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Post It Notes from The Mailman

February 08, 2009 by Guest

      Stillers are Champs again !!  

-          Chuck Lanza was the center the Steelers drafted with Dermontti Dawson. Dawson originally played guard before beginning his HOF career at center for the Steelers. Lanza didn�t work out and the rest is history.


-          Great job Steelers overcoming Bruce Arians and winning the big one. Arizona just fired their defensive coordinator, the Steelers should follow suit and can Arians. How in the hell do you not score on six plays inside the 5 yard line? If Arians left maybe he would take Carey Davis with him since he loves him so much.


-          As stated by many people, the officiating was horrible. After further review Ben was in for the touchdown to start the game. His knee was not down. Warner fumbled both times and they only got one right. Why wasn�t Warner penalized for removing his helmet after his first fumble? Now they say they should have penalized Santonio for his Lebron imitation.  Get over it. The game is over, the refs tried their best to screw us but we overcame. Take notes Seahawk fans.


-          Why did Lebeau change his defense in the second half? Everything was working and he changed for no reason. I do not like to see Tyrone Carter on the field unless it is garbage time. Polamalu had a great game against the Ravens to get them to the Super Bowl. His play in the Super Bowl was terrible. Missed tackles left and right.


-          The Pro Bowl is Sunday and the Steelers have 3 players. What a joke. Super Bowl Champions and we have 3 players. I think a ring beats a trip to Hawaii anyway. Ask Fitzgerald or Boldin.


-          If any team wants to overpay McFadden, Nate, Starks, Kemo, etc. I say let them go. Randle El was grossly overpaid by the Redskins and where is he now?  Do you think Faneca enjoyed watching the Super Bowl? The Steelers are a team-based organization.  Anyone can be replaced.


-          I am glad Phil Simms didn�t announce the Super Bowl: he would have been talking about Ray Lewis while Harrison was running down the sideline for the touchdown. I also think Madden owes Harrison an apology for saying he should be ejected on the punt play. If anyone has the first Patriots AFC Champ game on tape watch what the Pats did to Troy Edwards on Troy Brown�s punt return TD. Two Patriots mauled him in full view of an official and nothing was called. The same officials saw Edwards run out of bounds the play before.


-          It will be fun watching the Ravens fall apart this year. If Ray stays he will be grossly overpaid for his diminishing skills. If he goes he takes the face of the Ravens with him. How many players will follow Ryan to New York? Anybody who wants to get out of that shithole Baltimore.


-          I hope everyone had a good week. I wore my Woodley jersey while delivering mail on Monday and had my Terrible Towel on my mailbag. It probably was standard issue for mailmen in Pittsburgh. I will have a season report card for players and coaches coming soon. Remember Aaron Jones?

       Yours in Steelerism,

       The Still Mailman


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