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Giants/Steelers Pregame: Final Edition

December 09, 2000 by Steel Phantom

Final Stiller-Giant Preview

Giants/Steelers Pregame: Final Edition

I have visited a few Giants-devoted sites.  That research yields these keys:

1.  Ascent of the Dong:  Under even token pressure, Collins tends to roll to his right.   
While Pettigout, the Giants ROT,  is a fairly efficient pass protector, Kerry's aimless 
wandering has created some cheap sacks.  If the Steelers' DB  can stay on the Giant's 
WR, look for #92 to convert a couple coverage opportunities.  Since E. Rutherford 
is within the sphere of our world's media center, expect Jason to vault from there to Hawaii.

2.  Troy returns from the dead:  The Giants CB, Sehorn and Thomas, are big guys.  Both 
go about 215, Sehorn is 6'-2", Thomas 6'-3".  Sehorn, despite his injuries, remains a fine 
CB.  On the other hand, Thomas struggles in coverage.  Both of these men have trouble 
with small, quick WR.  In blitz situations, Sehorn will single up on Ward, Garnes will 
either blitz or help Thomas and Armstead/Barrow will head in.   If the hot read is a quick 
slant and Kordell can hit a RAC guy in stride, then the Steelers can get a big play.

3.  Cornelius Griffin vs. Tylski:  In passing situations, the Giants replace Peters with 
Griffin.  A 2/00 pick, Griffin is big and quick.  In limited duty last week, he had a sack,
an TFL and a batted pass.   I think Rich will do okay against Peters but he may struggle 
with the Corn Man.

4.  Giants WR vs. Lee/Alex:  The Giants will try the middle deep this week.  Dwayne
and Chad can handle these guys but,  in a jump ball situation, both JJ and Toomer have 
an athletic advantage over Lethon, Brent and Simmons.  I believe the Giants will make 
some plays in this area.  However, these WR are careless with the ball;  I'm hoping for 
a strip after the catch.

5.  They who get on the QB shall flourish: The Giants sack total is not outstanding; 
Tampa Bay was in the mid-30's after 8 games.  However, the Steelers pass protection is
deteriorating.   Look for the Giants to run a game inside which threatens Wayne's bad 
arm to free Armstead on an outside rush with Barrow (or Garnes) looking to split 

On the other side of the ball, the Steelers haven't reached 30 sacks; so powerful is
the FR. 7 rush that Deshea Townsend is 4th on the team in this, though no other, 
category.   On paper, the Giants have this matchup in hand; we'll see what happens 
on the field.

Steel Phantom
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