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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

November 24, 2008 by Still Mill

Slag - Nov 24, 2008

Loose Slag from The Still Mill


- Paul Ernster, the shitty punter that he is, was finally cut.�� Hooray!��


- However, the laziest GM in the NFL, Kev Colbert, simply called up Mitch Berger and re-signed the Bergermeister.You know, the same fellow with 2 bad hamstrings that was hobbling around just 3 weeks ago.�� Isn�t this a recipe for disaster, if the aged Berger re-injures himself?Yes, sure, but Colbert already has a backup plan.Why, he�ll simply call up ERNSTER and re-sign the piece of manure!!�� In Colbert�s eyes, there are only 2 available punters on the entire planet -- Mitch Berger and Paul Spermster. Never mind holding a large midseason tryout, such as he did in 2001 when Jeff Reed literally came out of nowhere and won a tryout over 5 other unknown place-kickers.�� The timing couldn�t be better, with 9 days off until the game in Boston on Nov. 30th.


- Some folks are clamoring to sign Josh Miller to do the punting chores. For the life of me, I can�t believe memories are so short.Josh was always a shitbag.Total bag o� barf.I don't want a fuking over the hill retread who never was worth a damn.  Give me a hungry, smart, hard-working Jeff Reed-type of guy over a decrepit retread any day of the week.

- There are over 100+ D-1 schools in the NCAA.This doesn�t count some quality booters in Div-1A and Div2.At least 30 punters graduate every year.That means that there are approximately 240 punters under the age of 30 floating around the country.Say that 1/2 are out of shape.Another half of that are no good.That still leaves at least 60 guys who are healthy and can punt a ball. Somehow, Colbert doesn�t know ANY of them.


- In case no one noticed, Casey Hampton returned to the lineup a couple games ago.�� Actually, has anyone noticed?


- Gary Russell continues to do well on KO returns and short yardage.Let�s not forget�.this guy was CUT back in September.�� And, Davenport saw PT over this guy.Just remember this, the next time you hear some idiot blather on about, �Well, the coaching staff is around (insert player name here) every day, and I trust their judgment better than anyone else�s��


- Just when you think the Pittsburgh media has reached an al-time low with moronic reporting and articles, the Trib Review prints this pile of vomit titled, �Farrior still playing at elite level�.Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.Yeah, Big Taunto had a couple short-yardage stuffs last week�.on plays where he was totally UNBLOCKED against the lowly Cinci Bengals.Less than 3 weeks ago, Taunto gave up not one, but TWO touchdowns on weak, lazy, slowfooted play.�� "That was my man," Farrior admitted of the Colts' winning touchdown. "I had him man-to-man, they ran a fake toss to him.I thought (duh-uh) it was a running play. He slipped out of the backfield, and I kind of sorta lost track of him. That wasn't Troy's fault."Farrior is moderately acceptable -- although far from great -- near the line of scrimmage on plunges between the tackles.�� All the speedwork they refer to in the article hasn�t done him a bit of good, however, as he has been -- dating waaay back to last season -- a gross liability out in space and on pass coverage.What a bullshit-laced article.�� What hogwash.What tripe.The TR should be embarrassed for publishing such pablum.


- Any word on if Colbert has offered Farrior yet another contract extension??


- What are the odds OT Marvel Smith will sit out yet another week?��


- With Max Starks continuing to struggle and show little tenacity & intensity, isn�t it about time Trai Essex got a look?Essex has started before and is perfectly capable of stepping in and performing.Complacency is a surefire recipe for mediocrity; it�s time Tomlin eradicated complacency by using capable players in lieu of slackly starters.Tomlin has shown a mulestubborn demeanor that Billy Cowhard would be proud of.��


- Bear with me this weekend, as I�ll be traveling to Mecca (Pittsburgh!) and will be traveling back to my home on Sunday, which could cause me to miss some of the Stillers-Pats game.I�ll Tivo it, of course, but traffic &/or bad weather could hinder my travel plans on the 30th�.



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