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Victory Prevented - Cowherdice to Blame

November 13, 2000 by Steel Tank



I�m sick.

For the second straight game the coaching staff led by Billy Cowher played prevent defense and let the opposing offense get huge chunks of yardage at the end game. This follows Marty Jr�s philosophy of getting in a position to win rather than surging forward and putting a game out of reach. How could the Steeler coaching staff be so intimidated by the Philly receivers and running backs that they gave them plenty of room to roam underneath?

With approximately 3 minutes to go in the game, the Eagles had all but 178 yards in total offense � a superb defensive effort once again by the Steelers.

But � from this point forward � the lowly Eagles amassed 110 yards of total offense in less than a quarter�s worth of time.


Note to Bill Cowher - There are three teams in football:

Defense � our�s is great.

Offense � our�s sux.

Special Teams � our�s sux.

The Steelers defense is by far your best unit Bill! � they are perhaps the best in the NFL this year!

Do you get it now!


So, who does the coaching staff rely on � SPECIAL TEAMS!

All day the Steelers gave up huge chunks of yardage to the Eagles on special teams. I�m surprised Mitchell didn�t have 10,000 yards in Sunday�s game alone!

Billy Cowher and his staff of nitwits didn�t seem to care how poor we are on special teams or how good the defense is. He chose to rely on a "prevent" defense, which took any momentum the Steelers had away and foolishly put the burden to succeed on the Special Teams.

Not only did the Eagles recover the an onside-kick � they recovered two!

It was too late at this point � the Eagles had gained the edge and the Steeler defense was tamed by it�s own coaching staff. A coaching staff that has forgotten once again what it takes to win.

It seems that whenever a Cowher lead team is on the verge of success � he goes far too conservative and gets scared.

This Cowherdice cannot continue.

My whole week is ruined - I�m just plain sick!


Steel Tank.

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