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Power Rankings (week 13)

November 26, 2008 by Steel Haven

1.2.New York Giants10-1Best team in the NFL hands down. A lot can still happen before February 1st in Tampa.
2.1.Tennessee Titans10-1Probably shouldn't write off the last team to lose a game after one bad performance.
3.4.Pittsburgh Steelers8-3First in total defense, rushing defense, passing defense and scoring defense.
4.7.New York Jets8-3Tannenbaum and Mangini were three for three in adding veterans Favre, Faneca and Jenkins. At the time the moves were not quite the no-brainers that they look like now.
5.5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-3Winning ugly. Return of Cadillac could help.
6.8.Indianapolis Colts7-4Next four opponents have a total of nine wins.
7.10.New England Patriots7-4Cassel is the first QB in franchise history to throw for over 400 yards in consecutive games.
8.9.Dallas Cowboys7-4The real test comes after Thanksgiving with back-to-back games against the Steelers and Giants.
9.6.Arizona Cardinals7-4Not in the same class as the Giants. Who is? Upcoming trip to Philadelphia is unlikely to be what the doctor ordered. Haven't fared well at all this season travelling to the East coast.
10.12.Baltimore Ravens7-4Reed had more interception return yards than the Eagles had passing yards.
11.14.Atlanta Falcons7-4Offense manhandled the supposedly vaunted Carolina defense in a huge division win.
12.3.Carolina Panthers8-3Drop into a tie atop the division. A schedule that features only one more sub-.500 team (this week against the Packers) could make things difficult.
13.11.Washington Redskins7-4Zorn returned to his former haunts in Seattle for the most uninspiring win imaginable.
14.17.New Orleans Saints6-5Face a must win game in Tampa.
15.19.Chicago Bears6-5Travel to Minneapolis for a Sunday night tilt with first place in the division on the line.
16.20.Buffalo Bills6-5Broke their four game losing streak in Arrowhead thanks in large part to Edwards protecting the ball. Didn't hurt that the Chiefs stink.
17.21.Minnesota Vikings6-5Purple Jesus and the defense can only take them so far. Need to open up the pocket book for Cassel or maybe even Leftwich in the offseason.
18.13.Denver Broncos6-5Home loss to the Raiders is an embarrassment.
19.15.Philadelphia Eagles5-5-1Reid goes back to McNabb after the switch to Kolb on Sunday afternoon blew up in his face.
20.16.Miami Dolphins6-5Put in their place in the second half by the Patriots.
21.18.Green Bay Packers5-6Pass defense was simply not up to the task against Brees.
22.26.Houston Texans4-7Snapped an eight game road losing streak. A trip to Cleveland can do that for you.
23.22.San Diego Chargers4-7Still have hope thanks to their pathetic division.
24.23.Cleveland Browns4-7Quinn was awful on Sunday playing with a broken finger and now will miss the rest of the season after aggravating the injury.
25.24.Jacksonville Jaguars4-7Could find themselves alone in last place after Monday night in Hoston.
26.25.San Fransisco 49ers3-8Going nowhere fast. I feel bad for Gore.
27.30.Oakland Raiders3-8Davis gets to smile for a week after the beatdown of Shanahan and the Broncos in Denver.
28.27.Cincinnati Bengals1-9-1Lewis tried to assert some control by benching Oucho Stinko. Was it too little too late to save his job?
29.28.St. Louis Rams2-9Expected return of Jackson can't hurt. Not that it matters.
30.29.Seattle Seahawks2-9Prime time tilt on Thanksgiving doesn't figure to be pretty. Too bad the traditional Thanksgiving day participants can't switch their opponents. The Titans at the Cowboys and the Hawks at the Lions might not be bad games.
31.31.Kansas City Chiefs1-10Allowed the most points in franchise history in their 54-31 loss to the Bills.
32.32.Detriot Lions0-11A turkey.

*Last week's ranking
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