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Power Rankings (week 7)

October 15, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.2.Tennessee Titans5-0Only remaining undefeated sits atop the poll by default.
2.3.Pittsburgh Steelers4-1Sat and rested on one of the wildest football weekends in recent memory. On Saturday 3 of the top 5 NCAA Bowl subdivision teams lost. And Alabama didn't even play. The results moved my alma mater Penn State up to number 3. There were 5 games on Sunday decided in the final 10 seconds. Then the defending champions that had previously looked unbeatable went out and laid an egg in Cleveland of all places on Monday night. An interesting weekend of football to say the least.
3.1.New York Giants4-1Road winning streak ended at 11. Probably deserve a mulligan, although Manning the younger can not make a habit of turning the ball over.
4.10.Indianapolis Colts3-2Manning the elder finally looks healthy and comfortable.
5.12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-2Defense and special teams dominated. Garcia protected the ball. A tough combination to beat.
6.9.Buffalo Bills4-1Had an enjoyable bye watching divisional rival New England get manhandled in San Diego in prime time.
7.4.Washington Redskins4-2After a pair of big division wins fell hard to the winless Rams in a trap game.
8.6.Carolina Panthers4-2Steamrolled in Tampa. It happens. Upcoming visit from New Orleans and the explosive Brees will be an important test.
9.5.Dallas Cowboys4-2Lost Romo to injury and Pacman to suspension. Traded a first rounder plus more for the priveledge of giving the less than sure handed Williams over $20 million guaranteed. Coming off a pair of losses wrapped around a far from impressive victory against the winless Bengals. Have gone from the perceived best team in the NFC to a soap opera in a staggeringly short time period.
10.13.Jacksonville Jaguars3-3Head into their bye on a high note after pounding the Broncos into submission in Denver. Injury riddled club can definitely use the time off.
11.8.Denver Broncos4-2Can't stop the run. Won't really matter in the AFC West. Will matter in the AFC playoffs.
12.14.New York Jets3-2Favre is starting to fit in which makes them dangerous in a wide open divison.
13.15.Arizona Cardinals4-2Blew a 10 point fourth quarter lead before becoming the first team ever to win in overtime on a blocked punt. Who says losing the toss is a disadvantage?
14.17.San Diego Chargers3-3Jekyll and Hyde. Much like last season.
15.7.New England Patriots3-2Cassel is not going to be the next Brady. Not really a shock. The defense looks old. And the offensive line pedestrian. Perhaps also not a shock, but major problems without Brady on the field.
16.16.Philadelphia Eagles3-3Still in last despite being the only team in the NFC East to win this week.
17.19.New Orleans Saints3-3Brees continues to roll. Trip to Charlotte is of the utmost importance for a team that finds itself a game behind the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons.
18.21.Atlanta Falcons4-2Last second defeat turned to victory thanks to an ill advised squib kick, perfect 26 yard pass and 48 yard field goal in the final 11 seconds. Deserve some good karma after last year's debacle.
19.23.Green Bay Packers3-3Halted their 3 game losing streak with a much needed win in Seattle.
20.11.Chicago Bears3-3Thought they were going to win a game in the final seconds for a change. They were wrong. Have 3 losses by a total of 11 points.
21.20.Baltimore Ravens2-3Fell apart in Indianapolis after tough, physical losses against the Steelers and Titans.
22.25.Cleveland Browns2-3Anderson and Edwards finally got off the schneid.
23.18.Minnesota Vikings3-3Needed a last minute field goal to beat the Kitna-less Lions. Not a good sign.
24.24.San Fransisco 49ers2-4Scored 20 unanswered point to take a lead after 3 quarters. Then gave up 24 unanswered points in the fourth quarter.
25.27.Houston Texans1-4Schaub led them to a last second victory. Quite a difference from Rosenfels the week before.
26.22.Miami Dolphins2-3Fell just short of joining Atlanta as the most unlikely winning team after 6 weeks. Still, the progress from last season is palpable.
27.26.Seattle Seahawks1-4Sunday night showdown against the Buccaneers doesn't look like much of a contest. Unfortunately the Sunday prime time flex schedule isn't in effect this early.
28.32.St. Louis Rams1-4Veterans played hard for Haslett. The same could not be said of Linehan.
29.28.Cincinnati Bengals0-6Just can't get over the hump. Fitzpatrick will get another start against Pittsburgh with Palmer still nursing a sore elbow.
30.29.Oakland Raiders1-4At least they were competative under Kiffin.
31.30.Kansas City Chiefs1-4Did Peterson miscalculate by failing to move Gonzalez to the Packers at the deadline for a 3rd rounder?
32.31.Detriot Lions0-5Had to trade Williams and interim GM Mayhew got a lot in return.

*Last week's ranking
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