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Tee Martin gets My Vote

November 10, 2000 by Steel Tank



The Eagles roll into to town this Sunday with a team much like the Steelers � good defense and a suspect offense. Still, looking at this game, it seemed like this would be an "off week" for Pittsburgh. The Steelers were the "projected winner" even before the year started.

They aren�t.

The Eagles will pose another threat to the Steeler playoff hopes as they are maturing and getting better with each week. Even though the Duce has gone down with a season ending injury, the Eagle defense has been among the best all year. Donovan McNabb is also having a decent sophomore season and looks to be a mainstay in Philly for years to come.

The Cowher/Stewart campaign should be so fortunate.

Regardless of how proud Billy Cowher is of this team, the fact remains - We do not have a QB. I have tried to stay positive and optimistic about this situation for most of the year, but neither Stewart nor Graham has been able to perform with any consistency. Granted � Kent has really not been afforded the opportunities Kordell has, but this is the Cowher/Stewart era � maybe they should just run for President.

Furthermore, the anchor of our offensive line, Dermontti Dawson, might miss the rest of the year. So, not only will we need a QB next year, but perhaps a new Center as well.

For now, the lose of Dawson is especially concerning because the running will suffer without his leadership. Bettis had been rolling for 6 weeks and even ran the ball decently against the Titans, but that may come to an end this weekend.

Is the Steeler season about to take a downturn?

Relying on a defense that is meant to bend and not break has worked against some very average opponents, but that may also catch up to Pittsburgh this weekend.

Granted, Autry probably should have stuck to acting even if an Oscar is not in his future and McNabb is still a tad green. Even though this is true � I would rather rely on the Philly offense than the Steeler offense.

Should the Steelers lose this game and if Stewart performs poorly again � it will be time to make a permanent switch to either Graham or Tee Martin. I was really hoping that Stewart would break out against the Titans � I thought that might be his last chance.

Indeed, how many chances can one man get?

Unfortunately, much like Gore/Lieberman the Cowher/Stewart fantasyland campaign is likely to go on.

Both will lose.


Steel Tank.

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