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Best Bet plus 2 (regular season finale)

January 01, 2010 by Steel Haven

I continue to limp to the finish line dropping to .500 in best bets. Losing all three this week would put me below .500 in both best bets and total record. A vivid illustration of why I do not bet in real life. Curtis Painter took care of last week's best bet almost single handedly showing why Jim Sorgi actually has value to the Colts. Interesting to hear a home crowd boo a 14-1 team. The Colts have not traditionally done well in the playoffs after shutting down early in the regular season, but Jim Caldwell didn't seem to learn from the mistakes of Tony Dungy and Bill Polian is too stubborn to change. Or maybe I am just bitter. Be interesting to see if it costs them again in the playoffs. The Jaguars weren't competative in Foxboro. Not sure what I was thinking when I picked them. Only the Cowboys new found competence in Decemeber saved me. I don't know whether I would have been more disgusted losing all three of my picks last weekend or typing that sentence.

home team in bold

Best Bet

San Fransisco 49ers (-7) over St. Louis Rams

Niners try to get to .500 for ultra-competative head coach Mike Singletary. Rams reduced to starting Keith Null at QB. Guaranteed a choice of Ndamukong Suh, Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford with a loss.


Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A pair of teams trying to win three in a row. Falcons have the added incentive of trying to attain the first back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history.

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) over Dallas Cowboys

Finally a game that actually means something. Bitter divisional rivals meet to decide the NFC East championship. Eagles clinch a bye with a win. I just think they are the better team even with the Cowboys having seemingly put an end to their December woes.

Last week

Indianapolis Colts (-5.5) over New York Jets LOSS

Jacksonville Jaguars (+7) over New England Patriots LOSS

Dallas Cowboys (-7) over Washington Redskins WIN

Record to date: 25-23   Best bets: 8-8
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