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Stillers to Pursue Mike Prozac

February 13, 2000 by Still Mill

In the PG Today:

PG Claims Stillers Intend to Pursue Prozac

According to Friday's PG: "Free agency begins today, and the Steelers have made one big move without making a move at all. They have decided not to pursue a top quarterback. The one quarterback they will go after in free agency? Mike Tomczak, 37. If they can re-sign him, the
status quo will reign at the position in the 2000 season. Kordell Stewart and Anthony Wright, a rookie last season, will take most of the snaps in training camp, with Tomczak the quarterback-in-waiting if the other two do not perform well enough."

This perhaps isn't a huge surprise --- I'd even alluded that these simpletons might do something like this.

We can all discontinue our ponderings about the draft, free agency, tenders, the cap, and so on. We are DONE for '00. At best, we'll finish 5-11, but it's quite likely this team is destined to a 4 or even 3 win season. We're going to go to camp, at the MOST IMPORTANT position in football, with:

1. a scattershot QB who cannot read defenses, telegraphs everything, and has no confidence.

2. a 37-year old QB who has ALWAYS SUCKED, and cannot perform even moderately average for anything beyond a couple quarters worth of work.

3. a greenhorn, raw QB who has NEVER taken even one snap in the NFL, and spent his entire rookie season playing WR on the scout team.

I've heard rumblings that this move to re-sign Prozac opens up the opportunity to draft QB Chad Pennington. Supposedly, Tomczak's presence will help nurture and mentor Pennington.

This is as laughable as trying to hit a tee shot with a putter. Tomczak is about the WORST guy to mentor & coach ANYONE. WHAT has he done, in FOUR SEASONS, with Stewart?? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Stewart's mechanics are terrible, and he hasn't progressed one iota as an NFL QB. Furthermore, if we are planning to draft Pennington, WHY would we want Tomczak eating up a roster space and valuable cap money?? Tomczak earned a ridiculous $800K last season. He might settle for less, but he'd still eat up cap money. You could just as well forgo Mike Prozac, draft Pennington, and keep Wright.

Furthermore, even if Pennington is drafted (doubtful, by the way) and Tomczak re-signed, will Pennington even SIGN with us?? Or will he pull an "Elway" and refuse to sign?

Would you, as a QB, be willing to sign with the Steelers if drafted by the Steelers??

Let's see......

1. If you sign with the Stillers, you will ROT behind Kordell Stewart and Mike Prozac.

2. The bulk of your practice time as a rookie will be spent playing WR on the scout team.

3. Your receiving corps consists of STIFFS like Ward, Blackwell, Breuner, and possibly even Hawkins (if re-signed).

4. The offense is so complicated you need a PhD. from an Ivy League School.

5. The head coach does not have a CLUE about offensive football.

6. The head coach despises rookies and LOVES mediocre veterans.

7. The head coach is in love with Mike Prozac.

8. Your GM and front will allow anyone who is worth a damn, to depart as a free agent.

9. The offensive line is in shambles, and will get worse whenever Dawson soon retires.

I think that if it were me, I'd pull "the Elway", and sign elsewhere, with just about ANY other NFL team other than the Bungals.

On a related matter, I have not "given up" on Stewart. I'm willing to allow him a shot at fighting for the starting job at camp. This would mean bringing in a capable veteran --- perhaps a Graham, a Hoying, an O'Donnell, whomever. But bringing back Mike Prozac means Stewart can slouch and slop his way thru the spring and summer. Furthermore, if Stewart gets injured --- and given the injury stats on QBs, he's as "overdue" as one can possibly be as an NFL QB --- we'd have NO ONE to turn to except the feeble-minded, no-good Prozac.

The '00 season is OVER, as of today, Feb. 11th. How sad that Rooney & Cowher, 2 daft idiots, could not even give their players and fans at least a glimmer of a chance.

The Still Mill

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