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Stillers-Vikings Postgame Analysis and Notes

October 26, 2009 by Still Mill

Stillers 27, Vikes 17��� Oct 25, 2009
Stillers 27, Minn. 17��. Oct 25, 2009 ����Game # 7


Stillers-Vikings Postgame Analysis and Notes


The Stillers, with luck befitting The Irish, staved off the Vikes in a thriller to go into the bye week at 5-2.�� Along with Sister of Still Mill, Still Hacking, and Steel Hawkeye, I attended this barnburner of a game.In the interest of time and expediency, this report will be shorter than normal.




QB:Ben had a very mediocre day.Numerous passes were scattershot or indecisive.14 for 26 doesn�t cut the mustard.His failure to scramble, with Moore available to block and plenty of green grass, on the 3d & 2 scramble late in the 3Q was inexcusable.He followed that decision with a poor, low pass to Tonio that fell incomplete.��� He also had a foolish, careless fumble late in the 4Q that luckily rolled OOB.


RB:Mendy ripped off runs of 14, 16, and 17 yards, but sparingly carried the ball, toting it only 10 times for 69 yards.He had an unforgivable fumble at the Vike 4 in the 4Q and was benched after that.�� He continues to fail at emplacing 4 points of contact on the ball when he�s carrying it.�� Parker was on the field for a play or 2 and had 1 rush for 2 yards.Moore replaced Mendy in the 4Q, but for the 2nd consecutive game did not catch a pass.Very bizarre.


FB: Never used in this tilt.


WR:Wally led the way with 2 huge grabs, including the 40-yarder that produced the lone offensive TD.�� Tonio had a big RAC for 45.�� Ward was very quiet, with 1 grab for 3 yards.�� Gee, that Arians guy is a genius�.!!�� He dropped a seamer on 3D when he was hit immediately.�� Limas Peed did not dress.��


TE:Miller had some clutch grabs in traffic and finished with 6 grabs for 38 yards.His blocking was decent�.aside from a pathetic, weak-assed rushing attempt that personally caused Mendy to lose 3 yards in the 2Q.�� Very weak.��� Spaeth did little, as usual.�� Johnson had 1 grab for 4.��


OL: A solid afternoon.�� Given the foe, this was their best effort of the season.They opened room for the ground game and gave Benji decent time.�� Starks fared very well against the dangerous Jared Allen.There was more BF penetration on some ground plays than I would have liked, but overall, well done.


DL:The line was okay against Petersen, who gained a healthy 69 yards on only 18 carries.They did have a good goal-line stuff on 1st down against Peterson, although the Dykings helped out by foolishly passing the ball on both 2d & 3d downs.Fat Casey, the fat pile o� shit that he is, was whistled for 3 (THREE) offsides penalties, which is inexcusable no matter what rationalization or excuse one might come up with.Keisel made a tremendous play to fight thru a block and then chop the ball out of Brett Larvae�s hand for the key strip & turnover that was returned for a TD.�� Kirschke played okay.�� He got hurt in the 4Q, and instead of highly touted 1st rounder Ziggy Hood, the coaches sent in Dick Eason, the guy who�d been cut just a few weeks ago.�� Hood played very sparingly during the game.


LB:Taunto Farrior, who�d done absolutely nothing the first 6 games of the season, apparently felt he owed Colbert at least a game or 2 of decent play in gratitude for the outlandish contract extension he�d received last year.Taunto had a strong game, recording 9 solos and 6 A�s.�� He did get badly sealed on the long run by Peterson in the 4Q, but he made a sterling play a few plays later when he shed the blocker on a screen and stopped the ballcarrier for a 5-yard gain.�� Harrison drew both a hold and a tripping penalty (yes, a valid tripping penalty, by the way)and was active all day long.I loved his pile-drive sack of Larvae on the game�s final play, which a Dyking O-lineman took offense to.�� Timmons had a couple decent plays but hurt his leg in the 4Q.Fox replaced him and, of course, had the Dong INT that he adroitly returned for the big TD to seal the deal.


Woodley did very, very little the entire game.I isolated on him quite a bit and it was extremely disappointing.What little pressure he generated was when he was totally unblocked.Most appalling was this guy�s total inability to shed blocks on ground plays.On more than 1 occasion, including the 19-yard scamper by Peterson in the 4Q, Woodley simply titty-fought with the blocker as the runner cruised by, INCHES away, and even after the runner was long gone, Woodley was still grappling and jousting with the blocker�s breasts and other body parts.�� Unreal.�� And piss poor.�� The slouch finished the game with 1 solo and 1 assist in the game where the Vikes ran over 70 plays from scrimmage.Woodley also had a weak-assed, pathetic WHIFF on a slowfooted FB, Tahi, after a short dumpoff in the 4Q just before the Keisel strip.Tahi catches the ball, and Woodley is right there, in PERFECT position, for an EASY hit and stuff.Instead, he stands upright, bites on a simple inside move, and then flails.Instead of a stop at the 12, Tahi was finally tackled at the 8-yard line.�� You should have heard me cussing out this sorry bastard in the bleachers.The next play, Woodley at least had some presence to scoop up the loose ball and then slowly rumble for the big TD, but a Dong TD doesn�t dismiss an entire game�s worth of futility and hapless play..


DB:Troy was active, although he over-bit on a key 3D play in the 2Q and gave up the huge pass play down to the PIT 1.Watching the game in-person, it�s fascinating to see how much ground this guy covers, both before the snap as well as after.Ike had good downfield coverage, but as usual, lost sight of the ball or misplayed the ball�s arrival.�� Gay had some ok coverage, although he got picked upon incessantly with his softee coverage.He also got trucked badly by Peterson after a dumpoff in the 4Q.�� Clark laid a big hit on Harvin on a deep 3rd down seamer that was broken up.Town chipped in with a couple solid tackles.


Spec teams:An utter disgrace.�� A debacle.�� A complete disaster.�� The KO return for a TD by Harvin was piss poor coverage at its worst.Reed, who is usually such a tough guy when he�s liquored up, was a complete pansie on this play, giving Harvin a lil� baby-shove when Harvin was a good 10 feet from the sidelines.�� Had Harvin been a paper towel dispenser, Reed probably would have been a bit more aggressive and assertive.The blocking on Steeler returns was just ugly.�� Being there in person, I could see the blocking develop on each play, and it sucked badly time and time again.At this point, Logan may volunteer to return to Canada with the beating he�s receiving from a total lack of any blocking.��


OC:A typical grab-bag, incoherent effort by Arians.Mendenhall was ripping off huge chunks of yardage, at 7 yards a clip, but that wasn�t good enough for Arians, who called his number only 10 times all day long.�� Every time Mendy would rip off a nice gainer, he would be dismissed from carrying the ball for several plays or the next series.�� The dink n� dump offense enraged me, as Arians, the clueless idiot, spent 99% of the day throwing little piss-ant 2-yard dumps and curls against a defense missing its best DB.�� The game plan was pure vomit and only the 2 scores by the defense enabled this game to be won.��D��


DC:There�s a lot of fawning about how the defense �shut down� the Dykings.�� Shut down??��� Brett Larvae shredded the defense for 334 yards; the Vikes dominated time of possession; and the lone INT was on a play where the open RB allowed the ball, in Limas Sweed fashion, to CLANG off his hands for an INT.Adrian Peterson was hardly �shut down�; rather, his idiot coaching staff failed to give the NFL�s best RB sufficient work, including the failure to give him the ball on 2nd &/or 3rd & a foot in the 2Q.�� The best running back in the league is gaining nearly 4 yards per carry, yet he gets only 18 carries in a game where the Vikes ran over 70 plays?�� The Dyking staff should be shot.The Stillers could have salted this game away with a stop on 3rd & 18 in the 4Q, but unbelievably, a WR was left WIDE OPEN along the sidelines for an easy 25-yard completion.�� I mean, I thought the Vikes had cleverly slipped the guy off the sideline after the ball was snapped.How in the hell do you let a guy be this wide open on 3rd & fuking 18 ??? ��The Vikings ran up and down the field the entire 4th quarter, where games are won and lost.�� Sure, Keisel had the strip to stop 1 drive, but the game-tying/game-winning drive was thwarted ONLY because an open backup RB allowed a simple pass to clang off his hands.The idiots like Ron Cook can fawn all they want over the defense in this game, but I will never fawn over mediocrity.


HC:Tomlin had the team decently fired up.He has the bye week to get the defense tweaked and fixed, as it is still woefully inadequate.��


Synopsis:A big, thrilling win over the undefeated Dykes.�� A bye week awaits, followed by a trip to Denver.�� Midseason grades will be released next week.�� Special thanks for Steel Hawkeye for hooking me up with a great seat for this game!�� Hawk has a hawk-like eye for the game and was a superb, astute compatriot to watch the game with.�� Thanks to Still Hacking and his dad for a superb tailgate party as well!It was off the chain!�� Kudos to Sister of Still Mill for chasing down Mel Blount and Rocky Blier before the game�.good call and good effort!��� Combined with the lopsided win by the Pitt Panthers, this was a most enjoyable trip to the Burgh�.!��



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