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Camp Update, Jul 21 - Poteat Signs, Henry Hurt

July 22, 2000 by Still Mill

Stillers Camp Update from Fri, July 22, 2000

Stillers Camp Update from Fri, July 22, 2000

Buress Practices; Poteat Signs; Henry Hurt

The big news, of course, was the presence of rookie #1 pick Plaxico BurRess. Also, late Friday nite, former Pitt star Hank Poteat signed a multi-year deal that includes the split contract the 1st year, which is what Poteat didn�t want. I still have no fault with Poteat for his short holdout; he had a legit beef and he fought for it. It�s a relief to have him in camp, since he�s a guy who will do far more for the return game than do the "dance & dive" made so unpopular by Will Jackwell.

Kevin Henry is having minor artho-surgery on his knee � a quick clean-out. He�s expected to miss no more than 3 weeks, although don�t hold your breath. This is a bit of a loss, since Henry at least gives us some stability, and some knowledge with our schemes. This puts Sullivan in the driver's seat for one starting DE job, and a youngster could pounce on the opportunity created by more reps and PT.

A brief synopsis of some individual efforts on Fri ,based on various reports:

Edwards, Kimo, and Lucas stood out. This bodes well for our NT job, if Kimo and Lucas can continue to progress. Perhaps a platoon could be worked out with these 2, or rookie K. Clancy, which would enhance freshness and stamina. Yes, this is a radical concept for a team like the Stillers, but it�s something ya gotta do when you�re not blessed with all-pro�s up and down the roster.

Conrad continued to stink, as did Anthony Brown. Both of these men should hopefully be moving on to their life�s work, and soon. D-linemen Staat and Smith were also getting punished and abused. For sure, at least one of these men should get a visit soon from the Turk, and I�d shed no tears if both of these stiffs were sent packing.

Pourdanesh struggled a wee bit in the run test, but true to his nature, he gritted it out and survived. To repeat what I've said a few times, Shar should start the 1st couple regular season games, and then gradually give way to Ferris or Smith. Early in the season, Shar will give us some grit and savvy while Ferris/Smith are still being groomed and still learning. And, if Shar is playing solidly, then there'd be no need to rush the greenhorn Ferris/Smith into the lineup. This would be a win-win for everybody. It says here that Cowhead should make this decision soon after the 1st preaseason game is over, and stick by it. That will give us some rare continuity, which clearly has not happened the last 2 camps. Of course, progress &/or digress by these any/all of these men in the next 10 days could alter this.

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