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Stillers to Name MVP on Wed.

December 29, 1999 by Still Mill

My Guess for MVP

My Vote for team MVP

The team will release its voted-upon MVP on Wednesday.

My vote is for Earl Holmes.

Sure, I'm a big Holmes fan. For good reason, I might add. The Hit Man hits and hits, and plays hard-nosed football. Name the 1 constant for our team all season. Bettis? Hardly. WRs. Puh-leeze. Kirkland? Let's count how many critical stops he missed with his patented "diving whiff". DL? Don't make me laugh. OLBs? Don't get me pissed. Secondary? Let's ask Ismail and Jeffers.

I suspect Kris Brown -- since he's an "offensive" player --- will win the balloting.

This would be a travesty. First, his KOs have been pitifully short. This makes the defense's job much harder when an opponent regularly starts out on like the 30-35 yard line. Second, he's been the benefactor of LOADS of chippie, cake-like field goals. Only rarely has he been asked to boot FGs in the 50+ range.

Holmes has been the one lone constant in this team's season of subpar play. He had 92 and 96 tackles -- certainly respectable numbers -- the past 2 years as starter. He'll likely finish this year with an astounding 140 tackles, and about 25 for losses. This, from a man who is not on the field for every play, unlike his fellow 3 other LBs.

Take a bow, Earl´┐Ż.You've earned the Still Mill's MVP award for '99.


The Still Mill

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