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Hamstring hurting more than Dawson

November 07, 2000 by In the Trenches

Hamstring hurting more than Dawson

Hamstring hurting more than Dawson

Der Dawson is slated to be out several games with a right hamstring injury - similar to last year's nagging injury.

Despite the resiliency of the offensive line this year, the Stillers had better hope that he heal fast. If not, the Stillers offense may continue to sputter - and sputtering cannot be afforded by this year's unit.

The 13 year vet provides a presence on the field and is the anchor of the offensive line. The last thing this offense needs is a leaky middle. We can only hope that this causes the troops to rally and elevate their game. Otherwise, the efforts of the defense may be in vain and we may be reliving the poor finishes of '98 and '99.

Roger Duffy will be the replacement. Duffy is capable of providing adequate performance for the short term...let's just hope it really is for the short term.

Get better Der...


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