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2019 NFL Mock Draft

April 12, 2019 by Steel Haven

Projected Trades

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade 1 (5) to Cincinnati Bengalsfor 1 (11), 2 (42)
  • Detroit Lions trade 1 (8) to New York Giantsfor 1 (17), 2 (37)
  • Minnesota Vikings trade 1 (18), 4 (120) to Baltimore Ravensfor 1 (22), 3 (85)
  • Philadelphia Eagles trade 1 (25) to Denver Broncosfor 2 (41), 3 (71)
  • Washington Redskins trade 2 (46) to Arizona Cardinals for QB Josh Rosen

Round 1

1. Arizona Cardinals

QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

A reboot with new head coach Kliff Kingsbury after using a first rounder on Josh Rosen last season. Murray measured bigger than expected at the combine. His arm strength and accuracy were never an issue. The Rosen market seems to be heating up with the Giants, Redskins and Patriots said to be the most interested.
  • Needs: LT, WR, G/C, DT, CB, OLB
  • Other Options: DE/OLB N Bosa, DT Q Williams, trade down

2. San Francisco 49ers

DE Nick Bosa - Ohio St

The signing of Dee Ford alleviates the need on the edge and a first rounder has been used on defensive linemen in each of the last three years. Bosa just seems too good to pass up.
  • Needs: WR, S, CB, OG, OLB, DE
  • Hope might be available: no one
  • Other Options: DE/OLB J Allen, DT Q Williams, trade down

3. New York Jets

OLB/DE Josh Allen - Kentucky

Being spurned by Anthony Barr in free agency leaves a void on the edge. New coordinator Gregg Williams plans to stick with the 3-4 despite his history of using four man fronts. Allen fits in either scheme.
  • Needs: OLB, OT, G/C, CB, NT/DE, WR
  • Hope might be available: DE N Bosa
  • Other Options: NT/DE Q Williams

4. Oakland Raiders

DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

Managed a miniscule 13 sacks all of last season after the preseason trade of Khalil Mack. Need to add a disruptive presence both on the edge and in the interior of the defense. Productive on the field in Tuscalusa, Williams solidified his draft stock displaying incredible athleticism at the combine. Can't go wrong with any of the top three defenders in the draft.
  • Needs: DE, CB, TE, S/MLB, DT, RB
  • Hope might be available: DE/OLB Josh Allen, QB Kyler Murray
  • Other Options: QB D Haskins, trade up/down

5. Cincinnati Bengals (projected from Tampa Bay)

QB Dwayne Haskins - Ohio St

Trade ahead of the Giants for the big armed Haskins to begin the Zac Taylor era. Andy Dalton has proven to be a game manager at best that doesn't make those around him any better. He isn't really the teams biggest problem though so staying at 11 to take a front seven defender or an offensive lineman is a perfectly acceptable option.
  • Needs: O/MLB, OT, OG, DE, DT, QB
  • Hope might be available at 11: QB D Lock, MLB D White
  • Other Options at 11: DE B Burns, MLB D Bush, DT E Oliver, OT J Williams

6. New York Giants

DE/DT Rashan Gary - Michigan

A disruptive presence on either the edge, 5-technique or 3-technique in their hybrid defense. Gary's size and athelticism will be welcome on a defense lacking playmakers especially after the trade of Olivier Vernon. Seem ambivalent about Haskins so might not take him even if available despite the glaring need for a QB of the future. A trade for Josh Rosen remains a possibility.
  • Needs: QB, OLB/DE, CB, NT/DT, WR, C
  • Hope might be available: QB D Haskins
  • Other Options: QB D Lock, OLB/DE M Sweat

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

OT Jawaan Taylor - Florida

New acquisition Nick Foles needs help, lots of help. Taylor should be able to step in immediately on the right side filling a huge void.
  • Needs: OT, TE, WR, G/C, RB, S
  • Hope might be available: no one in particular
  • Other Options: T Hockenson, trade down

8. New York Giants (projected from Detroit)

QB Drew Lock - Missouri

Rumors suggest they like Lock better than Haskins. Lions desire to trade out of the 8th pick give them the opportunity to take a top 10 defender and their QB of the future. Experienced, intelligent four year starter with prototypical size and arm strength. Lack of accuracy and touch a concern. He tended to play better against weaker competition.
  • Hope might be available at 17: WR D Metcalf
  • Other Options at 17: OLB/DE B Burns, QB D Jones, CB G Williams

9. Buffalo Bills

DE Montez Sweat - Mississippi St

Finished only 21st in QB hits and 26th in sacks last season. Sweat provides an immediate dynamic presence on the edge over the pedestrian Trent Murphy. Sweat destroyed the combine running a 4.41 40 with a 125 inch broad jump at 6'6", 260 lbs. Has room to grow both physically and as a technician after originally committing to Michigan St as a TE back in 2014 before switching to defense and spending some time at a junior college. An irregular heart beat flagged at the combine does not appear to be a major issue.
  • Needs: DE, DT, G/T, CB, TE/WR, RB
  • Hope might be available: DE/DT R Gary, OT J Taylor
  • Other Options: TE T Hockenson, DT E Oliver, trade down

10. Denver Broncos

ILB Devin White - LSU

New head coach Vic Fangio emphasizes versatile three down ILBs in his vesion of the 3-4 scheme. Josey Jewell, a hard nosed player lacking athleticism, especially does not fit the mold. White is a dynamic athlete with the ability to dominate in all facets of the game.
  • Needs: QB, ILB, G/C, NT/DE, TE, WR
  • Hope might be available: QB D Lock
  • Other Options: C/G G Bradbury, TE T Hockenson, T/G J Williams, trade up/down

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (projected from Cincinnati)

ILB Devin Bush - Michigan

The slightly undersized Bush matches White in terms of overall athleticism. He is an immediate replacement for the free agent loss of Kwon Alexander.
  • Needs: ILB, S, CB, RB, OLB/DE, DE/DT
  • Hope might be available at 11: ILB D White
  • Other Options at 5: OLB/DE M Sweat, ILB D White
  • Other Options at 11: CB G Williams, OLB/DE B Burns

12. Green Bay Packers

TE DJ Hockenson - Iowa

Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis are aging place holders. Both are on their last legs, especially Graham. Hockenson is a versatile, every down TE that can make a difference as a blocker and receiver.
  • Needs: ILB, TE, G/C, WR, S, DE/NT
  • Hope might be available: D Bush
  • Other Options: G/C G Bradbury, OLB B Burns, WR D Metcalf, trade down

13. Miami Dolphins

DT Ed Oliver - Houston

Appear to be ready to tank in the first year of the new regime of Brian Flores. Adding protection and weapons for the franchise QB not yet on the roster would make sense. Oliver's availability changes the plan. Oliver is a dynamic interior presence that struggled through injuries his final season of college football. His stock is back on the rise after a stellar post season.
  • Needs: QB, RT, G/C, DT, DE, CB
  • Hope might be available: OT J Taylor
  • Other Options: G/C G Bradbury, DE B Burns, T/G J Williams

14. Atlanta Falcons

T/G Jonah Williams - Alabama

Not a sexy pick. Williams' stock has taken a bit of a hit due to short arms. He is a hard worker with solid athleticism that should still be able to handle the left side. He has a low floor with the ability to play on the right or inside at guard if necessary. Neither Jake Matthews nor Ty Sambrailo are anything more than adequate. There is nothing behind them.
  • Needs: DE, OLB, CB, RT/G, RB, DT
  • Hope might be available: DT E Oliver
  • Other Options: DE/OLB B Burns, CB G Williams

15. Washington Redskins

WR DK Metcalf - Mississippi

A trade for Josh Rosen would give them a QB of the future and present. Metcalf gives them a down the field weapon.
  • Needs: QB, WR, OLB, G/C, ILB, CB
  • Hope might be available: ILB D Bush, QB D Lock
  • Other Options: G/C G Bradbury, OLB B Burns, QB D Jones

16. Carolina Panthers

OT Andre Dillard - Washington St

Cam Newton gets hit way too often. Dillard is an experienced pass blocker often left alone on an island in a spread offense.
  • Needs: LT, DE, S, WR, OG, OLB
  • Hope might be available: WR D Metcalf
  • Other Options: G/C G Bradbury, DE B Burns, trade down

17. Detroit Lions (projected from Cleveland thru NY Giants)

CB Greedy Williams - LSU

Motivated to trade down from the eighth pick. This might be farther than they want, but also bringing back the fifth pick of the second round would be nice. Williams drops because of his tendency to shy away fom contact. His coverage skills will be welcome opposite Darius Slay where the current options led by Teez Tabor leave something to be desired.
  • Needs: CB, DE, RT/G, TE, WR, OLB
  • Hope might be available at 8: DE R Gary
  • Other Options at 8: TE DJ Hockenson, DE M Sweat
  • Other Options at 17: DE B Burns, TE N Fant, T/G C Ford

18. Baltimore Ravens (projected from Minnesota)

OLB Brian Burns - Florida St

Free agency has left the defensive front seven a shambles. Losing both Terrell Suggs and Za'Darius Smith in free agency leaves them especially weak on the edge. Burns is a prototypical 3-4 pass rusher. Figuring there is no chance for him to get to 22 a small move up is in order.
  • Needs: OLB, ILB, WR, G/C, DT/NT, DE
  • Hope might be available at 22: DE C Farrell, DT C Wilkins
  • Other Options at 22: WR M Brown, T/G C Ford, DT D Lawrence

19. Tennessee Titans

DE/OLB Clelin Farrell - Clemson

Last year's second rounder Harold Landry needs help. Derrick Morgan remains a free agent and Brian Orakpo retired. Free agent pickup Cameron Wake just turned 37. Ferrell is a tenacious edge rusher that gets by more on power than athleticism. Not a perfect scheme fit, Mike Vrabel will need to have Farrell moving forward the majority of the time and not dropping into space somewhat similar to Morgan.
  • Needs: DE/OLB, DT, WR, TE, CB, OG
  • Hope might be available: OLB/DE B Burns, CB G Williams
  • Other Options: WR M Brown, TE N Fant, DT C Wilkins

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

TE Noah Fant - Iowa

The inside linebackers and edge rushers are gone. The top corner is also off the board. Changing gears seems the prudent course in this scenario. Fant is a weapon. His speed and athleticism would present a matchup nightmare. Not as good a blocker or all around TE as his teammate Hockenson, he tries hard in all facets of the game and isn't completely over matched physically in any. Should Bush fall into the mid-teens a trade up using one of the extra third rounders needs to be made.
  • Needs: ILB, OLB, CB, WR, TE, RT/G
  • Hope might be available: OLB B Burns, ILB D Bush, WR D Metcalf, CB G Williams
  • Other Options: WR M Brown, T/G C Ford, CB B Murphy, trade up

21. Seattle Seahawks

DT Christian Wilkins - Clemson

Jarran Reed has little help in the interior of the defense. There is next to nothing behind him and the pedestrian Nazair Jones. The high character Wilkins is a good scheme fit as a disruptive one-gap 3-technique or even base end where his lack of bulk at the point of attack is less of an issue.
  • Needs: DE, DT, WR, CB, S, RT/G
  • Hope might be available: DE C Farrell, CB G Williams
  • Other Options: WR M Brown, T/G C Ford, CB B Murphy

22. Minnesota Vikings (projected from Baltimore)

G/C Garrett Bradbury - North Carolina St

Smooth, athletic immediate starter on an offensive line severely lacking in talent to help keep interior rushers off Kirk Cousins. Combined with newly acquired Josh Kline and hopefully the continued development of last year's third rounder Pat Elflein would turn the interior offenive line from a long term weakness into a strength.
  • Needs: LT/G, DT, TE, WR, DE, S
  • Hope might be available at 18: TE T Hockenson, WR, D Metcalf, T/G J Williams
  • Other Options at 18: WR M Brown, TE N Fant, DT C Wilkins

23. Houston Texans

T/G Cody Ford - Oklahoma

Deshaun Watson has taken a lot of hits in his short career. Protecting him has to be a priority. Ford has all the physical/athletic skills with experience at guard and tackle. Technique in pass protection outside needs work. High ceiling/high risk at tackle, high floor/low risk at guard.
  • Needs: OT, OG, CB, NT/DE, RB, TE
  • Hope might be available: OT A Dillard, G G Bradbury, CB G Williams
  • Other Options: CB B Murphy, OL D Risner, TE I Smith

24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

CB Byron Murphy - Washington

Last year allowed a league worst 8.2 yards per pass attempt. Garreon Conley still has hope to develop into something more. Daryl Worley and Nevin Lawson are what they are, adequate at best placeholders. Murphy makes up for a lack of top speed and size with instincts, toughness and quickness. Best suited for a man scheme with a rangy free safety to provide deep help.
  • Hope might be available: TE N Fant, DE C Farrell, DT C Wilkins
  • Other Options: QB D Jones, TE I Smith

25. Denver Broncos (projected from Philadelphia)

QB Daniel Jones - Duke

After being beaten to Lock at 10 trade up into the bottom of the first round for the slightly sliding Jones. Jones is a jack-of-all-trades type with excellent size and otherwise adequate all around physically characteristics. His arm skills are solid despite nothing particularly standing out.

26. Indianapolis Colts

WR Marquise Brown - Oklahoma

Undersized, quick, high energy receiver that excelled playing with back-to-back Heisman Trophy winners Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Fills a future need more than an immediate need. Devin Funchess was signed to only a one year deal, Carlos Rogers is on the last year of his deal. TY Hilton will turn 30 this season and is starting to show some wear and tear.
  • Needs: OLB, DE, WR, S, TE, DT
  • Hope might be available: DE C Farrell, DT C Wilkins
  • Other Options: S N Adderley, WR A Brown, DE J Ferguson, TE I Smith

27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

TE Irv Smith - Alabama

Solid overall skill set despite being raw as a route runner and blocker. Early entrant as a pure junior that could have benefitted from another year in school. Smith lacks prototypical length, but Jon Gruden will appreciate his versatility. Can contribute in-line, coming off motion or even as a FB.
  • Hope might be available: QB D Jones
  • Other Options: CB D Baker, DE J Ferguson, DT D Lawrence, RB M Sanders

28. Los Angeles Chargers

OL Dalton Risner - Kansas St

Versatile linemen could fit at right tackle, guard or center. Unfortunately he can't play all three at the same time.
  • Needs: OT, G/C, FS, DT, CB, QB
  • Hope might be available: G/C G Bradbury, T/G C Ford, QB D Jones, CB B Murphy
  • Other Options: S N Adderley, CB D Baker, DT D Lawrence

29. Kansas City Chiefs

DT Dexter Lawrence - Clemson

Changing schemes with Steve Spagnuolo replacing Bob Sutton. Shed talent on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive line especially lacks disruptive playmakers. Lawrence is a perfect scheme fit with more than the requisite athleticism. His stock was hurt by a failed performance enhancing drug test that knocked him out of the championship playoffs.
  • Needs: DE, DT, S, CB, G/C, WR
  • Hope might be available: CB B Murphy
  • Other Options: S N Adderley, CB D Baker, WR A Brown, DE J Ferguson

30. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

WR AJ Brown - Mississippi

Double dip on passing game weapons to help keep Aaron Rodgers happy. A quick, physical possession receiver that consistently out performed more explosive, athletic teammate Metcalf.
  • Hope might be available: OL D Risner
  • Other Options: S N Adderley, G C Lindstrom, DL J Simmons

31. Los Angeles Rams

OG Chris Lindstrom - Boston College

Experienced, four year starter. Started his first game as a true freshman. Elite athlete with incredible quickness. Dad, uncle and younger brother all also played/play offensive line at Boston College. His dad played three years in the NFL.
  • Needs: G/C, DT, DE, LT, ILB, RB
  • Hope might be available: DT D Lawrence, OL D Risner
  • Other Options: DE J Ferguson, DT J Simmons, DT J Tillery

32. New England Patriots

DT Jeffrey Simmons - Mississippi St

Top 10 talent with off the field issues early in college, then tore an ACL in February. Bill Belichick obviously has the cache to draft for the long term, gamble on high upside. Especially considering he has 6 picks in the first two days of the draft.
  • Needs: TE, DE, DT, WR, LT, G/C
  • Hope might be available: WR A Brown, G C Lindstrom, TE I Smith
  • Other Options: DE J Ferguson, WR K Harry, DT J Tillery

Round 2

33. Arizona Cardinals - WR K'Neal Harry - Arizona St
Big target won't be out worked. Should learn a lot from Fitzgerald.

34. Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ) - DT Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame
Former offensive lineman with skills to excel as 3 or 5-technique.

35. Oakland Raiders - RB Miles Sanders - Penn St
Most complete of the top backs. Not much tread off the tire after backing up Barkley.

36. San Francisco 49ers - CB DeAndre Baker - Georgia
Productive, experienced. Lacks athletic upside.

37. Detroit Lions (projected from NYG) - DE Jaylon Ferguson - La Tech
Need talent on the edge even after signing Flowers.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars - WR Parris Campbell - Ohio St
Versatile, can stretch the field outside or create mismatches in the slot.

39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - S Nasir Adderley - Delaware
Four year starter. Ball hawk with skills/size to also be tried at corner.

40. Buffalo Bills - WR Terry McLaurin - Ohio St
Speed receiver gives Allen a much needed downfield weapon.

41. Philadelphia Eagles (projected from Denver)

CB Rock Ya-Sin - Temple

Graduate transfer from Presbyterian College that held up against tougher competition. Perfect physical specimen. Has all the tools to develop with more experience, coaching.
  • Needs: OLB, G/C, CB, S, LT, MLB

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (projected from Cin) - CB Amani Oruwariye - Penn St
Torched for a league worst 110.8 passer rating last season.

43. Detroit Lions - WR Deebo Samuel - South Carolina
Injury prone Amendola obviously not a long term replacement for traded Tate.

44. Green Bay Packers - S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - Florida
Still need help at safety even after signing Amos.

45. Atlanta Falcons - RB Josh Jacobs - Alabama
Partner for Freeman after losing Coleman to Niners.

46. Arizona Cardinals (projected from Was) - T/G Kaleb McGary - Washington
Hard nosed four year starter at RT, athletic limitations might lead to move inside.

47. Carolina Panthers - S Delonte Thompson - Alabama
Replacement for departed Adams.

48. Miami Dolphins - OT Greg Little - Mississippi
Top recruit with athleticism to stay on left side. Performance never reached billing.

49. Cleveland Browns

OT Yodny Cajuste - West Virginia

Addressed most needs adeptly in free agency/trades except for the offensive line. Cajuste has the length to stick on the left side. Also has the body type to make a move inside possible. Has a tendency to play high and can get knocked off the ball physically.
  • Needs: OT, OG, OLB, S, CB, MLB

50. Minnesota Vikings - DT Dre'Mont Jones - Ohio St
Looking to replace Richardson at 3-technique.

51. Tennessee Titans - WR Hakeem Butler - Iowa St
Big receiver with wide catch radius to help out Mariota.

52. Pittsburgh Steelers

ILB Mack Wilson - Alabama

Strong, tough and fast with adequate size. Fits current prototype of a three down linebacker, exactly what the Steelers need. Early entrant that didn't really improve as a junior. Might be too mechanical, doesn't make many instinctive plays. Generally thought of as a first rounder at the beginning of the process. Hasn't had a great post season in position drills or reportedly interviews despite testing well physically.
  • Others: WR H Butler, CB J Love, DE C Omenihu, S D Savage, OLB C Winovich

53. Philadelphia Eagles (from Bal) - C/G Elgton Jenkins - Mississippi
Kelce not getting any younger, depth behind him nonexistent.

54. Houston Texans (from Sea) - CB Julian Love - Notre Dame
Joseph is 35 and Roby signed for only a year.

55. Houston Texans - DE Zach Allen - Boston College
Line lacks depth, talent except for injury prone Watt.

56. New England Patriots (from Chi) - DE Chase Winovich - Michigan
Relentless, physical edge rusher from the Pittsburgh suburb of Pleasant Hills.

57. Philadelphia Eagles - S Darnell Savage - Maryland
Instinctive, quick, blazing fast coverage safety lacks prototypical size.

58. Dallas Cowboys

S Taylor Rapp - Washington

Tenacious, intelligent, versatile. Projects best as a downhill in the box safety that should be able to step in immediately. Slow 40 time at pro day an issue.
  • Needs: S, DT, TE, DE, CB, OLB

59. Indianapolis Colts - S Juan Thornhill - Virginia
Ball hawking cover safety with experience at corner.

60. Los Angeles Chargers - QB Will Grier - West Virginia
Time to find a development QB to learn from aging Rivers.

61. Kansas City Chiefs - S Johnathan Abram - Mississippi St
Tough, intimidating, fiery leader. In the box safety with speed to cover TEs, backs.

62. New Orleans Saints

CB Trayvon Mullen - Clemson

Trade for Eli Apple last season was more of a bandaid than long term solution opposite Marshon Lattimore. Tall, long corner with good recovry speed. Got by more on talent than anticipation, instincts. Rarely targetted leading to deflated statistics.
  • Needs: CB, C, WR, OG, O/MLB, S

63. Kansas City Chiefs (from LAR) - DE Jachai Polite - Florida
Drops like a rock due to horrible combine, off season. Worth gamble at this point.

64. New England Patriots - TE Jace Sternberger - Texas A&M
Well rounded receiving TE that lacks bulk as a blocker. Nobody is replacing Gronk.

Round 3

65. Arizona Cardinals - DT Charles Omenihu - Texas

66. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Oakland)

CB Justin Layne - Michigan St

Signing CB Steven Nelson takes some pressure of the need to add a corner. More talent at the position of course would be welcome. Layne is a tall, long bump and run corner with excellent ball skills and awareness. Lacks only top recovery speed.
  • Others: OLB B Banogu, WR A Isabella, ILB B Burr-Kirven, RB D Harris, S A Hooker

67. San Francisco 49ers - WR Kelvin Harmon - North Carolina St

68. New York Jets - G/C Erik McCoy - Texas A&M

69. Jacksonville Jaguars - RB Damien Harris - Alabama

70. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RB David Montgomery - Iowa St

71. Philadelphia Eagles (projected from Den) - M/OLB Ben Burr-Kirven - Washington

72. Cincinnati Bengals - OT David Edwards - Wisconsin

73. New England Patriots (from Det) - WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Stanford

74. Buffalo Bills - DT Khalen Saunders - Western Illinois

75. Green Bay Packers - ILB Blake Cashman - Minnesota

76. Washington Redskins - OLB D'Andre Walker - Georgia

77. Carolina Panthers - DE Ben Banogu - TCU

78. Miami Dolphins - CB David Long - Michigan

79. Atlanta Falcons - DE/OLB Oshane Ximines - Old Dominion

80. Cleveland Browns - S Amani Hooker - Iowa

81. Minnesota Vikings - TE Josh Oliver - San Jose St

82. Tennessee Titans - CB Sean Bunting - Central Michigan

83. Pittsburgh Steelers

OLB Christian Miller - Alabama

A second Alabama LB. A leader. Superb athletic tools. Could contribute immediate. Season ended early in each of the last two years due to injury which of course causes concern. Scheme limitted to the edge in an odd man front which also could cause him to drop here to the Steelers.
  • Others: WR M Boykin, ILB B Cashman, RB D Henderson, CB D Long, TE J Oliver

84. Seattle Seahawks - WR Andy Isabella - UMass

85. Minnesota Vikings (projected from Bal) - WR Mecole Hardman - Georgia

86. Houston Texans - RB Darrell Henderson - Memphis

87. Chicago Bears

G/C Connor McGovern - Penn St

Versatility interior lineman with experience at guard and center. Devastating run blocker that needs work in pass protection. Kyle Long can't stay healthy. Depth behind him, Cody Whitehair and last year's second rounder James Daniels is nonexistent.
  • Needs: G/C, CB, S, OLB, WR, RB

88. Detroit Lions (from Phi) - T/G Chuma Edoga - USC

89. Indianapolis Colts - DE Joe Jackson - Miami FL

90. Dallas Cowboys - DT Trysten Hill - Central Florida

91. Los Angeles Chargers - S Jaquan Johnson - Miami FL

92. Kansas City Chiefs - WR Riley Ridley - Georgia

93. New York Jets (from NO) - CB Joejuan Williams - Vanderbilt

94. Los Angeles Rams - DT Gerald Willis - Miami FL

95. New York Giants (from NE/Cle) - CB Lonnie Johnson - Kentucky

96. Washington Redskins (comp) - ILB Terrill Hanks - New Mexico St

97. New England Patriots (comp) - OG Nate Davis - Charlotte

98. Jacksonville Jaguars (comp from LAR) - TE Dawson Knox - Mississippi

99. Los Angeles Rams (comp) - ILB Germaine Pratt - North Carolina St

100. Carolina Panthers (comp) - WR Emanuel Hall - Missouri

101. New England Patriots (comp) - S Marquise Blair - Utah

102. Baltimore Ravens (comp) - C/G Michael Jordan - Ohio St

Day 3

4 122 Pittsburgh Steelers

NT/DE Armon Watts - Arkansas

Late bloomer that came on as a senior after doing next to nothing in previous seasons. Has bulk to survive inside and length to be an asset outside. Lacks experience, has some issues in recognition. Untapped potential that could blossom with better coaching. Body can be refined in pro weight program. Backups Tyson Alualu and Daniel McCullers signed short term deals and possess no upside.
  • Others: WR G Jennings, ILB U Gilbert, RB J Hill, WR D Mitchell, S/CB K Webster

5 141 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Oakland)

WR David Sills - West Virginia

Former QB still developing as a receiver. Red zone threat thanks to height, body control, intelligence. Thin, not physical. Lacks top speed.
  • Others: OLB J Brailford, ILB G Johnson, RB B Love, TE F Moreau

6 175 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Oakland)

S Ugo Amadi - Oregon

Leader. Intelligent. Strong, tough and productive. Plus punt returner. Lacks top recovery speed and height, although long arms help. Sort of a corner/safety tweener lacking top corner athleticism.
  • Others: DE J Cominsky, ILB T Dodson, TE A Mack, OT O Udoh

6 192 Pittsburgh Steelers

RB/WR Tony Pollard - Memphis

Surprise early entrant. Dominant kick returner in an era when kick returns are being devalued. Gadget player on offense without a set position. Opened some eyes in the Birmingham Bowl in which teammate, fellow early entrant and likely second day pick Darrell Henderson sat out to prepare for the draft. Also showed well as a late addition to the Senior Bowl.
  • Others: CB R Fenton, OLB J Hollins, RB T Homer, ILB L Lewis

6 207 Pittsburgh Steelers (comp from Arizona thru Baltimore)

P Jake Bailey - Stanford

Targetting a player and moving up in the fourth or fifth round at the price of a sixth rounder makes sense with ten total picks including six on the third day and three in the sixth round. Trying to find possibiliies for all these late picks is difficult when doing a mock draft let alone actually drafting to fill the 80 man roster. This selection is more personal wish than legitimate possibility than the other day three projections. Bailey is a strong legged punter known for his booming kicks. He needs work on placement which can be taught. Jordan Berry was resigned, but should in no way, shape or form be guaranteed a job. There is no way he should have been kept last year over Matt Wile. Unfortunately Kevin Clobert and Mike Tomlin don't consult me on roster decisions.
  • Others: TE K Blanton, ILB/S C Hansen, RB W Hills, FB A Ingold, RB J Scarlett

7 219 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay)

T/G Josh Miles - Morgan St

A lottery ticket. Possess the necessary physical traits to develop inside or as a swing tackle. Lacks refinement, but took well to coaching at the Senior Bowl. Would feel better about a pick like this if Mike Munchack hadn't headed to Denver.
  • Others: S D Askew-Henry, ILB/S B Blunt, OG G Brumfield, P T Newsome, RB K Whyte
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