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Stiller-Bungals Pregame Outlook (Brief)

November 28, 1999 by Still Mill


Stiller-Bungals Pregame

Just a quick pre-game today; sorry this is late (10 AM Sunday)�

Expect the Bungals to mercilessly pick on Townsend, using Scott (3 TDs in last 2 games) and Pickens to pick on the small youngster repeatedly. Dillon is capable enough to gash us for some decent yardage.

The Bengal defense will give our woeful offense some problems. LeBeau will use his fleetfooted LBs to harass and run-blitz us a lot. "No Change" Cowher and his offense will continue to struggle.

Only Cinci' ineptitude allows us to win this game, 19-13.

The Still Mill

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