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Post It Notes from Still Mailman

January 06, 2009 by Guest

Hello again Steeler fans,

- I hope you all had a good, safe New Year. R.J.Bowers was a running back from small Grove City College in Pa. He got to play against the Lions at the end of the season when the Steelers had things wrapped up. He lived the dream so many of us have -- suiting up for the Stillers.

- There are a couple of things from the Browns game for discussion. Why didn�t Tomlin challenge the fumble that Anthony Smith ran back for a touchdown? It sure looked like the receiver took two steps and Polamalu stripped him. The other thing that bugs me is there being no penalty on McGinest for hitting Ben in the head. We have seen flags thrown this year for a lot less.

- James Harrison has just been named Defensive Player of the Year. There is justice in the world!  Ware was second with the media darling Reed third. Ray Lewis was nowhere to be found?  How can this be? He had 300 tackles this year. He is the greatest player in the universe [just ask him] I hope the Ravens give him the biggest contract ever next year and cripple the team�s salary cap.

- Let us hope Alan Faneca is enjoying his time off this year. I guess the extra money means more than being in the playoffs. The Jets are screwed now with Favre leaving and Kelly Clemens the QB of the future. Money isn�t  everything Faneca, too bad it�s too late to learn that lesson.

- Did anyone watch the Raven�s game? Ray Lewis tackled someone at the sideline helmet to helmet. The announcers said nothing after the replay. This guy gets away with murder [literally] Terrell Suggs also had a cheap shot against Ronnie Brown that wasn�t called. My wish is that the Rats and old Oilers pound the shit out of each other and the Steelers finish off whoever is left.

- Let us hope the Steelers can stick it in the end zone this time against the Bolts. This game should not even be close.  Wish list for the game.  No injuries and Ben gets in a groove. Also go Titans [Lesser of two evils]

- I want to close with a question. When the Ravens wear throwback uniforms are they Browns uniforms or do they wear the helmets with the stolen logo on them? Just a thought.  Remember Brian Blankenship?

 Yours in Steelerism,

 The Still Mailman  


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