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Trivia Reminder - Last Chance for 3 Rivers Turf

December 18, 2001 by Guest

Last Chance for Three Rivers Turf

Last Chance for Three Rivers Turf

As many of you know, the winner of each week�s trivia contest has received a piece of turf from our beloved Three Rivers Stadium.

With only three regular season games remaining, I have three pieces of turf to award. I will also do one question and award another piece of turf if the Steelers advance to the Super Bowl.

To date, 13 pieces of turf have been mailed to fans that have guessed the correct answer. Many fans have demonstrated their Steeler expertise, thus creating a blind draw to determine the winner in most weeks. The 13 winners include fans from PA, New York, California, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Brazil and Canada.

Take a look at the question and submit an answer. You may be lucky enough to get a piece of the turf that Franco ran on, Lambert destroyed someone on, or Kris Brown actually made a Field Goal on. is proud to be the only web site giving away Steelers History to its loyal fans.

Thanks for the Support. Go Stillers!


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