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Stillers-Pats Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 15, 2010 by Still Mill

NE 39, Stillers 26 ��� Nov 14, 2010
NE 39, Stillers 26 ��. Nov 14, 2010 ����Game # 9


Stillers-Pats Postgame Analysis and Grades



I attended this game, along with the astute eye and analysis of Steel Hawkeye.��� Not much needs to be elaborated upon after the Stillers got their asses handed back in embarrassing fashion by the Patsies.�� A total, outright disgrace. A slaughtering and asswhipping in which the Stillers were out-schemed in every phase of the game.Due the late-game nature and my attendance, combined with having to travel early on Monday AM, this will be very short.




QB:Yet another piss poor performance by Ben.�� He was victimized by numerous drops, but his play was very substandard.��C-


RB:Mendy rarely got the ball, PLUS he had to split enormous time with Moore, which made no sense.11 carries for a feature back?�� Fuk Bruce Arians.��� Inc.


WR:Randle El dropped FOUR passes and had a totally WRRETCHED evening.��� Total pile of shit.Sanders made numerous plays and catches in the 2H, but sure as shit, he�ll be ROTTING the bench behind El come next week.�� Ward got hurt in the 1H and did not return. ���Wally made a couple catches by DROPPED a sure TD in the 2Q when the team desperately needed a TD.��� Randle El:F


OL: Not great, but given all the backups forced into the starting lineup, they did what they could do.��


LB:Being at the game, I was able to isolate on Big LaMarr Woodley, who did NOTHING the entire ballgame.�� Total pile of shit.��� Finished with 1 solo and 2 A�s despite playing the ENTIRE game.��� Loafed and titty-fought, and did NOTHING.�� Complete waste of oxygen.��� Farrior was far too slow and inept to do anything against the pass.�� ���Harrison played tough despite a balky back.�� Woodley D-,FarriorD�� ��


DB:Ryan Clark, as always, was a total pile of shit, doing nothing at all.���� Troy Pola was like Casper the Ghost�.didn�t do shit the entire game.�� Taylor, Gay, and Fadden took turns getting abused and tooled.���All:C-


Spec teams:Jeff Reed, the complete fuking faggott that he is, missed a 25-yard FG (basically a PAT) in the 3Q of a tight game.�� Nuf said,�� Complete fuking homo.�� F ��

OC:When you run a grab bag offense that relies EXCLUSIVELY on the QB ad-libbing plays out of nothing, you get what you get � a wretched pile of shit, especially in the red zone.�� The offense inside the 10-yard line was a total abortion.�� Facing a very sub-par defense, Arians and his Grab Bag Offense produced very little until garbage time late in the game.�� D-


DC:All season long, we�ve been deluged with stories about how GREAT Dick LeBeau supposedly is.��� We�re continually inundated with laudatory praise of, �He�s such an almighty, supreme Lord of coaching� and �He�s so clever and diabolical�.�� Well, tonite Dick had his ass pillaged, reamed, and sodomized like a 1st week prisoner in a federal penitentiary.�� Tom Brady just CARVED up Dick�s vaunted defense to the tune of 30 of 43 for 350 and 3 TDs, with no INTs. Worse, Dick�s vaunted run defense got SHREDDED by Green-Ellis, who gained 87 yards on just 18 carries.��


Harassment on the QB?�� NONE at ALL.�� Brady�s uniform was so clean at game�s end that it looked like it�d just been checked out of a Chinese laundromat.�� Disruption of the NE offense?�� NONE at all.���� Adjustments?�� NONE.��� Clever disguises?�� NONE.�� Punishing hits?�� Darn few.Sacks?None.�� Turnovers created?�� NONE.��� People can point to all kinds of bullshit, meaningless stats, but the factual reality is Dick got his ass plundered by a blunt object ONCE AGAIN with no more resistance than a French general.��� We saw 83-year old Joe Paterno get his ass handed back to him on Sat. with a disgraceful 2nd half, and the same kind of ass-whipping occurred tonite (in both halves) at the hands of the old geezerly fossil, Dick LeBeau.��� There is a reason why old folks well past their mental prime go and RETIRE.Fuk Dick LeBeau, ���F-


HC:Arians and Dick have ONE BOSS, and his name is Mike Tomlin.�� If Tomlin is either too stupid or too chickenshit to shake up his assistants, then he, too, is part of the problem.��� D-


Synopsis:A total asshwipping.Not surprising to this analyst, who has been the lone voice of reason with concerns about this softee defense amidst the vast majority of idiocy who has been blinded by abject mediocrity in the face of fortuitous competition.��


Special shout out to Sister of Still Mill for attending this slopfest, along with Steel Hacking for a great tailgate party and Kristy-Barry for the treacherous but effective ride home in their porta-potty van after the slopfest.���


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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