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CIA Rules out Steelers Staff in Attack

September 11, 2001 by Still Mill

CIA Rules out Steelers Staff in Attack

(AP) The CIA has issued a public announcement, ruling out Steeler coaches Bill Cowher, Mike Mularkey, and Tim Lewis of any involvement with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.

�This was a very well rehearsed, well orchestrated, well coordinated attack,� said an unnamed CIA spokesman at the hastily arranged press conference in nearby Somerset, PA, where a terrorist-commandeered 747 jet crashed earlier this morning.�This attack obviously involved considerable planning, preparation, coordination, accuracy, precision, surprise, initiative, and audacity.�� Frankly, from what we saw from the Stillers 2 days ago, plus what we have on-file in our field observations from the past 3 years, the CIA has conclusively determined that there is no possibility whatsoever that Cowher and his staff could have had anything to do with such a cohesive, well coordinated attack.�

The CIA did admit, however, that had the attack been sloppy, timid, and poorly designed, and had it been performed by men throwing explosives at each building from a distance of no more than 6 yards, then Cowher�s staff would have been immediately suspected and investigated.


(Note: The staff sends out its heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of those injured or killed in this cowardly attack.We wholeheartedly support and urge the American government to take swift and lethal retaliatory action against whatever terrorist group performed this act of violence.)


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