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Power Rankings (week 10)

November 11, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New Orleans Saints8-0Opened the season with 8 straight wins for the first time in franchise history.
2.2.Indianapolis Colts8-0Riding a 17 game regular season winning streak.
3.3.Minnesota Vikings7-1Return from the bye a full 3 games up in the NFC North thanks to horrible performances by the Bears and Packers.
4.4.New England Patriots6-2Brady keeps getting better the further removed he is from knee surgery. The real test comes Sunday night in Indianapolis.
5.5.Pittsburgh Steelers6-2Tomlin remained undefeated on MNF with his fifth win.
6.7.Dallas Cowboys6-2Took control in the overrated NFC East.
7.9.Cincinnati Bengals6-2Held the Ravens to 44 yards in the first half and 215 yards total. Remain undefeated in the AFC North.
8.11.Arizona Cardinals5-3Road warriors improved to 4-0 away from home.
9.6.Denver Broncos6-2Orton has returned to earth.
10.14.San Diego Chargers5-3Beat Eli for the second time since he spurned them.
11.8.Philadelphia Eagles5-3Last time they went west they shockingly lost to the Raiders. Facing the resurgent Chargers is of course a much tougher task.
12.17.Atlanta Falcons5-3Turner has rushed for 317 yards in the last 2 weeks after gaining only 403 in the first 5 games.
13.10.Baltimore Ravens4-4Giving up 100 yard rushers is becoming common place. Do they miss Ryan that much or is the defense just declining with age?
14.13.Houston Texans5-4Done in by Moats' fumble a week after he took over due to Slaton's fumble.
15.12.New York Giants5-4Shocked in the final seconds. Once promising season is spiraling out of control without anyone shooting themselves.
16.22.Jacksonville Jaguars4-4Have a chance to become legitimate wildcard contenders if they can go to Jersey and beat the Jets.
17.15.Green Bay Packers4-4Rodgers is on pace to be sacked 72 times and while part of the problem is clearly the offensive line, his pocket presence leaves something to be desired.
18.16.Chicago Bears4-4Could Smith be on the hot seat due to the defense's ineptitude?
19.19.New York Jets4-4Inability to stop the wildcat and beat the Dolphins has killed them.
20.18.Miami Dolphins3-5Their taking a step backwards from last seasons division championship against a much tougher schedule should have surprised no one.
21.24.Seattle Seahawks3-5Consecutive road games at Arizona and Minnesota make it unlikely that they will turn around their season.
22.25.Tennessee Titans2-6Improved to 2-0 with VY at QB even though he failed to top 200 yards passing in either game.
23.23.Buffalo Bills3-5Haven't made the playoffs since the Music City Miracle.
24.20.San Fransisco 49ers3-5Early season optimism on the wane in the midst of a 4 game losing streak.
25.21.Carolina Panthers3-5Fox lost for the first time as a head coach and Delhomme for the first time as a starter in the Super Dome.
26.26.Oakland Raiders2-6Favored at home against the Cheifs. <sarcasm>Should I take them in my suicide pool?</sarcasm>
27.32.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-7Scored 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to win for the first time after not scoring that many points previously in a game all season.
28.28.Cleveland Browns1-7Return to Quinn at QB. Should be interesting to see how they respond to the front office bloodletting during the bye week. Just wish they weren't on Monday in prime time.
29.27.Kansas City Chiefs1-7Bye bye LJ.
30.30.St. Louis Rams1-7Back to business after getting 2 weeks to celebrate Spagnuolo's first victory.
31.31.Detriot Lions1-7Couldn't sustain an early 17-0 lead. Return of Stafford at least makes them semi-interesting.
32.29.Washington Redskins2-6Wins are over the Rams and Bucs at home by a total of 5 points. Have lost to the Lions, Chiefs and Panthers.

*Last week's ranking
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