week. This is more about the Panthers than the Eagles. Even though I kind of like the Eagles this season. Even after the Vick signing. This will be one of two Vick-less weeks. The Panthers have notoriously under achieved after good seasons. I still can't figure out why Delhomme was extended at his age after his playoff performance. Turmoil in the Richardson family and Peppers' unhappiness are other reason to not be excited about the Panthers. Although Stewart looking healthy after being hobbled all preseason should help Williams.
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