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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

September 28, 2009 by Still Mill

Slag - Sep. 28, 2009

Loose Slag from The Still Mill


- Not sure which Cinci loss was worse�..this latest debacle, or the come-from-ahead loss in 1997 when Jeff Blake threw a deep ball up an elevator shaft and Carl Pickens just toyed with DeWayne Washington to haul in the TD and then the 2-pointer.��


- There are any number of players who have shamefully regressed since last season, but after watching the tape of this game, the guy who is the most disappointing is none other than Jason Woodley.�� This is the guy who started the season JOGGING after Chris Johnson of Tenn. while James Harrison raced by Woodley in hot pursuit.It was no aberration; this guy has loafed, jaked, jogged, and slogged his way on nearly EVERY play the first 3 games.He has regressed to the point where he�s nothing more than a larger, yet equally ineffective, version of the 2007 Clark Haggans.��


������ One main problem -- besides the fact that he�s become a disinterested loafer, is that the guy has bulked up past the point of being effective and is now a slow, lumbering, hulking slugg who has zero speed, zero quickness, and zero burst.Weigh-lifting is fine, but it needs to be tempered with athleticism, quickness, and agility, and in this case the Stiller coaching staff clearly allowed this guy to bulk up too much.Mobility-wise, he�s like a giant PENDOT barrel out there right now.�� 280 pounds of stiff, wooden muscle mass that serves little purpose.In reviewing the tape, the most sickening play -- aside from Farrior�s wretched angle and tackle attempt on the 4th & 10 -- was Woodley on that 4th & 10.�� You�ll recall that Aaron Smith had flushed Carson LipBalmer to Palmer�s right, where, totally unfettered, LipBalmer was able to snap off the pass to Leonard.�� WHERE was Big Jason Woodley?��� Well, he rushed from the LDE spot against the RT and was summarily PANCAKED back onto his ass.�� Yes, pancaked.So, when Palmer was flushed, instead of Big LaMarr in his face to disrupt, harass, or tackle the QB, LaMarr was getting his jock rocked and had his ass planted firmly on the turf.��


- On the fateful 4th & 10, the Stillers took a smart, NBA-like timeout after Cinci lined up.Unbelievably, they left James Farrior ON the field for this play, while removing Larry Timmons.WHY??�� It was 4th & 10!With less than a minute remaining, there was not going to be a line plunge called here.�� Why was Taunto Farrior even on the field??�� The situation screamed for either Timmons (who is, oh, about 4/10 of a second faster than the clopdhopping Farrior) to be the lone �drop LB�, or NONE at all; 7 DBs could have very easily and smartly been employed here.�� This is yet another problem with The Fossil, Dick LeBeau.�� The guy is so wrapped up in old history, that he has no clue on ADJUSTING to the present day.�� Four years ago, Farrior might have been an asset in this situation.Today, in 2009, Farrior is an abject liability in this situation.If LeBeau is too blind or too stupid to see this adjustment, then he needs to look in the mirror and hand in his resignation.


- What really disturbs me beyond the loss itself, and even the squandered 4th quarter lead, is the fact they are losing to mediocre teams.  Further, you beat divisional rivals like the Browns & Bungals and you send them into a tailspin of second-guessing, finger-pointing, coach-firings and rebuilding.  I have a feeling that if the Steelers had beaten Cinci, Lewis would be gone by season's end and the housecleaning would begin, setting them back by another 5 years.  The truth is that every team in the league has real talent -- even Detroit! -- but learning to win is difficult and some teams never figure it out.  By letting CInci win the Stillers are letting the Bengals learn how to be men and progress as a team. 


- Give some credit to Ike Taylor, who snapped out of his funk with a very strong effort.Ocho seems to bring out the very best in Ike.�� Other top WRs also bring out Ike�s �A� game.It is therefore incumbent on his coordinator to get Ike involved, enthusiastic, and energetic even when facing 2nd and 3rd tier receivers, which is when Ike has been prone to loaf and half-step.

- Arians has to go�right now. There is just no way around it. We run a single-point of failure offense. If we can�t pass, there is no redundancy in the running game. Sure, we scratch out an adequate run here or there, but there is no consistency. Specifically, when a Defense thinks we are going to run, we cannot impose our will on them. Our group of fat sluggs on the OL is ridiculously immobile�Kemo is the only one of the guys that can pull. Which, by the way, when the D sees him pull, it�s a dead giveaway where the play is going�since he�s the only OL that does.Kemo, of course, is cursed with the problem that he can�t so much as block an elderly janitor in a broom closet when it comes to simple man-on-man blocking of the guy directly in front of him.��

- If I�ve noticed one thing about our Defense, it�s this: they are vulnerable to the 3 step drop option routes. We give so much cushion to the opposing WRs that it makes a 3-step drop play very effective.

- The 2-TE offense -- which is essentially the base offense of Airhead Arians -- is built upon the premise that the 2nd TE will created matchup problems in both the passing and running games.And therein lies the problem.Spaeth is a wretched, horrific, weak-kneed, pile o� shit blocker at the POA (point of attack).�� Slow as he is, he has some redeeming value as a pass catcher, but Arians, in a paradox only he could create, rarely ever involves Spaeth in the passing game unless Miller is out due to injury.�� Big Matthew has 3 grabs in 3 games this season; 17 in 16 games last season; and 5 in 14 games in �07.�� In essence, then, he�s good for, at most, 1 catch per game.�� So alas, you have a 2nd TE who can�t block and is rarely ever used in the passing game.��

- Not that it�s a mandatory barometer of success, but will the Stillers have a 100-yard rusher in 2009?�� Seriously, will they?����


- Parker caught his first TD pass in THREE years.�� Gee, like it would be difficult to get a starting RB with blazing speed a TD catch more often than once every 3 years.�� Just another indictment of the dull, banal, slow-witted mentality of Bruce Arians.��


- Through 3 games, Dick�s vaunted defense has produced two (2) turnovers, both coming in the Tenn. game.For such a deep, talented, hyped-up defense, this is woefully inadequate, and it speaks volumes of the passive, vanilla, laid-back style of defense this team has displayed thus far in �09.


- Even the hapless Seahawks managed to force not only an INT of Gay Buttler yesterday, but also a forced fumble for another turnover.


- I reckon the game versus the Detroit Lions in 2 weeks no longer looks like a laugher, eh?


- Any truth to the rumor that Hooker Reed�s agent is reaching out to Colbert, begging him to re-extend the contract offer that Reed�s camp summarily rejected just before the season began�.?


- Any word on if Colbert has offered Farrior yet another contract extension??


- I�d type more, but I need to spend some time hunting around for a Wallace jersey.��



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