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No Excuse

December 05, 2005 by Guest

No Excuse

No Excuse

A Bug�s Eye View � Steel Termite


No Excuse.Period.


There is no excuse for the recent Stiller collapse.None.


I don�t want to hear, �Ben hurt his thumb� or �Cheap shot on Ben�s knees� or any other silly blather of an excuse.


This team failed because of one over-ridding problem.Attitude.


It manifests itself in two majors areas:First the vaunted Stiller defense is a shadow of its former self.Since the Cleveland game, the Stiller D hasn�t put fear into anyone.After the cheap hit on Ben I thought, �That might be blessing in disguise.The guys are going to plant Palmer in the ground, head-slap a few people (I�ll even take a couple 15 yard penalties) and let the Bengals know who is the bigger dog.�


Unfortunately, they let Ben down.Palmer went unpunished and the Bengals, gulp, are the better team and worse, the more physical team.The Steel Curtain is more like a shower curtain.


The other main area of major failure is special teams.For the life of me, why can�t the Stillers play consistent special teams?The return to the 4 was painful.We had just brought ourselves back into the game and once again, Special Teams costs us the victory.


Early in 2005, I wrote that our problem is this team, while often good, can�t seem to make the tough choices and decisions to become great.

I�m afraid even that assessment is wrong.We aren�t even a good team now.


Bill Cowher�s major positive impact on any team has been his motivating factor.But from the looks of the Monday Night Massacre at the hands of Indy and now getting stomped on at our home field from the Bengals, I�ve even more convinced this team will never go far unless there is a change in the front office atmosphere that says, �this isn�t good enough.�He seems to have lost the one positive asset of his coaching � motivation.He is a distant shadow of his former self � and so are the Stillers.


Without Cowher being able to fire up the troops for either a Monday Night game or a do-or-die division rival game, he is left to nothing more than slobbering all over himself.That, fellow Stiller fans, is scary.The cupboard is really bare.We all knew Bill Cowher was poor game planner, X�s and O�s guy.But he used to be able to overcome those problems most of the time with sheer motivation.


It all comes down to attitude.Not just the attitude of the players and coaches, but it�s an attitude of the team all the way from the top.


Sure we were one game away from the Super Bowl last season, but many of us knew if serious issues were not addressed, it would be a long time until we had another shot.


The Stillers problems are bigger than a few Ben INT�s or poor Special Teams.It�s even bigger than a soft Defense and fumbles.It�s an attitude that needs to change.In Apollo 13, Flight Director Gene Kranz offers this great advice which all Stiller fans need to start chanting in unison, �Failure is not an option.�


There is no excuse for this Stiller slide off the top of the AFC North hill. No excuse whatsoever.



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