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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 27, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.Pittsburgh Steelers5-1Roethlisberger was sharp in his 2nd game back except for the fumbles. Luckily the refs bailed him out in the final minutes at the goal line. Loss of Smith for the 3rd time in 4 years is a concern.
2.2.New York Jets5-1Have to hope the bye week will allow Revis to finally overcome his hamstring injury.
3.3.New England Patriots5-1Victorious on the road despite managing only 179 total yards. Got to be happy when your opponent hands you 4 turnovers on a silver platter including a rookie receiver spinning the ball on the field while getting up off the ground before he was touched and a FB not going after a ball thrown backwards to him on a swing pass.
4.4.Baltimore Ravens5-2Needed to get lucky that Nelson wasn't ruled down because his forward progress was stopped before Lewis' forced fumble in overtime. Sure seemed like Nelson's forward progress was stopped. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to a disgusted Bills player that removed his helmet after the play didn't hurt.
5.5.New York Giants5-2Recovered from 2 early interceptions and a 20-7 deficit by scoring 31 straight points.
6.6.Indianapolis Colts4-2Manning has his work cut out for him with the receiver corps decimated by injuries.
7.8.Tennessee Titans5-2Emergence of Britt helps balance the offense.
8.10.Atlanta Falcons5-2Ryan to White is among the best if not the best tandems in the league.
9.19.Kansas City Chiefs4-2Clearly turned a corner. Can't afford a letdown against Buffalo.
10.15.Green Bay Packers4-3Rebounded at the right time after a pair of overtime losses to really turn up the heat on the Vikings.
11.11.Houston Texans4-2Had extra time because of the bye week to prepare to try to sweep the Colts.
12.13.Washington Redskins4-3Winning ugly. Fumbled 6 times, losing only 1 and got lucky when McNabb's 2nd pick 6 of the day was called back due to a delay of game penalty. Hall becoming the 19th player in league history to intercept 4 passes in the same game was obviously the difference.
13.9.Philadelphia Eagles4-3The bye gives them an extra week to reintegrate Vick into the lineup. Not that Kolb deserves to go back to the bench.
14.7.New Orleans Saints4-3Breesus was picked 4 times. LB Bowens returned 2 for touchdowns.
15.17.Seattle Seahawks4-2Carroll certainly has them playing well at home.
16.21.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-2Freeman continued his development by stealing the game from the Rams in the closing seconds.
17.12.Miami Dolphins3-3Deserved a better fate. Offensive play calling in the final 2:30 after they gave up the lead due to the referees inability to determine possession on a reversal of what was clearly a Roethlisberger fumble at the goal line actually made me appreciate Arians.
18.14.Chicago Bears4-3Cutler is shell shocked.
19.16.Minnesota Vikings2-4Will Favre's consecutive game streak end due to microscopic fractures in his ankle? Does it matter who plays QB for them in Foxboro?
20.28.Oakland Raiders3-4I think McFadden just scored again.
21.18.Arizona Cardinals3-3Hall is not the answer. To any question. Unfortunately neither is Anderson.
22.22.St. Louis Rams3-4Jackson passed Dickerson to become the franchise's all time leading rusher.
23.30.Cleveland Browns2-5Hodges 68 yard run on a fake punt was the longest by a punter since the NFL/AFL merger.
24.20.Cincinnati Bengals2-4Back to being the Bungles.
25.23.San Diego Chargers2-5Torpedoed by a lack of discipline and judgment. Hard to believe Turner can survive this most recent debacle. I almost feel bad for Rivers.
26.24.Jacksonville Jaguars3-4Can Del Rio survive the season?
27.25.Dallas Cowboys1-5Dream of playing the Super Bowl on their home field has turned into a nightmare. Lost Romo for 6 to 8 weeks with a broken collarbone.
28.31.Carolina Panthers1-5Decision to go back to Moore proved wise. At least for a week.
29.29.Detriot Lions1-5Stafford had the bye to get ready for his return to the lineup.
30.26.Denver Broncos2-5Somehow managed to lose at home to a hated division rival by 45 points and the score was not indicative of how much they were dominated. This wouldn't have happened under Shanahan. The boy genius is now 4-13 after starting his career 6-0.
31.27.San Fransisco 49ers1-6The vultures aren't just circling. They are picking on a dead carcass.
32.32.Buffalo Bills0-6I was tempted to move them above the Niners and Broncos. At least they are trying. Fitzgerald looks like he might have a future. Of course he went to Harvard so he has a future outside of the NFL anyway.

*Last week's ranking
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