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4th Down & 5 Facts: Steelers-Lions Postgame Report

December 24, 2001 by Guest

4th Down and 5 Facts: Pittsburgh/Lions Post game Report

4th Down and 5 Facts: Pittsburgh/Lions Post game Report

(This Holiday edition is shorter because of time limitations.)

This game will go down as footnote in an otherwise remarkable season, but few will remember the importance and symbolism of such an impressive display. When looking up "Domination" in Webster�s Dictionary, you will now find references to this Sunday�s blowout at Heinz Field.

Pittsburgh did everything it was supposed to do, therefore, this game was not at all surprising. An inferior team in all facets of the game comes to town and the Steelers annihilate them quietly and professionally 47-14.

But�what makes this game so different? What makes this game more impressive than the win against the Jets two weeks ago?

It�s the fact that we were supposed to win big and dominate the stats, and we did.

The Rams didn�t. They had their typical huge offensive display, but Carolina made it interesting.

What does this mean? Well, in the end not really anything except that the Steelers are for real and won�t�I repeat WON"T have a let down anytime soon.


Fact 1#: Gildon Played Well: Mill you�ve got to give him some props today. He made plays, tackles and had a touchdown�it was definitely his best game of the season�even if it was against the Lions.

Fact #2: The Education of Mr. Fuamatu-Ma�afala: He is one tough football player�he definitely has learned from Bettis how to abuse defenders. I have no problems with turning to him in the event the Bus goes down in the playoffs. He ran hard, hit his holes fast and looked much more comfortable than his first two games. Did you see the stiff arm (twice) on his 54 yd pass catch/run?

Fact #3: Kordell is the MVP: No one player is more important to the success of his team than Kordell. Marshall Faulk? Well we�ve seen what Trung Candidate can do. Curtis Martin? Deserving, but the Jets aren�t that good. Kurt Warner? The Rams would still be a competitive team without him. Without Kordell, the Steelers are no better than 8-8.

Fact #4: Kris Brown was again shaky but..: His kickoffs were much better and his missed extra point was actually the fault of the snap and hold. So, again he was shaky, but other facets of his game looked better. I have a strange feeling that he will win a game for us down the line this season, and we�ll treat him like a God afterward, until then I will continue to have heart attacks while watching his field goal attempts.

Fact #5: Hines Ward will be in the Pro Bowl. Watch for him to be the 4th Wide Receiver for the AFC team.

Thoughts around the League and on the Game.

  1. I know, I know�I picked the Dolphins to win last week. I was wrong. I�m still not a believer in New England, because the Dolphins shot themselves in the foot all game. I mean how many bad penalties can one team make?
  2. So it looks like the Saints have rolled over this season�it doesn�t surprise me though, I mean remember all those seasons that Jim Haslett�s Steeler defense rolled over in the final weeks of the season.
  3. Lets not forget that Kris Brown isn�t the only kicker struggling. Mr. Janikowski watched one to many Florida St. games and fell in love with the phrase "wide right."
  4. You know�it isn�t inconceivable, but something tells me Baltimore will be visiting Heinz Field in January.
  5. Quietly, Corey Dillon ended the Ravens streak of holding opposing running backs to under 100 yds. Congrats Corey�too bad no one cares.
  6. Boy did the Browns fall quickly. Hey don�t celebrate too soon Steeler fans�the Brownies will be better next year. Butch Davis has the troops up at the lake playing proud football again.
  7. Martin "The Goober" Gramatica, brother of Bill "The DumbAss" Gramatica, injured himself this week�and the Gramatica Bros. Circus plays to sold out audiences world wide. You know, I�m a Star Wars Geek, but these guys have their own fan club. I pity those poor souls.
  8. They�re BAAACKK�the Rams had three turnovers today.
  9. St. Louis vs. Indy next week. Oh boy! I can�t wait to see that line. Unless the combined is 485, I�m picking the over.
  10. Game of the Week: NY Giants at Philadelphia: Will someone please put the Giants out of their misery.

Check out my pre-game for next week coming to in a few days. I will have the MPO count and more things to think about while going to the fridge for a beer.

Merry Christmas to all!

Go Steelers!!!!

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JB in the Big Steel Apple

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