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NFL Draft: First Day Review

April 25, 2009 by Steel Haven

Round 1

  1. Detroit Lions

    QB Matt Stafford, Georgia

    Hey, I got one right. That might not happen very often as the draft progresses. This is one of the most up in the air top tens in recent memory and things just get cloudier from the eleventh pick on. The problem is a lack off top end talent. Teams get more of a chance to take who they believe is the best fit for their scheme because the perceived values of the players being chosen are so close. The Lions start things off by doing what they thought needed to be done to remake their franchise.
    • Needs: QB, LT/G, LB, DT, DE, CB
    • My prediction: QB Matt Stafford, Georgia
  2. St. Louis Rams

    OT Jason Smith, Baylor

    Sort of anti-climactic with the all the talk about Sanchez. Smith should be a day one starter at LT as they attempt to recoup their investment in Marc Bulger.
    • Needs: LT, MLB, WR, CB, DT/DE, QB
    • My prediction: OT Jason Smith, Baylor
  3. Kansas City Chiefs

    DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

    When I woke up this morning something had changed. I mentioned the possibility of Jackson to the Chiefs last night in my mock, but thought it was too much of a reach at this spot. This morning in their revised mocks all the experts had pencilled in Jackson to this pick. This selection would concern me if I was a Chiefs fan. Luckily I am not. Scott Pioli seems to be trying to recreate what happened in New England come hell or high water. Adapting to the talent on the draft board seems like a better strategy. Jackson should be a good player for a long time. But he lacks explosiveness and will be filling the role of 5-technique 3-4 end. Something the Steelers have proven you can find later on draft day. Given the myriad of needs on the Chiefs roster this just doesn't seem like the right move.
    • Needs: LB, RT/G, NT/DE, C, CB, WR
    • My prediction: LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
  4. Seattle Seahawks

    LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

    Solid decision with Curry still on the board. Get the consensus best player in the draft to step in immediately on the strong side.
    • Needs: OT, S, OLB, RB, CB, QB
    • My prediction: QB Mark Sanchez, USC
  5. New York Jets (from Cleveland)

    QB Mark Sanchez, USC

    Wow. Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum trump Daniel Snyder and Vinnie Cerrato. To be fair the Jets had something that the Redskins did not. Players their coach had deemed expendable that Eric Mangini wanted because he coached them the previous season. The Jets made this move without having to give up a pick next season. Really an impressive move.
    • Needs: QB, WR, DE, CB, TE, OT
    • My prediction: QB Josh Freeman, Kansas St (at 17)
  6. Cincinnati Bengals

    OT Andre Smith, Alabama

    Typical Bengals pick. Take a player with huge off the field issues instead of the steady Monroe. On the field Smith dominate in the SEC. He does have more upside than Monroe. But the bust potential is high. Smith was reportedly helped by good reports from Nick Saban. That said the Bengals simply do not have a good history with this type of player. They just don't seem to have the infrastructure to keep someone in line.
    • Needs: OT, G/C, LB, DE, DT, RB
    • My prediction: OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia
  7. Oakland Raiders

    WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

    Al Davis strikes. I had the Raiders passing on Crabtree for the speed of Maclin. Davis goes a step farther. Heyward-Bey has the speed to stretch the field. JeMarcus Russell can get him the ball. Will Heyward-Bey actually catch the ball? The Jaguars, Packers and 49ers have to be laughing their asses off.
    • Needs: WR, SLB, DE, S, DT, OT
    • My prediction: WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars

    OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia

    Good pick with Monroe still on the board. 34 year old Tra Thomas was added in the offseason as a stopgap. Having Monroe fall into their lap gives them a long term solution on the left side.
    • Needs: DT, C/G, WR, CB, LB, RB
    • My prediction: WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
  9. Green Bay Packers

    NT BJ Raji, Boston College

    Huge nose tackle for the new 3-4 defense. New defensive coordinator Dom Capers has to be pleased. Good start to revamping last year's abysmal defense.
    • Needs: DE, OLB, OT, NT, S, CB
    • My prediction: DE Tyson Jackson, LSU
  10. San Francisco 49ers

    WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

    The slide ends. Needed a number one wideout despite some decent young talent at the position in Josh Morgan and Jason Hill. Alas Shaun Hill will be throwing to him.
    • Needs: QB, OLB, OT, S, NT, RB
    • My prediction: OLB/DE Brian Orakpo, Texas
  11. Buffalo Bills

    DE Aaron Maybin, Penn St

    Take the edge rusher over offensive tackle Oher. Both were huge needs. A little surprising he comes of the board before Orakpo. Guess the Bills like Maybin's quick first step.
    • Needs: OT, DE, G/C, TE, OLB, RB
    • My prediction: OT Andre Smith, Alabama
  12. Denver Broncos

    RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

    Offense over defense. I am shocked. Moreno ran poorly at the combine and his pro day. I thought he would last into the twenties.
    • Needs: QB, OLB, NT, DE, CB, C
    • My prediction: CB/S Michael Jenkins, Ohio St
  13. Washington Redskins

    DE Brian Orakpo, Texas

    Sat still and got lucky. Athletic pass rusher was a major need. Orakpo was a borderline top ten pick that provides nice value at this point. Of course now they have to turn back to Jason Campbell at QB.
    • Needs: OT, DE, SLB, WR, C, QB
    • My prediction: DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee
  14. New Orleans Saints

    CB/S Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St

    A defensive back that can cover. A new concept in New Orleans.
    • Needs: CB, RB, OLB, S, C/G, WR
    • My prediction: RB Chris Wells, Ohio St
  15. Houston Texans

    LB Brian Cushing, USC

    I got another one right. Hard to believe. Needed a strong side backer. Got their man.
    • Needs: OLB, RB, S, CB, DT, G
    • My prediction: LB Brian Cushing, USC
  16. San Diego Chargers

    OLB/DE Larry English, Northern Illinois

    A shocker. They must really be worried about Shawn Merriman.
    • Needs: DE, RT, SS, RB, G, NT
    • My prediction: OT Michael Oher, Mississippi
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from New York Jets through Cleveland)

    QB Josh Freeman, Kansas St

    Well, I had Freeman going 17th, just to the Jets. Raheem Morris actually recruited him to Kansas St. Only took a 6th rounder to make sure the Broncos couldn't foil their plans.
    • Needs: DT, DE, WR, OLB, CB, QB
    • My prediction: DE/OLB Everette Brown, Florida St (at 19)
  18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

    OLB/DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

    Seemed like a better fit in the 4-3. Still not sure I undertand his rise into the top twenty. A one year starter without big sack numbers that lacked top measureables. The Broncos off season continues to go poorly IMO.
    • My prediction: OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, Penn St
  19. Philadelphia Eagles (from Tampa Bay through Cleveland)

    WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

    Another playmaker for the passing game after taking DeSean Jackson in the first round last year. Traded a 6th rounder to move up two slots to take a possible top ten pick. Nice move.
    • Needs: RB, TE, WR, LB, CB, C
    • My prediction: RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia (at 21)
  20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas)

    TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St

    Top multipurpose TE fills a need. Still surprised they passed on Oher and Jerry given their problems at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.
    • My prediction: DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi St
  21. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)

    C Alex Mack, California

    Repeatedly traded down to add multiple picks and players as Eric Mangini tries to completely remake the roster. Mack should be an immediate contributor as an upgrade over Hank Fraley.
    • Needs: OLB, WR, DE, S, RB, CB
    • My prediction: NT/DE B.J. Raji, Boston College (at 5)
  22. Minnesota Vikings

    WR Percy Harvin, Florida

    Gamble on injury prone playmaker that failed a drug test at the combine. I like the idea of trying to open up the field for Purple Jesus.
    • Needs: OT, WR, QB, LB, DT, CB
    • My prediction: OT Eben Britton, Arizona
  23. Baltimore Ravens (from New England)

    OT Michael Oher, Mississippi

    Ozzie Newsome trades up for value. He is at his best on draft day. Wouldn't have minded the Steelers making a move up for Oher.
    • Needs: WR, CB, OT, DE, ILB, S
    • My prediction: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland (at 26)
  24. Atlanta Falcons

    DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi

    Jerry falls so they take him over Hood. Makes perfect sense.
    • Needs: DT, DE, OLB, S, CB, C
    • My prediction: DT Evander Hood, Missouri
  25. Miami Dolphins

    CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

    Another one right. I knew I was in trouble when writing my mock. Draft was just too volatile this year. Bill Parcells manages to make me feel a little better about myself. Thanks Bill.
    • Needs: CB, OLB, WR, NT, G, ILB
    • My prediction: CB Vontae Davis, Illinois
  26. Green Bay Packers (from Baltimore through New England)

    OLB Clay Matthews, USC

    Another gift for Capers. Nice move by Ted Thompson.
    • My prediction: OLB Connor Barwin, Cincinnati (at 41)
  27. Indianapolis Colts

    RB Donald Brown, UConn

    Bill Polian throws a curve ball. He definitely likes to add offensive weapons. This pick is a killer from a fantasy football perspective.
    • Needs: DT, WR, MLB, RT/G, S, DE
    • My prediction: WR Percy Harvin, Florida
  28. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina through Philadelphia)

    C Eric Wood, Louisville

    My Steelers mock is blown. Needed an interior lineman. Just thought that the dire need at offensive tackle would take precedence after they took a defensive end at eleven.
    • My prediction: TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St
  29. New York Giants

    WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina

    Choose Nicks over Britt. While he might be less explosive, he is more consistent. Giants are looking for someone to step in immediately. Nicks has a better shot than most wideouts.
    • Needs: WR, S, TE, LB, OT, RB
    • My prediction: WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers
  30. Tennessee Titans

    WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

    Been looking for a number one wideout for quite a while. Big. Physical. Nice pick.
    • Needs: DT, DE, WR, CB, MLB, QB
    • My prediction: CB Darius Butler, Connecticut
  31. Arizona Cardinals

    RB Chris Wells, Ohio St

    The end for Edgerrin James. Might have prefered a more versatile back, but the Colts beat them to Brown.
    • Needs: RB, OLB, C/G, LT, DE, TE
    • My prediction: RB Donald Brown, Connecticut
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers

    DE Evander Hood, Missouri

    Go for the defensive linemen with two centers already off the board. Decent value. I had him going 24 to the Falcons. Athletic with the ability to hold up at the point of attack. More of a one gap penetrator at Missouri so will have to change his game a bit. Seems possible. Age on the defensive line was a definite concern. I like this pick given how things played out.
    • Needs: OT, G/C, CB, DE, NT, WR
    • My prediction: C/G Eric Wood, Louisville

Round 2

  1. Detroit Lions - S Louis Delmas, Western Michigan
    Continue to be surprised they are ignoring the lines on both sides of the ball. .
  2. New England Patriots (from Kansas City)

    S Patrick Chung, Oregon

    Didn't want to pay a first rounder so they traded down twice. Select the replacement for Rodney Harrison.
    • Needs: OLB, OT, S, ILB, DE, CB
    • My prediction: LB Rey Maualuga, USC (at 23)
  3. St. Louis Rams - LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio St
    Allows Witherspoon to move outside. Maualuga's fall is surprising.
  4. Cleveland Browns - WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio St
    Nice compliment for Edwards if he stays.
  5. Denver Broncos (from Sea) - CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
    Traded next year's first rounder for Smith. Insane.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals - LB Rey Maualuga, USC
    Good value. Could play inside over Dhani Jones or the strong side over Richard Jeanty.
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars - OT Eben Britton, Arizona
    Bookend tackles in the first two rounds. Impressive haul.
  8. New England Patriots (from Oak) - NT Ron Brace, Boston College
    Love to pick defensive linemen. Paid a lot to move up 7 picks.
  9. New England Patriots (from GB) - CB Darius Butler, UConn
    First round value. Belichick knows what he is doing.
  10. Buffalo Bills - CB/S Jarius Byrd, Oregon
    Thought poor 40 time would drop him to third round. .
  11. Carolina Panthers (from San Fransisco)

    DE/OLB Everette Brown, Florida St

    Insurance for Julius Peppers. Projected as a top ten pick when he declared. Lack of top measurables cost him. Nice value pick. Traded next year's first rounder for him. Likely a better gamble than the one made by the Broncos.
    • Needs: DT, WR, DE, CB, QB, G/C
    • My prediction: QB/WR/RB Pat White, West Va (at 60)
  12. Miami Dolphins (from Was) - QB/WR/RB Pat White, West Va
    The wildcat just got more dangerous.
  13. New York Giants (from NO) - LB Clint Sintim, Virginia
    A little surprised he didn't go to a 3-4 team.
  14. Houston Texans - DE/OLB Connor Barwin
    Pure pash rusher to play opposite Mario Williams.
  15. Oakland Raiders (from SD thru NE) - S Michael Mitchell, Ohio
    At least traded down before making this pick. Just awful. Possible undrafted free agent.
  16. Denver Broncos - S Darcel McBath, Texas Tech
    Slight reach. Hell of a pick compared to Mitchell.
  17. Seattle Seahawks (from Chi) - Max Unger, Oregon
    Probably slots in at guard or maybe even LT with Spencer at C.
  18. Cleveland Browns (from TB) - Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia
    Tough. A Steelers type receiver. Valuable without the ball.
  19. Buffalo Bills (from Dal) - Andy Levitre, Oregon St
    Another interior lineman. Surprised Beatty wasn't the pick.
  20. Cleveland Browns (from NY Jets) - OLB/DE David Veikune, Hawaii
    High motor edge rusher. Does he have athleticism to drop into coverage?
  21. Philadelphia Eagles - RB LeSean McCoy, Pitt
    An eventual Westbrook replacement, not compliment.
  22. Minnesota Vikings - OT Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma
    Perfect fit. Immediate starter.
  23. Atlanta Falcons - S William Moore, Missouri
    Replacement for aging Lawyer Milloy.
  24. Indianapolis Colts (from Mia) - DT Fili Moala, USC
    Badly needed an interior defensive lineman.
  25. Baltimore Ravens - DE Paul Kruger, Utah
    Could play down in this scheme if he can get to 280 pounds.
  26. New England Patriots - OT Sebastian Vollmer, Houston
    German national. Raw. Interesting project that looked good in Shrine game practices.
  27. Carolina Panthers - CB/S Sherrod Martin, Troy
    A possibility for the Steelers that I was sort of hoping would fall.
  28. New York Giants - OT William Beatty, UConn
    Project to groom behind David Diehl.
  29. Miami Dolphins (from Ind) - CB/S Sean Smith, Utah
    A second defensive back. Rumored to like him before the draft.
  30. Tennessee Titans - DT Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
    Need to replace Albert Haynesworth.
  31. Arizona Cardinals - DE/OLB Cody Brown, UConn
    Fourth UConn player taken in top two rounds. A testament to Randy Edsell.
  32. Denver Broncos (from Pit) - TE Richard Quinn, North Carolina
    Steelers trade out of this pick took me by surprise. Still can't figure out Broncos.
          Chicago Bears

Traded out of the first day.
  • Needs: WR, DE, CB, DT, S, OT
          Dallas Cowboys

Traded out of the first day.
  • Needs: S, WR, G, LT, NT, ILB
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