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Stillers-Raiders Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 06, 2009 by Still Mill

Raiders 27, Stillers 24 ��� Dec 6, 2009
Raiders 27, Stillers 24 ���. Dec 6, 2009 ����Game # 12


Stillers-Raiders Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers, amidst a 3-game losing streak, hosted the lowly, weak, feeble Raiders in what should have been an easy tonic to cure their ills and halt the losing streak.Instead, as has been their wont all season long, the Stillers dawdled around and played grab ass the entire game, and allowed the Raiders to score 3 TDs in the final quarter, the last with 9 tics remaining to steal defeat from victory.�� For a team that was supposedly intent on �unleashing hell in December�, they instead unleashed a steady stream of vomit.I�ll put about as much effort into this report as the Stillers did on the field today, so this will be a rather short, succinct report.��




QB:Ben had a solid game, going 18 of 24 for 278 and 2 TDs.�� Still, the paper stats don�t tell the whole story.


����� On the 2d series of the game, a hideous pass was dropped by a Raider; this was a sure INT and possibly even a pick 6.Then, late in the 1Q, on a 4th & inches QB sneak, Ben slipped and merely just fell forward, and gained nothing, thwarting a drive at the OAK 5-yad line.�� Yes, we know the field was chewed up primarily because the Rooneys are idiots and because 4 HIGH SCHOOL games, of all things, were played on the field last weekend.�� So what.�� Ben has been playing on THIS sorry, piece of shit field for 5 seasons now.�� He knows the footing is often shitty.�� It was 4th down and 2 inches.�� All�s he had to do was lean forward and get the 2 inches, and he failed miserably.�� Then there was the utterly ghastly INT late in the 2Q.�� On a 1st & 10 at the OAK 16, Ben had ALL DAY back in the pocket.ALL DAY.Like a jackass, he tried to force a ball to Ward in the EZ amidst tight coverage, and a safety roamed over for the pick.��� On a 1st down play like this, if nothing is there, then either run forward for a yard or 2, or better yet, fling the ball thru the goal posts and live for 2nd down.�� But sure, enough, the stupid refusal to throw the ball away cost the team again in the 3Q.On a 3d & 6 at the OAK 25, Ben saw a blitzer coming right up the GUT, right in his face.Instead of gunning a quick pass to a hot read, or merely flinging the ball away, Ben insisted on clutching onto the ball and took a 9-yard sack, which forced a 53-yard FG try instead of a much more makable 44-yarder.�� Very, very stupid.�� The boners really downgrade what was otherwise a decent day. ���C


RB:Mendy had an okay day, rushing for 103 yards on 20 carries.�� He got most of it on a 60-yard dash in the 1Q.He also showed good athleticism & persistence on the 3-yard TD run.�� Parker had a token 3 carries for 15, and was flagged for a phantom hold.��� Moore had 1 carry and 1 catch.��� The 3 RBs combined for 1 (one) catch.���� B+




WR:Holmes led the way with 8 grabs for 149, making a sterling TD catch and also showing some good RAC work.�� But his drop on the opening drive of the game forced a FG deep in OAK territory.


�� Ward had 6 for 77 and a TD in which he cleverly, and slightly, pushed off the DB on an 11-yard lob, showing once again what a total farce the OPI call was on Darrell Jackson in Sup Bowl 40.Wally had 2 for 19, and also had a smart, key block on Holmes� 57 yard RAC play in the 4Q.


��� The Stillers had a chance on a last-play Hail Mary pass.Who else but Limas Sweed was in perfect position for the catch, but the ball slithered right thru his hands for a harmless incompletion.���


Holmes, Ward, Wally:��� A������� Sweed:�� F


TE:Miller caught only 1 pass, for 27 yards.�� He did have a bad drop on a crosser in the 2Q.��� Spaeth, as usual, did nothing.���� B


OL: The line play was sporadic.�� Aside from the 60-yard jaunt, the running game produced less than 3 yards per carry against a woeful run defense.�� The pass pro was decent, although there were a few breakdowns on a couple key pass plays.���� Kemo had a false start and an illegal hands to the face.C+


DL:A so-so game.�� They started well enough, when on the opening drive on a 3d & 1, Eason penetrated and created havoc, and Hampton cleaned up McFadden for no gain.�� But Fargas gained a nice 63 yards on 15 carries, which is better than 4 yards a crack, and obviously a bit too much.Keisel had a pretty active game, and I�m fairly sure this has been the best season of his career.�� The pressure was non-existent down the stretch.��� C+


LB:A fairly lackluster game by this crew.�� Woodley had a sack on a gimmick play as well as a Dong Sack off a flush.Timmons had a couple whiffs, including one on the QB on a 3d & 3 scramble in the 4Q.He did deliver a brutal clean-up hit on a Fargas plunge in the 2Q.Harrison was pretty quiet the entire game, and allowed a couple runs around his end.Farrior did very, very little.�� Once again, there were no fumbles forced or INTs created, and this crew is supposed to be the ringleaders in creating the mayhem that forces turnovers.��� The pass pressure generated in the 4Q was a complete farce.C-


DB:Once again, the secondary got scorched and abused. I swear, during the 4Q I thought Pitt (The University of) had someone inserted its hideous secondary onto the field as some sort of Wannstedt gimmick to sneak in more practice time before their upcoming meaningless Toilet Bowl.�� The secondary was simply a wretched, steaming pile of shit.��


�� Gay spent most of the 1H slipping around like a drunken ice skater.�� He slipped on a 3d & 14 in the 2Q, which resulted in an easy completion to Higgins for 22 yards.On a 3d & 3 earlier in the 2Q, he was torched deep, but the ball was overthrown by 2 inches; otherwise, this was 6 points.


���� The overall abuse really heated up in the 4Q.Carter was tooled badly on the Schilens 17-yard TD.Then Ike, lazy as a truant teenager, just lollygagged the entire time on deep post to Murphy, and to top it all off, gave Murph a lil� pussy shove at the 5 -- with Murph 2 inches from the sideline -- which failed to push the man OOB and thus allowed the TD.�� A 75-yard play that was as vomit-spewing as any you�ll see around the league this season.Of course, there was no deep safety help at all on this play, as the Steeler safeties offered no more help than tossing an anchor to a drowning man.��


���� On the final drive, Raider WRs roamed wild & free with very, very little coverage.�� Burnett had a chance to seal the game, but a poorly thrown pass hit him right in the NUMBERS and fell harmlessly incomplete.�� Then, Gradkowski threw up a wounded quail -- a floating lollipop lob that had more hang time than a Ray Guy punt.Ike Taylor was in perfect position to bat the ball away, but instead, and as usual, he played the ball poorly and was out-jousted by Murphy for a 23-yard gainer to the 17-yard line.�� Mundy helped things a play later, when he took an assaholic penalty by hitting a WR after the pass had fallen incomplete.On the game-winning TD, Mundy totally lost sight of his man and instead stood flatfooted in no man�s land, and the ball arced over his hands for the TD.�� Very poor.������ D-


Spec teams:Logan gave the spec team a rare boost, opening the game with an 83-yard KO return.He also had a good KO return in the 4Q for 37 yards.Sepulveda had a good, rare punt, booting it 53 yard and having it roll OOB at the OAK 5.��


���� But there were the host of blunders that personify these spec teams.�� There was shoddy KO coverage in the 1Q, allowing a 34-yard return by former Still Gary Russell.�� Logan failed to call a FC on a high punt with 3 defenders surrounding him, and an immediate hit caused a fumble that luckily the Stillers recovered.A short while alter, with an acre of room, Logan called a FC and wasted 10 yards of FP.�� Hooker Reed badly duckhooked a 53-yard FG attempt in the 4Q.�� Just think -- Reed has only 4 games left in a Stiller uniform.��� C-


OC:Facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL, Arians was never able to consistently exploit and take advantage.Until the 4Q, this offense scored a grand total of 10 (ten) points, 3 of which were gifted to them when Logan�s game-opening KO return gave them FP at the OAK 19.�� Last year, Mewelde Moore was known affectionately as �The Chain Mover�; this year, he�s been written OUT of the offense by Arians for no reason whatsoever.�� He had 1 grab today and has had 5 games with zero catches; in the past 7 games (counting today) MeMo has a grand total of 3 catches for a proven RB that is more reliable than a German clock.����� B-


DC:The Great Dullard, Dick LeBeau, once again shit the bed with yet another wretched defensive performance, this time against the worst scoring offense in the entire NFL.�� Just like last week, Dick got things rolling along rather well, allowing an 8-play FG march on the Raiders�� first drive.Mind you, the Raiders had only 1 opening drive score the entire season, but sure enough, there was The Dullard, Dick LeBeau, all too happy to allow an easy waltz for a FG.�� This drive was aided by a 3d &10 harmless plunge by Fargas, which unbelievably netted 9-1/2 yards and enabled OAK to go for it on 4th down, which they easily got.(There is no defense in the league softer on 4th down than Dick�s.)��


�� The long bomb for a TD at 5:42 4Q shows just how inept and mentally feeble Dick has become.�� It�s 3d & 1, and the Raiders have NOTHING to lose.�� Thanks to Dick�s clever scheme, there is NO safety help at all, and the entire secondary is all befuddled and confused, with 3 defenders jumping on a route to the left side of the Steeler defense and no one back in deep support.�� Here�s the great paradox -- Dick employs The Softee Defense� because it supposedly prevents the big play, but time and time again, this Softee Defense is GIVING UP the big play.���


��� Amidst Gradkowski�s CAREER DAY of 308 yards passing and 3 TDs, here�s a snapshot of the fateful 4Q, in which Dick LeBeau snatched defeat from victory:


����������� 11 plays, 57 yard TD drive by OAK

����������� 3 plays, 84 yard TD drive by OAK

����������� 10 plays, 88 yard TD drive by OAK.This last drive began, mind you, at the Steeler 12 yard line, with only 1:48 remaining in the game.��

�� Not once in this 4Q did Dick turn up the heat with heavy blitzes.Instead, he played a vanilla, mamby-pampy defense that would have made Dave Wannshidt proud.�� To really complete this shit sandwich that LeBeau gave us today, consider that the Raiders completed that long, 88-yard game-winning TD march while missing TWO starting offensive lineman.The situation screamed for a some heavy blitz pressure against backup linemen and a journeyman QB, but instead Dick, the Dullard, played it �safe� with gutless, pussyfied football.


�� This is now the 5th time Dick has choked away a 4th quarter LEAD and lost, to go along with a 4th quarter tie that he pissed away as well.�� There�s a reason 71-yeard old people in all walks of life are typically RETIRED; it�s high time Dick do the same.Clearly, his mind is nowhere near as nimble and quick as it once was, and he�s embarrassing himself on literally a weekly basis.��� F


HC:Well, so much for �unleashing hell in December�.�� Gee, what a farce.What a joke.�� For such bravado, Tomlin�s entire team went out and spent 60 minutes playing fiddle-faddle and grabass with a creampuff cellar dweller.�� It�s quite apparent The Great Unleasher of Hell has lost whatever motivational and leadership grip he had on this team.�� His message is being soundly ignored and his in-game strategy continues to be stone-stupid and almost as bad as Wannstedt, who is generally considered to be dumber than a caveman.�� Consider the 53-yard FG try, to the OPEN end of the stadium, in the 4Q.�� There has NEVER been a FG longer than 51 yards in this stadium�..ever.�� It wasn�t like Tomlin had to make a rash decision, either, as he had the luxury of the �end of 3Q� TV timeout before deciding what to do on the 1st play of the 4Q.Given the 2% chance of Reed actually making this long FG, Tomlin would have been far better served ordering a pooch punt from the OAK 34.As it was, he gave the ball to OAK at the 43, and their ensuing drive against Dick�s Softee Defense was that much shorter.�� F


Synopsis:Yet another pitiful, shameful loss against one of the pure dregs of the NFL.�� Al Davis -- the only man from either team more senile than Dick LeBeau -- must be laughing his ass off.�� This basically pounds the final nail into the coffin for the �09 season, a season of futility and failure.�� The Stillers have only a few days to mope over this embarrassment, as they get to dick the dawg on Thursday nite in the Dawgpound against the woeful Clev Brownies.�� At this point, I may or may not watch the game, as I really have little interest on a weeknite watching 2 weaklings slap and paw at each other like a couple of teenage sisters.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)


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